California’s Kristina Marie Corral arrested for embezzling from dentist

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kristina corral
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(The information was current as of: 09/06/2016 10:31 PST)
Booking No.: 4386730       Last Name: CORRAL       First Name: KRISTINA       Middle Name: MARIE Sex: F       Race: W       Date Of Birth: 04/22/1970       Age: 45       Hair: BLN       Eyes: BLU       Height: 506       Weight: 120
Charge Level:   
Arrest Date: 07/16/2015       Arrest Time: 1045       Arrest Agency: 1956       Agency Description: REDONDO BEACH PD Date Booked: 07/16/2015       Time Booked: 1134       Booking Location: 1956       Location Description: PD – REDONDO BEACH
Total Bail Amount: 0       Total Hold Bail Amount: 0.00       Grand Total: 0.00
Housing Location: Permanent Housing Assigned Date: 07/19/2016       Assigned Time: 1245       Visitor Status: N Facility: Address:       City: Public Visiting Guidelines For County facility visiting hours, Please call (213) 473-6080 at Inmate Information Center.
Next Court Code: S134       Next Court Date: 01/29/2016       Next Court Time: 0600       Next Court Case: BA43783901 Court Name: L A SUPERIOR COURT DEPT 134 Court Address: 210 W. TEMPLE STREET       Court City: LOS ANGELESUPT
Actual Release Date: 07/20/2016       Release Time: 0509
Case No. Court Name Court Address Court City Bail Amt. Fine Amt. Court Date Sent. Date Sent. Day(s) Disp Code
L A SUPERIOR COURT DEPT 134 210 W. TEMPLE STREET LOS ANGELESUPT 0 .00 01/29/2016 01/29/2016 851 EXP

And where Did The Money Go?

This is an article about parents of soccer players that interview Kristie.  Check out the final paragraph:

In a scene repeated all over the country, Kathy Watts loads daughters Brinley and Bryce into the family vehicle and heads down the Pennsylvania Turnpike en route to soccer training. Across the country, Kristina Corral picks up her son Cruz and a teammate and heads down Interstate 405, also to training. More than an hour later each will still be driving. As soccer families continue to seek the best opportunities for their children, families like the Wattses and Corrals are increasingly willing to literally go the extra miles. It is a lifestyle that may seem like too much, even to others already in the all-consuming fire that is elite youth soccer, but Kathy and Kristina have no doubts they are doing the right thing. “We started here in Harrisburg (with a local club),” Kathy Watts explains. “But we wanted to put our kids in the best situation to succeed and be challenged on a daily basis. That’s why we looked for a team like that.” Kristina Corral echoes a similar sentiment. “People ask me ‘Are you crazy? Why don’t you play for a local team?’” she said. “But this was a great opportunity and by now I don’t think it even phases him.” The Watts’ oldest daughter Brinley plays for a top-notch U16 team, Penn Strikers, whose training and home games are at Eastern University in the Philadelphia suburb of St Davids. Bryce plays for U13 standouts Spirit United in Downingtown. Both locations are more than 70 miles away from the family home in suburban Harrisburg. **** Corral and his ride-sharing teammate Thomas Hutchings play for the highly-regarded West Coast FC U14 team, which trains and plays home games in San Juan Capistrano, well down the 5 freeway in Orange County. They live however, much closer to  Los Angeles in Redondo Beach, about 60 miles away (and when it comes to traffic in Southern California, the territory is often worse than the distance). But there both of the families go, at least 3 and often 5 times a week. Kathy Watts said that while sitting in a car for 6 or 7 hours at a time for 3 or more times a week isn’t necessarily her first choice for leisure time, the value of the whole thing to her family is unquestionable. “What I do get is quality time with my kids,” Kathy, who has put 60,000 miles on a vehicle in less than two years, said. “As they get older, there is a lot of time on the computer, texting or doing their own thing. “Because of this I get some very special time with the girls. We share a lot of laughs, a lot of tears and some motivational conversations. “We all work hard,” she continued. But Randy (her husband) decided we would do anything we could for the kids. There are sacrifices, but that’s why you have children; to give them the best opportunities you can provide.” Like Kathy Watts, Kristina Corral works full time to go along with her gargantuan chauffeur responsibilities. In their case, the Hutchings drop Thomas off at her place of business, she then swings by her home to pick up **** and then down the freeway they go. Nightmare stories about the commute are fewer than you might think. “There have been maybe three times we couldn’t make it, where there was a big accident or whatever,” she said. “The coach has been cool about it. Even if we were going to be 40 minutes late he said ‘don’t make yourself Kristina Corral also noted having some meaningful 1v1 conversations with her son, who is a darting little winger with a ton of creativity and explosiveness on the ball. Kristina Corral, who has become a complete soccer junkie to go with her career, parent and chauffeur portfolio, added that homework in the car is also a common activity for Cruz. She did note that the commute to practice and games pales in comparison to a trip the two of them are taking in June, when they will attend the World Cup in South Africa together. Content retrieved from

Texas receptionist stole patient identities to buy Vicodin

An employee at a dentist’s office in Bellaire is accused of stealing the identities of more than a dozen patients, and police say she wanted only one thing.At Dr. Karisha Madden’s dental office, police say a new receptionist was up to no good. They say Angela Lee Collum, 40, was allegedly stealing patients’ identification to get illegal prescription painkillers. “This employee had been an employee for approximately 90 days, the past three months,” said Boyd Shepherd, attorney for Dr. Madden. Shepherd says a local pharmacist alerted Dr. Madden to the problem after noticing an unusually high amount of Vicodin and hydrocodone prescriptions were being filled. “Dr. Madden, of course, is busy every day working with patients in the operatory. She puts a lot of trust in her office staff to manage patients.” But that trust was violated. Police say Collum illegally used the identity of 19 people in order to get pills for herself and her family between August 27 and September 10 of this year. The doctor says 14 of those victims are patients there. Investigators say Collum illegally used their name and date of birth, along with her employers DEA number to call in prescriptions. They say she would transfer the order after hours to a pharmacy near her own home in Pasadena where Collum was allegedly caught on camera picking up the pills. “Each one of those patients has been contacted by mail in accordance with the legal requirements for notifying them regarding a breach of their protected information,” Shepherd said. Now the dentist is contacting her patients and reporting the identity theft to state and federal agencies. Collum is charged with fraudulent use of identifying information.
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Content retrieved from Pasadena woman accused of using stolen identities to buy prescription drug Vicodin |

So you aren’t happy with your salary?  No problem — just do dentistry after-hours in your dentist’s office like this Pennsylvania duo.

Cheryla Laing and Jessica Gullickson
Cheryl Laing and Jessica Gullickson
NORRISTOWN – A former dental assistant and a receptionist at a Main Line dental office were not smiling when they learned they’ll be taking their toothbrushes to jail for performing illegal, after-hours dental procedures. Cheryl A. Laing, 46, and Jessica Gullickson, 25, once roommates who resided in the 2100 block of South Sproul Road, Broomall, Delaware County, each was sentenced in Montgomery County Court on Monday to two to 23 months in the county jail, to be followed by four years’ probation, in connection with incidents that occurred when they secretly worked after-hours, setting up their own fake practice at the Smilz 4 Life dental office in the 700 block of Old Lancaster Road in the Bryn Mawr section of Lower Merion between 2010 and 2012. “You’re not qualified to render professional care. What I see here is an attempt to beat the system for pecuniary gain. Well, the system caught up with you,” President Judge William J. Furber Jr. scolded the women. “Honestly, I don’t know why you did this. Extra money? It’s greed. “Did you ever consider the health risks you’re creating for people? What if an emergency occurred? You’re not capable of helping them,” added Furber, who also ordered each of the women to perform 200 hours of community service. Laing and Gullickson, each of whom pleaded guilty to charges of unauthorized practice of dentistry, theft by deception and recklessly endangering other persons, must report to the jail Jan. 6 to begin serving the sentences. They are eligible for the jail’s work release program. With the charges, prosecutors alleged Laing and Gullickson performed dental procedures, while not being properly licensed, that included taking X-rays, injecting numbing agents, performing root canals, tooth extractions, installing crowns and braces and dispensing medications. The illegally conducted X-rays were filed under the name of Laing’s pet dog, Scottie, testimony revealed. “You can’t have people holding themselves out to be professionals when they don’t have the credentials. There’s too much at stake,” said Assistant District Attorney John N. Gradel. “These two people are not altruistic in any way, shape or form. They’re just in it for the money, pure and simple.” Authorities alleged Laing and Gullickson did not acquire patient histories and did not investigate if patients had drug allergies before providing treatment at their phony practice. During regular office hours, Laing was employed as a licensed dental assistant at Smilz 4 Life, which was operated by a licensed dentist. Under the law, Laing was not permitted to perform any of the procedures and had to perform her duties while the licensed dentist of the office was present, court papers indicate. But after business hours and after the licensed dentist left, Laing, authorities alleged, set up her own dental practice at Smilz 4 Life while holding herself out to patients as a licensed dentist. Gullickson, a receptionist at Smilz 4 Life during regular business hours, acted as Laing’s dental assistant, authorities alleged. Laing, investigators alleged, advertised through word of mouth in the Bryn Mawr area that she could perform virtually all dental procedures for uninsured patients at a drastically reduced price. Laing and Gullickson accepted cash payments and kept no patient records of their activities. The owner and licensed dentist of the practice told investigators he was unaware that his business was open after hours and that Laing and Gullickson provided dental services without his knowledge, according to the criminal complaint filed by Lower Merion Detective John Mick. “I never grew up to be a criminal, mean or malicious to anyone,” Laing, who was represented by defense lawyer Jason Donoghue, told the judge before learning her fate. “I’m sorry for any inconvenience that I caused or any harm.” “I never meant for any of this to happen. My intentions were never to be criminal,” added Gullickson, who was presented by lawyer David Mischak. Mischak and Donoghue argued for leniency on behalf of the women, characterizing the women as “caring and giving,” women interested in helping the less fortunate and who perform community service through local churches to help the elderly and homeless. The judge ordered the women to share in the payment of more than $5,100 in restitution to the victims of their scheme. One patient told authorities that during her root canal, Laing left the room to see another patient and told Gullickson, who had no medical or dental training whatsoever, to assist and “look for the roots,” according to the criminal complaint. Another patient reported to police he was in “excruciating pain” for the 45 minutes it took Laing to extract his tooth.
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Content retrieved from Delco women who ran fake dental practice in Lower Merion sentenced to prison – Main Line Times – Main Line Media News

Illinois dental office employee arraigned for stealing from co-workers’ purses


DECATUR – A 34-year-old woman who is on probation for a 2012 conviction for stealing purses from cars was arraigned Tuesday on a felony charge of theft after she allegedly stole from fellow employees at a dental office.

Kelly Lee Distasio was arrested April 2, after a manager at Familia Dental, 141 E. Pershing Road, told the police that she was suspected of taking cash from a purse, coat pocket and cash drawer.

The manager said thefts began occurring at the workplace during the prior two weeks, about two weeks after the woman they knew as Kelly Martin was hired as a receptionist.

According to a police statement, when two other receptionists left their work area, Kelly walked over to the filing cabinet in that area, which contained a cash box.

Video surveillance footage clearly showed “Kelly opening this drawer and reached in to the rear of this drawer,” said the statement, by Decatur patrol officer Joseph M. Sawyer. “Kelly retrieved something and placed them in her coat pocket … Kelly hurried while doing this while looking for the receptionists to return.”

The cash box was later found to be “missing $269.”

Other missing money included $130 from an employee’s purse, $10 from an employee’s coat pocket and $20 from a petty cash fund.

When Distasio was questioned, she initially said she was not near the filing cabinet. When told about the video that placed her there, she “recalled getting in the drawer to get a patient’s file.”

The manager told the police Kelly was hired after she showed a North Carolina ID with “Kelly Martin” on it. A background check turned up no prior criminal record. According to police, Martin is an alias for Distasio.

In her prior case, Distasio was convicted of stealing purses from two women, 78 and 66 years old, as the victims were loading groceries in their vehicles in the Walmart parking lot on the city’s north side. The incidents occurred in late March 2012. Distasio was apprehended after surveillance video identified the vehicle she had been using. One of the purses contained $700 in cash.

Distasio was sentenced to two years’ probation after pleading guilty to two felony counts of burglary May 15, 2012.

Distasio is being held in the Macon County Jail, pending her preliminary hearing in her most recent case April 24.

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Content retrieved from

Former Employee Of Texas Dentist Sentenced To Prison For Aggravated Identity Theft

claire batsell (BROWNSVILLE, Texas) – The financial clerk of a Brownsville dentist has been sentenced to prison for using patient identifying information to open and bill credit card accounts for services while pocketing cash payments made by the patients, United States Attorney Tim Johnson announced today. In a statement to the court, the victimized dentist detailed the 35-year effort by he and his father before him to build trust with their patients only to have the actions of Claire Batsell, 25, destroy it in nine months.

Batsell was sentenced on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2010, by U.S. District Judge Hilda Tagle to a total of 69 months in federal prison without parole. Batsell pleaded guilty in January 2009 to using fraudulent means of identification and aggravated identity theft. The sentence imposed represents 45 months for the fraudulent use of dental patient identification information conviction and  a mandatory 24-months for the aggravated identity theft conviction which is to be served consecutively. In addition, the court ordered Batsell to serve a three-year-term of supervised release following her imprisonment and to pay $110,000 in restitution.

Batsell, a U.S. citizen and Brownsville resident, was employed by a local dentist as a receptionist/financial clerk from May 2006 until she was fired in July 2007 when her thefts were discovered. As part of her duties in the dentist’s office, Batsell received checks and cash payments from patients for services rendered. She also prepared and submitted credit applications for patients who wanted to pay on credit. Without the dentist’s or the patients’ knowledge, Batsell used the identifying information of patients who paid with cash to open unauthorized credit accounts, then falsified account ledgers to show the credit account being billed and pocketed the cash. Where a patient had a valid credit account but paid cash, she would pocket the cash and bill the credit account.

Prior to handing down the sentence, the court heard the victimized dentist explain how Batsell’s wrongdoing almost destroyed his dental practice, causing a loss of about one-third of his practice and damaged his professional reputation. The dentist told Judge Tagle Batsell’s thefts adversely affected the credit of some of his patients and imposed a huge financial burden on him and his family to pay back the credit card company for the fraudulent charges made by Batsell.  Additionally, the dentist and his staff suffered much embarrassment and stress having to explain to patients what Batsell had done.

The court ordered Batsell into the custody of the United States Marshals to begin serving her sentence immediately following the hearing.

This case was investigated by the U.S. Postal Service and was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Oscar Ponce.

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Content retrieved from USAO-SDTX-100113-Batsell

Woman Charged With Stealing From Illinois Dentist Pleads Not Guilty – also had cocaine in her possession

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guererro A Lombard woman charged with ripping off thousands of dollars from a Frankfort dentist while working as his receptionist pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of theft and possession of a controlled substance. Dorothy Lynn Guerrero, 28, was ordered to take a drug test prior to her Wednesday morning arraignment. She apparently passed and was allowed to leave after pleading not guilty.
 Guerrero is free on $50,000 bond following her Dec. 11 arrest. Frankfort officers had taken her into custody on a warrant.
Content retrieved from ID: 64722683
Height: 5′ 5″ (1.65 m)
Weight: 185 lb (84 kg)
Global Subject Number: 139328
Booking Date: 12/11/2012 at 16:04
Release Date: 12/12/2012 at 23:57
Prisoner Type: NEW ADF
Housing Facility: N/A
Total Bond Amount: $0.00
Total Bail Amount: $0.00
Bond Information:
Bond Number Bond Type Bond Amount
2012-00003849 10% $50,000.00
Charge Description Offense Date Docket Number Sentence Date Crime Class Court Date Arresting Agency
POSS AMT CON SUB EXCEPT(A)/(D) 12/11/2012 5:18 PM 12CF2890 FELONY 12/12/2012 1:30 PM
THEFT/CONTROL <$500/PRIOR 12/11/2012 5:18 PM 12CF2890 FELONY 12/12/2012 1:30 PM

New Zealand embezzlement — Jury finds dental receptionist guilty of stealing from boss 

higgins It took a jury of seven women and five men just an hour to find a former dental clinic receptionist guilty of stealing $9802 from the business she worked for. Cambridge woman Annette Myra Higgins, 45, had been on trial for five and a half days in the Hamilton District Court facing charges of stealing from her employer, Duke Street Dental Care, where she had control of accounts and banking. In a unanimous decision, the jurors found her guilty of false accounting and theft by a person in a special relationship between December 2011 and November 2012. An alternate charge of stealing from Duke Street Dental did not need to be considered. An 11-month investigation uncovered numerous transactions where she allegedly stole $25,222.50 from the business. But during the trial, the amount was amended to $9802. The jury delivered their verdict at 2.30pm on Monday. Unbeknown to them, Higgins had at an earlier appearance pleaded guilty to one charge of theft of medicines worth less than $500. Earlier on Monday, Judge Denise Clark urged the jurors to be firm in whatever decision they came to, as if they were “involved in a separate trial on each charge.” “You will have seen how painstaking it is to go through just one transaction,” she said, asking the jury to note the theft charge was a representative charge covering a long period. “You must be satisfied that during the dates alleged, the offence happened at least once.” Clark said they must also give consideration to defence lawyer Mike Talbot’s argument that there was no direct evidence connecting Higgins to the missing money. Clark said while Higgins was guilty of being sloppy, that did not necessarily make her a thief and that “there was shoddy record-keeping attributable to Ms Higgins’ alcohol problems at the time.” Higgins was remanded on bail to reappear on October 8 for sentencing on all three charges. Earlier in the trial, Crown prosecutor Truc Tran told the jury Higgins had been systemic in her offending. “It is theft in the workplace by a receptionist. To cover her tracks she covered up entries in the accounting system.” Practice director and dentist Barbara Cater employed Higgins around early 2011. It was about the middle of the following year that Cater began to be concerned about how poorly her business was doing financially. “It was at the time of the global financial crisis,” she told the court. “I just assumed my patients were opting for less expensive treatment or putting off their check-ups.” Her staff had been asking for pay rises and there was no spare money in the business’ coffers, she said. “Every month we were spending more money than we were making … It was happening all over the country. I just assumed it was happening at my business too.” Cater said the situation was discussed at staff meetings, where she had to apologise to her staff for being unable to afford pay rises. At no time did she think her staff could be stealing from her. “It never entered my head. We were a close-knit team … I never thought to suspect anybody, ever.” It was only after accepting the offer of a “mini audit” from an accountant that she became aware of some glaring discrepancies in the business’ accounts. Patient treatments that in the business’ accounting system had been coded as eftpos payments and the amount of money going into the bank as eftpos payments did not correlate – at least one month to the tune of several thousand dollars. Prior to determining that money had gone missing, Cater terminated Higgins’ employment, as she was suffering from alcohol-related issues that had begun to mar her performance.
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Content retrieved from Jury finds dental receptionist guilty of stealing from boss |

Nebraska woman embezzles $120,000 — sentenced to 180 days in jail and five years of probation

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A North Platte woman found guilty of embezzling more than $120,000 from her former employer was sentenced Aug. 26 in Lincoln County District Court.

Bonnie Kleewein, 14525 Branting Road, received 180 days in Lincoln County jail and five years of probation. She was also ordered to pay $106,816.54 in restitution, to be paid back over the term of her probation.

She will be allowed to secure a work release.

Kleewein had been scheduled to be sentenced in July, but her attorney Robert Lindemeier asked for an extension. Another one of Lindemeier’s clients, Donald Lee, was to be sentenced for second degree murder on the same day.

Lindemeier told the court that he did not believe he could devote adequate attention to Kleewein’s case under the circumstances. He requested and received a continuance.

The crime

Kleewein pleaded no contest May 19 to felony theft from North Platte dentist David Zalewski.

After hearing the facts of the case, Lincoln County District Judge John Murphy pronounced her guilty.

Kleewein was a receptionist in the dental office.

According to court records, Zalewski was planning a merger with another North Platte dentist, Benjamin Lashlay, since the beginning of 2007.

During the transition, Kleewein complained about the merger and ended up resigning in July 2007, the affidavit said. It was then that Anne Zalewski, David’s wife, began auditing the books and noticed discrepancies in cash received at the business and money deposited into the dentist’s business account, the affidavit said.

According to the affidavit, rather than deposit money from patients into the account, Kleewein noted cash accounts as credit card transactions. Approximately $30,000 to $40,000 was missing, the affidavit said.

The affidavit also said that Anne Zalewski had also discovered that Kleewein had allegedly been altering checks written by David Zalewski. Several pages of a carbonless imprint checkbook were missing.

After receiving images of the checks from the bank, including the missing checks, Anne discovered numerous checks had been altered, the affidavit said.

The affidavit said Kleewein’s name was written directly over the name of the person for whom the check was supposed to go on some checks and the value of the checks were changed by as many as a thousand dollars or more.

The affidavit said it appeared Kleewein wrote “very lightly” on the original check, just hard enough to leave an imprint of the legitimate name on the ledger but easy enough for her to erase the correct name on the check. Approximately $100,000 was embezzled in this manner, according to the affidavit.

The affidavit said Kleewein cashed the checks at Union Pacific Credit Union and US Bank in North Platte.

Kleewein was also charged with stealing from her invalid mother’s bank account but those charges were later dismissed.

Chief Deputy Lincoln County Attorney Todd Engleman said, during the state’s investigation of the theft from Kleewein’s mother, the state received “conflicting information” that would have made prosecuting the abuse of a vulnerable adult difficult.

A subsequent civil case filed against Kleewein in Lincoln County District Court in 2007 by Zalewski was dismissed without prejudice and could be filed again after the completion of the criminal case.

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Content retrieved from North Platte Nebraska’s favorite newspaper – The North Platte Bulletin

Virginia woman Admits to Stealing More Than $100,000 from Employer

BRAITHWAITEHARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) A former city dental office employee accused of stealing roughly $130,000 from her employer pleaded guilty on Thursday. New Market resident Jeannie Braithwaite pleaded guilty to two counts of embezzlement. A judge sentenced her to an 8-year suspended prison sentence and ordered her to pay restitution. Prosecutors say she stole money from Dr. Anna-Marie Boggs’ office, where she worked as a receptionist. The defendant worked at the office for roughly two decades.
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Content retrieved from New Market Woman Admits to Stealing More Than $100,000 from Employer

Back Door Embezzlement — Oklahoma City mother, daughter accused of practicing dentistry without licenses case turn themselves in 

Monica Salazar-Orozco and her mother Elizabeth Hinojosa, both of Oklahoma City, walking to the courtroom to plead guilty at the Oklahoma County Courthouse in Oklahoma City Wednesday, July 24, 2013. Hinojosa, a dental assistant and her daughter, a dental receptionist, both plead guilty to practicing dentistry without a license. Photo by Paul B. Southerland, The Oklahoman
Monica Salazar-Orozco and her mother Elizabeth Hinojosa

A mother and daughter facing charges of practicing dentistry without a license surrendered to authorities Monday and were booked into the Oklahoma County jail on multiple felony complaints, records show.

Elizabeth Hinojosa, 47, of Oklahoma City, is charged with two counts of practicing dentistry without a license. Hinojosa also is charged with one count each of forgery, medical battery and embezzlement.

Monica Salazar-Orozco, 28, of Oklahoma City, is charged with two counts of practicing dentistry without a license.

Hinojosa and Salazar-Orozco are accused of pulling teeth, performing root canals, injecting anesthesia and forging prescriptions, court papers show.

They were arraigned Monday in Oklahoma County District Court and are free on $20,000 bail each, jail officials said.

Both women had been on the run since warrants were issued for their arrest Aug. 31, state Dental Board investigators said.

Hinojosa, also known as “Dr. Liz” by the victims, was a dental assistant and her daughter was a receptionist where the alleged incidents took place between September 2010 and May 2011, according to a probable cause affidavit filed with the charges.

Both worked for Dr. Salam Ramadan, who owns and operates Dental Spa locations at 1211 SW 44 and 3315 NW 63 in Oklahoma City.

Ramadan has said she didn’t learn about the alleged incidents until she was contacted by the board, which started investigating when it received a complaint.

Susan Rogers, executive director of the state Dental Board, said Ramadan is not suspected of any wrongdoing, and may have been targeted by Hinojosa.

Hinojosa was hired by Ramadan and a different dentist as a Spanish translator as well as part-time dental assistant.

Rogers said neither dentist Hinojosa worked for spoke any Spanish, and relied on her or her daughter to translate for patients during procedures and to set appointments. But they scheduled appointments after the offices closed and forwarded office calls to their personal phones, she said.

Hinojosa and Salazar-Orozco performed unlicensed dental work on at least 22 adults and children, including extractions, fillings, bridges and other procedures, investigators allege.

Rogers said Monday that 48 victims have come forward, and as many as 100 adults and children may have been victims.

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Content retrieved from Oklahoma City mother, daughter accused in illegal dentistry case turn themselves in | News OK