Amber Weber

Senior Fraud Examiner, Amber Weber, began working in the dental field as a Registered Dental Hygienist in 2005.  With a background in accounting and her interest in the business side of dentistry, she moved into office management roles and ultimately into dental consulting.  Before joining the Prosperident team, Amber discovered embezzlement taking place in one of her clients’ office, bringing to light her aptitude for the kind of investigative work she now performs for our clients.

Amber was recently the runner-up in the prestigious Spotlight on Speaking competition, featuring dentistry’s best emerging speakers.


Deborah Long

Deborah Tillman Long joined the Prosperident team in 2017 and serves as our Supervising OPS Specialist in January 2020.

Hailing from Tennessee, Debbie has spent 17 years of her professional life working in accounting and financial management with her business partner and husband, Dr. Troy Long.

Before joining Troy “in the family business,” Debbie held positions as a Senior Financial Analyst with both a national CPA firm and a major communications company. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Debbie’s academic studies combined with her experience in both the corporate sector and private practice has gained her a reputation for possessing keen analytical and organizational skills and being a master of communication.

Debbie’s sharp eye for detail and tireless enthusiasm, not to mention work ethic, have made her a much-valued member of the Prosperident’s team.