Asked on — I have embezzled over $30,000 from a dental practice that I worked in. What should I do?

Here is a conversation between an anonymous person and an attorney at  Note how the thief confesses to under-reporting the amount stolen to her dentist.

I have embezzled over $30,000 from a dental practice that I worked in. I want to repay it. I have not been caught. What do I need to do?

Expert:  Alex J. Esq. replied 3 years ago.

Alex Esquire :Are you online with me?


Alex Esquire :Hello and welcome to

Customer:do you have a suggestion for fixing this mess?

Alex Esquire :I am sorry to hear about your difficult situation.

Alex Esquire :Did anyone know about this embezzlement as of yet?

Customer:my mistake. Am I speaking with a live person?

Alex Esquire :Yes.

Alex Esquire :I am a live person and also I am a licensed attorney.

Customer:My husband knows, I told the doc that I had taken $1350 and wanted to repay it. I did repay it. But I did not tell him the whole truth. I am guessing at the amount.

Alex Esquire :However I can only provide you with a general legal answer and not with any type of legal advise or opinion.


Alex Esquire :Do you have the ability to repay the entire amount that had been embezzled?


Customer:I don’t know whether to offer my guessed at amount or do some sort of acct audit to get an exact amount

Alex Esquire :Well, unfortunately, even if you repay the entire amount, your employer can still report this crime to the police and you could still be fully prosecuted for this felony embezzlement.

Alex Esquire :The best and only option is for you to consult and retain a local criminal defense attorney, who can approach your employer and negotiate a resolution of this matter and hopefully this local attorney can avoid the possibility of you being charged with this serious felony crime.

Alex Esquire :Do you have any related follow up questions?

Customer:ok. So I need to retain an atty before going to the doc?

Alex Esquire :ABSOLUTELY.

Alex Esquire :An experienced local criminal defense attorney can approach your employer in a manner that might help resolve this situation without criminal prosecution.

Customer:Ok. What is the probability I will go to jail? It was done over the course of 2 yrs. I basically just put the pymts in as a credit card and then kept the cash. I am guessing on the low end $30K and the high end $50K.

Customer:I desperately want to make this right.

Alex Esquire :It would be hard to predict whether even if you do get charged with a crime of the felony embezzlement if you would go to jail, as that would depend on many different factors.

Alex Esquire :I would strongly suggest that you do not do anything without first consulting and hiring a local criminal attorney, as the risks of criminal prosecution are extremely high and you need a skilled attorney to protect your rights.

Customer:it’s still better for me to go forward than to wait and get caught correct?

Alex Esquire :No.

Alex Esquire :You should not go forward without an attorney on your side.

Alex Esquire :What made you embezzle this money and what did you use it for?

Customer:Ok. I will start looking for an attorney tomorrow

Alex Esquire :You can use these well trusted and reliable attorney information/referral websites to find a local experienced criminal defense attorney:

Alex Esquire

Alex Esquire

Alex Esquire

Customer: I don’t even have a reason. I was working with a slimy dentist..I couldn’t seem to I took the cash. There is no real reason or excuse. I just want to make it right.

Alex Esquire

Customer:I am scared.

Alex Esquire :I completely understand.

Customer:If I approach him before I get this better?

Customer:even if I have the atty do it for me?

Alex Esquire :Well, try to stop taking money from this dental practice and start looking for a good local criminal defense attorney who would be able to review your entire situation and would advise on the best legal approach to resolve this situation.

Customer:ok. I am no longer employed there. I quit. I will start looking for an atty tomorrow. Thank you.

Alex Esquire :It is better in most cases to try to resolve the problem before the crime is discovered.

Alex Esquire :Thank you and I wish you and your family best of luck!

Customer:thank you

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