Kathy Kirkby

Kathy Kirkby Prosperident

Kathy Kirkby has spent almost her entire adult life working in dentistry. Starting her career as a Registered Dental Assistant, she has worked chairside knee to knee with periodontists, periodontists, and general practitioners. Kathy completed her Degree in Health Education at Dalhousie University and began sharing her training methods with the dental world. She quickly progressed to office management of group and multi-office practices, and then entered the world of consulting. Some of her accomplishments were training and monitoring teams in HR, practice management, practice dynamics, accounting, productivity and ideal scheduling.

Kathy complimented her repertoire working with dental teams and added CPHR – Certified Professional Human Resource to her toolbox.

Kathy continues to attend and has presented for many professional association meetings including The Golden Girls of Dentistry, Dental Assistants National Conference for Excellence and has became a vetted member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants- ADMC.

She became Prosperident’s Chief Operating Officer in 2021.