Dental Prosperident Pulse #62 — October 2017

 Dental Prosperident Pulse from Prosperident
Issue #62 — October 2017
David Harris recently did a podcast with a terrific host, Dr. Peter Boulden on The Bulletproof Practice.  Dr. Boulden was an embezzlement victim, and this made for some great discussion.
Check it out HERE..
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Here are some places we will be speaking soon:
Oct 12 Orthodontic Specialists of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City OK
Oct 20-21 Thompson Okanagan Dental Society, Kelowna BC
Oct 27 Sinclair Dental, Moncton NB
Nov 3 Innovative Study Group, Scottsdale AZ
Nov 9 Spider Study Club, Livingston NJ
Nov 14 Fresno Madera Dental Society, Fresno CA
Nov 15 Vancouver Study Club, Vancouver BC
Dec 7-8 Patterson Dental, Nashville, TN
Jan 16 Lincoln District Dental Society, Lincoln NB
Jan 17 Metro West Seminars, Omaha NB
Feb 1 Patterson Dental, Cincinnati OH
Feb 2 Patterson Dental, Columbus OH
Feb 25 Ortho 2 UGM, Savannah, GA
Mar 15 Boulder Broomfield Dental Society, Boulder CO
May 5 Tumbleweed Study Club, Walland TN
May 25 Jasper Dental Congress, Jasper AB
Jun 2 Orthopreneur meeting, Dallas TX
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A Note From Our CEO
Whether we are talking about your association, study club, sports team, practice, or our own office, synergy is essential to how we work, play and find security and contentment.
It’s easy to become hyper-focused on tasks, the things that you are good at, the things that you enjoy, and to miss the signs that someone or something is no longer serving the greater good in your life.
Often we speak with doctors who feel that they are to blame for missing the cues that something was not right in their practices and we want to tell them that it’s not their fault!
Until you have been taken advantage of by a trusted team member, you may never understand how terrible it feels to have suffered a loss or a breach of trust and then spend hours, days and weeks wondering what you could have done to have produced a different outcome.
At Prosperident, we have spent years focusing on only one thing; helping dental professionals discover, confirm and eliminate dishonest behavior in their practices. To us, it doesn’t matter whether someone is taking money, stealing office supplies, or reading your email without permission, it is all behavior that has to be detected and stopped. Period.
Recently, we at Prosperident found ourselves in just the sort of situation that we spend thousands of collective hours every year warning dentists to be aware of in their practices and I have to say, it’s been a rollercoaster of “what if’s” and “if only we had paid closer attention” moments. Horrible. Horrible, but completely recoverable and here’s why – synergy.
When a staff member shocks us with their dishonesty, we often forget just how amazing and reliable the rest of our team is, was, and will be. As business owners, we may suffer the full financial brunt of an employee’s dishonesty, but as a team, there is also a sense of loss and betrayal in discovering that someone who worked with us was so careless with the good energy and contributions we all made to help create a greater good.
If you and your team have been unfortunate enough to be hit by someone’s acts of dishonesty, we are definitely here to help sort things out and put a stop to the problem. As for recovering from the aftermath, I would like to suggest that you make sure to appreciate the synergy of those who help you get your work done and your goals met.  After all, it is the constant efforts and energy of our true team players that allow us to excel and enjoy and prosper from the work we do.
Finally, I want to say “thank you” to the team at Prosperident for their hard work, loyalty, and contributions which are too vast to mention.
And to all of the practice owners reading this, if you feel that you have any reason not to be as fortunate and happy as I am with the team in your office, please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your situation. We are always here to help.
David Harris CFE, CPA, CMA, CFF, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Prosperident — Dentistry’s Embezzlement Experts
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Importance of Investigators in Criminal Cases

Here is an excellent article from the online magazine

When the general public thinks of a private investigator, they may think of common situations in which a PI is hired, including divorce and insurance fraud. What they may not realize, however, is that private investigators often play a critical role in solving criminal cases. Through examining the importance of investigators in criminal cases, the benefits of using a private investigator become apparent.

Working With Law Enforcement

Private investigators are a unique asset that can prove to be incredibly resourceful to law enforcement officers. When police departments are understaffed or overworked, the potential for criminal cases to go unsolved increases. By working together with law enforcement, a private investigator can help bring to light new theories and identify new pieces of evidence that can help solve the case before it grows cold. This may prove to be helpful in not only providing resolution but in pursuing a conviction, as well.

Additionally, private investigators are able to dedicate their time to a single case if they so choose, providing full resources and attention to that particular case. They are also not limited by jurisdiction lines, so they can pursue leads completely without having to stop and turn over their case.

While some police officers may be reluctant to work with a private investigator, especially in states where there are not strict licensure requirements in place for private investigators, it is important for them to take advantage of a private investigator’s services when they are unable to solve a case themselves. It is also similarly important for private investigators to respect the work that the detectives have already done. Establishing a relationship could prove to be helpful not only for the case that each is working on in the present but also for future cases as well.

Furthermore, a great number of private investigators were once part of law enforcement in some capacity, which helps bridge the gap between law enforcement and private investigators by helping to establish common ground and a rapport.

Benefits for Law Offices

For attorneys who are pursuing the conviction or vindication of an individual, a private investigator can prove to be an important asset, depending on the type of case. While more straightforward criminal cases (for example, DUI) may not necessitate the need for a private investigator, more complicated or serious cases will.

Private investigators can assist law offices by conducting witness interviews to help bolster support for their side of the case. These could include re-interviewing witnesses who had been previously interviewed by law enforcement as well as finding and interviewing new witnesses who had either initially declined to comment or were not found.

Similarly, attorneys may not have the time and or internal resources to conduct all of the legwork needed to build a solid case. Before building a case, the attorney has to research, investigate, and review all the details of the case. This is where a private investigator becomes a critical member of the defense or prosecution team.

In fact, some states, such as Wisconsin, actually include private investigation as part of the state-appointed defense; however, it is up to the assigned attorney to use them. In some situations, it could mean unnecessary jail time for defendants who are wrongly accused but their defense does not adequately support them.

An analysis of legal resources used in Wisconsin revealed that “The billing data, however, shows most lawyers deem investigators essential.”

Benefits for General Public

When it comes to criminal cases, members of the general public can also benefit significantly from hiring a private investigator. In some cases, and especially cold cases, surviving victims may contact a private investigator in an attempt to breathe new life into a case in hopes of getting it solved.

A fresh set of eyes may help uncover bits of evidence that were previously unnoticed. This is not to imply that the people assigned to the case were negligent; instead, it merely highlights the fact that different individuals will interpret and analyze the facts of a case differently, which increases the chance for the discovery of new information.

While private investigators do not have access to the same resources as law enforcement, they often can approach the detective assigned to the case and see if they are willing to work together. An example of this occurred in Beaumont, Texas, where a man was found dead of unknown, unnatural causes. The case grew cold, and ultimately, the man’s widow called and hired a private investigator. The investigator, Ken Brennan, took on the case, approached the detective, and worked with him to solve the case.

However, individuals can benefit from hiring a private investigator for criminal cases that haven’t gone cold as well. They may wish to hire an investigator to assist with a missing person’s case or to supplement an ongoing investigation or criminal case. Furthermore, there may be the potential for a criminal case, and which a private investigator could assist in uncovering a crime.

Choosing a Private Investigator

It’s important to choose a reputable private investigator who is both experienced and up-to-date with any state-required licensure requirements. If you’re in need of a private investigator, you can easily search our directory by city, state, or zip to find qualified investigators ready to help.

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Tennessee bookkeeper accused of embezzling $250k from dental practice

blank The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said authorities arrested a Tennessee woman in Colorado for stealing from a dental practice. According to the TBI, 43-year-old Aleea Nash was arrested Monday in Colorado. Agents said she is accused of stealing more than $250,000 while working as a receptionist and bookkeeper for a Lewisburg dental practice. The TBI said she took the money from Feb. 2014-Jan. 2017.
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