California dentist thanks district attorney for assistance


“This is a short note extending our appreciation to your department for the excellent work and service Deputy District Attorney Victor Chen provided our dental office …following our discovery of fraud.  In May 2013, we learned that our long-time bookkeeper, Ms. Mary Dindic, was committing credit card fraud and forgery …

DDA Chen treated our embezzlement like a million dollar case.  Quite frankly, we were surprised to see the amount of attention our situation received … He was thorough in his assimilation of the reports and binders of evidence we provided.  He did not miss a single important detail …

DDA Chen sent a strong message that economic crimes are not tolerated in Santa Clara County … regardless of the dollar amount involved.  It is encouraging to know that there are district attorneys of Mr. Chen’s caliber devoting their careers to protecting the public.  All in all, this has been the best possible outcome from our unfortunate situation and we are indebted to Mr. Chen for his outstanding efforts on our behalf.”

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