Embezzlement News #71 July 2018


Dental Embezzlement News from Prosperident
Issue #71 — July 2018
Sonya Hudson
One of our longest-serving investigators, Senior Examiner Sonya Hudson conducts many of our Canadian investigations. Sonya is well known for being hyper-organized, and for her skill at writing beautiful, meticulous reports.
Prior to working with Prosperident, Sonya managed the support department of a large practice management software company.
We are thrilled to have Sonya as one of our talented group of fraud examiners.
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Oct 4Southern Association of Orthodontists, New Orleans LA
Oct 11Victoria & District dental Society, Victoria BC
Oct 13Benco Leadership Day, Houston TX
Oct 23
West Central Wisconsin Study Club
Oct 24Seattle Study Club, Rochester NY
Oct 26Synergy Business and Legal Symposium, National Harbor MD
Nov 8NY Academy of Dentistry, New York NY
Nov 28Connecticut Study Club for Excellence, Manchester CT
Dec 5Greater Charlotte Study Club, Charlotte NC
Jan 27Southwest Society of Periodontists, Irving TX
Feb 8Select Study Club, Evansville IN
Apr 26Star of the North Meeting, St. Paul MN
Apr 29Vancouver & District Dental Society Vancouver BC
May 4American Association of Orthodontists, Los Angeles CA
May 7Seattle Study Club, Atlanta GA
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Summer Giveaway!
Prosperident’s Embezzlement Risk Assessment Questionnaire provides an easy way for a dentist to determine the likelihood that he or she is being embezzled.
Detecting embezzlement early is so much better than discovering it tens of thousands of dollars later.
The questionnaire is completed online, and typically takes 10-15 minutes to finish. Your score, along with some commentary, is provided after completion.
We normally sell the questionnaire on our website for $139, but from now until July 15, we are offering it to dentists at no cost.
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Embezzler of the Month
When most people think of Maine, they think of beautiful scenery and lobster. However, when we think of the Pine Tree State, we also think of Carly Caporino.
According to authorities, from 2014 to 2016, Caporino embezzled about $295,000 from a dental practice. She has pleaded guilty to the theft and will be sentenced later this year.
Check out Carly, and many other embezzlers, in our Hall of Shame HERE.
Something To Talk About…
Summertime and the living is easy. How we all love summer! Now that one of our favorite seasons is underway, and after some reflection on summers past, it occurred to me that we could do a few things here at Prosperident to help make this summer one of your best yet, at least professionally.
A little-known fact is that vacations play a considerable part in helping to identify embezzlement behavior. Do you have a team member who is reluctant to take a vacation? If they do use their vacation time, do they do it by taking a day or two off, here and there so that it isn’t necessary to have another team member or a temp trained to do their work? Is this same team member territorial about their workspace and computer? Are they ALWAYS the first one to arrive in the office? The last to leave? Do they often work through their lunch break or come in after hours or on weekends to “catch-up”? Do they offer to assist in non-work related tasks for you, such as running personal errands? Well, either you have employed one of the most loyal, hardworking team members on the planet, or it may be that it’s time to find out if there is a reason to re-evaluate this remarkable dedication. That’s where we can offer you some help.
No one likes to see a dedicated and trustworthy employee more than we do. However, if ever you’ve doubted your employee’s keenness to go above and beyond, we would be happy to chat with you about that and other questionable behavior anytime. Likewise, if you have questions about our products and services we are delighted to answer them and to assist you in taking whatever steps are necessary to make sure you feel confident regarding your staff’s behavior and the well-being of your practice.
David Harris
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Former PA Dental Office Manager Convicted Of Theft


Update Feb 2020:

A woman who admitted to committing theft and theft by deception while she was an office manager at a Peters Township dental practice is to report to the Washington County jail on March 1.

Heather N. Smith, 44, of North Strabane Township, pleaded guilty before Judge Valarie Costanzo, who sentenced her to 6 to 23 months confinement, followed by eight years of probation.

The judge also ordered Smith to pay $251,843 restitution to Dr. Leonard Radnor, with minimum monthly payments of $500 to begin 30 days after her release from the jail.

“If the defendant pays the restitution in full, she may petition for early termination of her probation,” Costanzo said when she imposed the sentence in late January.

The judge also ordered Smith to submit to a mental health evaluation and complete recommended treatment, and to have no contact with Leonard or Brooke Radnor, their family members or their business.

After being notified by the dentist and his wife, Peters Township police charged Smith with falsifying payroll records by inflating her hours over a period of years and claiming holiday, overtime and sick pay to which she was not entitled.

Smith had been responsible for recording her own hours on a time sheet, as well as consolidating hours of all employees on a worksheet. She then reported the hours to the office’s payroll company, police said.

Charges of receiving stolen property and tampering with records were dismissed.

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Content retrieved from: https://observer-reporter.com/news/localnews/theft-from-employer-topped-woman-sentenced-to-jail-must-pay/article_3e96e9ae-541b-11ea-9ff4-ff0bb46bd520.html

Original story:

A North Strabane Township woman was arraigned Tuesday on theft charges after she allegedly stole more than $68,000 through falsification of pay records while working as an office manager at a Peters Township dental practice.

Heather N. Smith, 43, of 14 Smith Place, was charged by Peters police with theft by deception, receiving stolen property and tampering with records or identification.

Township police were contacted in April about suspected fraud at the office of Leonard Radnor, DMD, 157 Waterdam Road. Radnor and his wife told the police they had learned Smith might have been fraudulently inflating her own pay over the last few years.

Through an audit and an extensive review of employee payroll documents, police said it was determined that Smith was claiming work hours that had not been approved and which could not have been reasonably worked.

Smith is accused of improperly claiming holiday hours and sick time, as well as overtime, from 2014 through 2017. Police indicated in court documents holiday and sick time are not offered at the practice.

Unauthorized pay increases also were allegedly identified on Smith’s earnings records. Smith had been responsible for recording her own hours on a time sheet, as well as consolidating hours of all employees on a worksheet. She then reported the hours to the office’s payroll company.

Police allege Smith repeatedly falsified the documents to account for her inflated hours. Some of those documents and records were missing from the office.

Police indicated it was suggested Smith did work at home to account for some or all of the overtime hours, but the Radnors did not believe the work needed to be done remotely. The laptop Smith had available for use outside the office did not have the necessary software to process patient claims, police said.

Smith was arraigned before District Judge Jesse Pettit and released on $68,000 unsecured bond. She is scheduled for a July 10 preliminary hearing before District Judge David Mark.


Content retrieved from https://observer-reporter.com/news/localnews/former-peters-dental-office-manager-charged-with-theft/article_3d661e12-7a36-11e8-ae43-2b8fb12ec48b.html

Oklahoma Woman Pleads Guilty To Embezzling More Than $280,000 From Dental Office

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma woman has pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $280,000 from a dental office. Officials with the United States Department of Justice say Annette M. Straily, of Comanche, pleaded guilty to bank fraud and singing a false federal income tax return in connection with a $283,000 embezzlement scheme from a Duncan dental office. Officials say on May 24, Straily was charged with one count of bank fraud and one count of filing a false federal income tax return. From April 2012 until June 2017, Straily worked as the office manager of a dental office in Duncan, Oklahoma. As part of her job, she prepared checks, paid invoices, managed the accounting system, and maintained the petty cash fund. Yesterday, officials say Straily pleaded guilty to preparing an unauthorized office check, in the amount of $1,266.80, made payable to herself in February 2017. Straily reportedly admitted that she forged the signature on the dental office’s check and later presented that check for payment against the dental office’s bank account at a local bank. As part of her plea, Straily further admitted that she embezzled funds from her former employer from around April 2012 through June 2017. Straily stipulated in a plea agreement that the total restitution due to the Duncan dental office from the embezzlement scheme is $283,005.11. In addition to pleading guilty to bank fraud, Straily pleaded guilty to signing a false tax return. She admitted that on April 13, 2016, she signed a personal federal tax return for the 2015 calendar year that she knew was false because it reported only $49,127 in total income. At yesterday’s plea hearing, Straily admitted that she omitted on the 2015 return more than $100,000 of embezzled income for that year from the dental office. As part of her plea agreement, Straily agreed that she owes $54,286 in restitution to the Internal Revenue Service for the tax loss. At sentencing, Straily faces up to 30 years in prison on the bank fraud count, plus five years of supervised release, and a $1,000,000 fine. Straily also faces up to three years in prison on the tax count, in addition to one year of supervised release, and a $250,000 fine. Straily will be sentenced in approximately 90 days, officials say.
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Content retrieved from http://kfor.com/2018/06/07/oklahoma-woman-pleads-guilty-to-embezzling-more-than-280000-from-dental-office/
bruce byrd

Kansas Preacher Accused Of String Of Crimes Against Dentists

OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) – An accused thief who targeted dental offices in Johnson County and elsewhere has been caught by police. Bruce Byrd appeared in a Johnson County court on Wednesday as he went before a judge to answer to a dozen charges ranging from identity theft to burglary. He had been on the radar of investigators for a while, accused of targeting the dental offices of Dr. Frank Wolfson at College and Quivira. Wolfson told KCTV5 News off camera that no one saw a thing when Byrd allegedly walked right through the door, opened the doctor’s briefcase and wallet and left with his credit cards. He’s accused of charging thousands of dollars worth of merchandise on the card. Byrd, who’s charged with the same type of crimes near St. Louis, was a preacher before moving to Kansas City.
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Content retrieved from http://www.kctv5.com/story/38366777/overland-park-preacher-accused-of-string-of-crimes