Alabama’s Ami Batchelor arrested for steal of $16k from dentist

Ami Batchelor
Ami Batchelor


Authorities recently arrested Ami Batchelor of Ozark on charges she stole $16,658 in cash from her former employer a local dentist’s office.

Ozark Police Chief Tony Spivey confirmed Ozark police investigators arrested Batchelor, 36, of Graceland Drive, on Monday, and charged her with felony first-degree theft of property.

Ami Batchelor charged with stealing $16K

Records show police investigators charged Batchelor with stealing $16,658.

Spivey said police charged Batchelor with stealing the money between August 2013 and June 2014. He also said police charged her with stealing from her former employer, Dr. Brandon Snell, an area dentist.

Batchelor was released from custody at the Dale County Jail after she posted $2,500 bail.

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