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What does Prosperident do?

  • Diagnostic Examination – to allow doctors with employee embezzlement concerns to determine whether embezzlement is happening.  Involves a detailed review of transactions, looking for specific patterns of embezzlement.
  • Office Protection System – intensive review of practice systems, emphasizing embezzlement “hotspots”. Recommendations are designed to make embezzlement more difficult to accomplish, and to increase the probability of detection.
  • Forensic Investigation – used when embezzlement has already been discovered. May involve gathering evidence to assist with termination, recovery, and entry into the justice system.
  • Litigation support:
  1. Due diligence when purchasing a practice
  2. “Buyer’s remorse” and seller misrepresentation in purchase disputes
  3. Disputes between owners in group practices
  4. Fact finding, expert reports, and expert witness testimony
  5. Family law matters involving dental practices

About Us

  • Our well-qualified investigators have varied dental backgrounds, including former practicing dentists, CPAs, attorneys, consultants, software trainers and office managers.
  • We only work with dentists and their advisers.  Dentistry is all we do — we do not assist other types of businesses.
  • 70% of our investigators are Certified Fraud Examiners; 40% are licensed as private investigators.
  • Functional groups:
    • General Investigations Group
    • Orthodontic and Oral Surgery Group
    • Litigation Support Group (assists attorneys in legal matters involving dentists)
    • Special Investigations Group (handles some of our ugliest situations, like dentists embezzling from each other in group practices).
  • We have the investigative capability to perform stealthy, off-site investigation work.

What our client say

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Learn more about our team members below:

Senior Management:

David Harris CFE, CPA, CMA, CFF, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
David's bio
Wendy Chediac BSc
Chief Operating Officer
Wendy's bio
Scott Clifford
Chief Fraud Examiner
Scott's bio
Jacob Hiltz
Chief Information Officer
Jake's bio

Investigations Group:

Scott Clifford
Chief Fraud Examiner
Scott has spent his entire adult life working in, and for dental offices. Since joining Prosperident, he has risen steadily through the investigator ranks before being appointed Prosperident's Chief Fraud Examiner in 2017.
Scott's bio
Wendy Askins CFE, MBA
Supervising Examiner
Heads Prosperident's Orthodontics and Oral Surgery Group
Wendy's bio
Pat Little CFE, DDS, FAGD
Senior Fraud Examiner
Former practicing dentist and accomplished speaker
Luci Berardi CFE, BSc
Senior Fraud Examiner
Sonya Hudson ALHI, FLMI
Senior Fraud Examiner
Mindy Salzman CFE, BS
Senior Fraud Examiner
Tony Ulbrandt CFE, BBA, MAcc
Senior Fraud Examiner
Kelly Paxton CFE
Senior Fraud Examiner


Chloe Mayer BSc
Client Relations Associate


Rose Clifford
Intermediate Analyst
Miki Clifford