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An American Dental Association survey from 2007 provided some startling information — the survey questioned victims of embezzlement on what alerted them to the fact that they had an embezzlement problem. Less than one third of respondents reported that it was a financial irregularity (like their bank deposit not matching to the day-end report produced by their practice management software) that showed the doctor that he or she had a problem.

More than two thirds of embezzlement was detected because of behavior of the embezzler.  People who are embezzling act in certain predictable ways, and because these actions are integral to their stealing, this kind of behavior is difficult for an embezzler to modify of conceal.  For example, embezzlers are frequently territorial about their duties and work area, and will resist the involvement of outsiders like practice management consultants.

Given that behavior is often the key to detecting embezzlement in your practice, what if there was a tool available to help you systematically capture and evaluate employee behavior?  In fact, there is such a tool.

Our Embezzlement Risk Assessment Questionnaire is designed to help you evaluate the probability that an employee is embezzling.  The assessment started as a tool for Prosperident’s internal use, but several years ago, we decided that it could help many dentists if we made it available to them.

The assessment consists of about 35 yes/no questions, and typically takes 15 minutes to complete.  After completion, you will receive an email with your score and the meaning of that score.

The assessment can be purchased at a modest cost from our online store by clicking the button below.

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Embezzlement by someone other than an employee

Do you suspect that someone other than an employee could be embezzling from you? This kind of embezzlement is more common than you might think.

We provide investigative services to dentists and dental specialists regarding embezzlement perpetrated by business partners, associate dentists, business managers, bookkeepers, spouses, friends and family.

If you have concerns that a non-employee is embezzling, please Contact Us

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