Scott Clifford

Scott is a Supervising Examiner, and works on some of Prosperident’s most challenging investigations.

Scott joined Prosperident after spending over a decade working in the dentistry field in both operations and management positions. Once Scott started working with us as an investigator, it quickly became apparent that his uncanny ability to predict how an embezzler will steal in a specific situation placed him at the very top of his field.

Scott possesses’ a unique ability to use and interpret the essential data that forms the foundation for our specialized brand of investigation. Scott has made his way up the ranks filling the positions of Investigator, Lead Investigator (Special Investigations Group), and Supervising Examiner.  Scott is an Associate Member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Scott’s combination of technical ability, knowledge of operations of dental practices, his genuine personality, and his impeccable mentoring skills have made him one of our greatest assets. Scott enjoys talking about embezzlement and investigation almost as much as he likes doing the examinations himself. Scott is also a proud member of “Dental Investigation’s First Family”, as both his wife Rose and their daughter Miki are valued team members at Prosperident.