Hailey Irvine

Hailey was hired as an Intermediate Analystin 2018, and was promoted to Senior Analyst in 2021.   Hailey’s primary function is to help our clients gather the information we need to do our work. She also assists our investigation team with data analysis.

Before joining Prosperident, Hailey worked in customer service.

Hailey is an integral part of our intake process. She is extremely friendly and organized, making her the perfect person to introduce clients to our process.

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Miki Clifford

Miki is one of Prosperident’s Intermediate Analysts and the youngest member of our team. Miki possesses a genius-level intellect, and she couples her duties at Prosperident with her college studies in Forensic Accounting.

Miki assists our investigators by helping to prepare and organize the documentation we receive daily from clients. Miki’s efficiency and organizational skills do much to keep Prosperident’s investigations flowing.

Working as a Prosperident team member runs in Miki’s family; her father, Scott, is one of our most experienced Supervising Examiners and her mother, Rose, is one of Prosperident’s Senior Fraud Examiners.


Kathy Kirkby

Kathy Kirkby has spent almost her entire adult life working in dentistry. Starting her career as a Registered Dental Assistant, she has worked chairside knee to knee with periodontists, periodontists, and general practitioners. Kathy completed her Degree in Health Education at Dalhousie University and began sharing her training methods with the dental world. She quickly progressed to office management of group and multi-office practices, and then entered the world of consulting. Some of her accomplishments were training and monitoring teams in HR, practice management, practice dynamics, accounting, productivity and ideal scheduling.

Kathy complimented her repertoire working with dental teams and added CPHR – Certified Professional Human Resource to her toolbox.

Kathy continues to attend and has presented for many professional association meetings including The Golden Girls of Dentistry, Dental Assistants National Conference for Excellence and has became a vetted member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants- ADMC.

She became Prosperident’s Chief Operating Officer in 2021.

David Harris

David Harris

Under David’s leadership, Prosperident has expanded over the past three decades to become a team of more than 20 highly specialized fraud investigators, forensic accountants, IT specialists, and support staff. David’s vast investigative experience, coupled with his youth-filled misadventures, and his past military service have given him a unique insight into embezzlers’ mindset and actions. He is passionate about sharing his wealth of knowledge with dentists and dental specialists.

David is a much sought after speaker and an accomplished author on the topic of dental embezzlement. Dental Embezzlement: The Art of Theft and the Science of Control is his most recently published book.

David believes that the best educational experiences are enhanced using humor. His entertaining and insightful presentation style has made him a favorite presenter at regional, national, and international dental conferences.

David’s professional qualifications include Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified in Financial Forensics, Forensic CPA, Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, and Licensed Private Investigator.


Jacob Hiltz

Jake is Prosperident’s Chief Information Officer. Jake started his career at Prosperident in 2015 as the company’s Network Administrator. Not long after joining the team, he began developing the extensive hardware and software network we use to run our technology-intensive, geographically scattered company. Jake became a partner in 2018.

As CIO, Jake’s primary responsibility is using technical information as a strategic resource for the smooth and efficient flow of information through the company and the integration of various technology systems. Jake has a talent for IT development. He is responsible for creating original software that allows us to maximize data, data transfer methods, and other IT functions, Jake’s work unparalleled by anyone else in our industry.

Jake possesses a diverse set of computer skills and the ability to immerse himself in the bigger picture, which has made him a highly prized member of our team and a leader in his specialized IT field.