A really bad way to start your dental career — dental student arrested for stealing NBDE exam questions

Attorney General Spitzer and State Education Commissioner Richard Mills today announced the arrests of three city residents in the theft of the dental licensing exam administered by the American Dental Association. The defendants used a high tech system involving a concealed camera and computer monitor to steal the test, which is given to an estimated 20,000 dental students nationwide annually. The test, which is administered twice a year, is taken by students who wish to obtain a license to practice dentistry.

The theft allegedly occurred when one person posing as a test taker transmitted the image of the exam using a concealed camera to the two co-defendants who were in a car outside monitoring the transmission on a computer monitor. The defendants are: Svetlana Bogomolova, 28, of 2 Gaylord Drive North, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Yelena Tayba, 35, of 201 Brighton Ave., Brooklyn N.Y. and Nicola Kapitanov, 33, of 67 McArthur Ave., Staten Island N.Y.

“These defendants threatened to put dental patients throughout New York at risk,” said Spitzer. “Had their plans to sell the tests been successful, an unknown number of unqualified dental school graduates would have received a license to practice.”

State Education Commissioner Richard Mills said “The arrests were the result of quick action and great teamwork between the Attorney General and the State Education Department. Those arrested used sophisticated electronic equipment. This shows the need to anticipate increasingly varied and clever schemes to defraud the public. We will continue to take all possible actions to protect the public.”

The defendants are charged with Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree, Criminal Possession of Stolen Property in the Fifth Degree, and Obstructing Governmental Administration in the Second Degree.

The case was investigated for the Department of Education’s Office of Professional Discipline by Supervising Investigator Thomas Meade and Senior Investigator Wanda Meade. The case is being handled by Assistant Attorney General Ronda Lustman, under the supervision of Criminal Prosecutions Chief Janet Cohn and the head of the Criminal Division, Peter B. Pope.

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Former UBC Dentistry faculty member misused funds for personal gain, university says

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The University of British Columbia alleges a former member of its faculty of dentistry “personally inappropriately enriched himself” when he was involved in a pilot project aimed at improving dental service in Haida Gwaii.

The federal government filed a lawsuit against the university and the former faculty member, Christopher Zed, in B.C. Supreme Court last November over the alleged misuse of millions of dollars in funds. Its allegations have not been proven. Criminal charges have not been laid.

The university, in its response to the federal government’s claim, said it was not unjustly enriched by the project. The federal government, through Health Canada, helped UBC establish the two dental clinics in Haida Gwaii.

“UBC acknowledges that Dr. Zed personally inappropriately enriched himself during the period in which he was involved in the project,” the university’s response to the civil claim says. “However, UBC says that Dr. Zed’s enrichment was to the loss and detriment of UBC, and not Health Canada.”

The university said Dr. Zed “breached his fiduciary duties to UBC” between 2002, when bank accounts for the clinics were opened, and 2013, when the project wrapped. It said he “incurred inappropriate or excessive expenses and diverted funds generated by the project to the use and personal benefit of Dr. Zed and others.”

However, the university said Dr. Zed and the others – who were not named – subsequently repaid a portion of the funds.

The university also took issue with a couple of the federal government’s specific allegations around money. First, it said a reference in the lawsuit to Dr. Zed making a $1.2-million deposit to his personal bank account in 2011 should have instead said he deposited that money to the clinic accounts.

Second, it said Health Canada mistakenly concluded $5.1-million was used by Dr. Zed for his personal benefit when that amount included “valid expenditures to deliver dentistry services.”

Dr. Zed has not filed his response to the federal government’s claim. However, he did file a response in April to another lawsuit brought by the Skidegate Indian Band. In that document, Dr. Zed denied he was unjustly enriched by the project. He could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

The university’s response was filed in late June but does not appear to have been previously reported.

The Skidegate Indian Band filed its lawsuit against the university, Dr. Zed, and the federal government in February. It alleged funds it should have received instead went to the university and Dr. Zed.

Dr. Zed, in his response to that lawsuit, denied the band had suffered any loss or damage and said it had no claim against him.

The RCMP has said it is investigating allegations of financial improprieties at the university’s faculty of dentistry, but a police spokesperson did not respond to a message seeking comment Wednesday.

A UBC spokesperson said she could only disclose Dr. Zed is no longer a university employee and was with the faculty of dentistry from September, 1995, until December, 2013.

Dr. Zed was formerly the associate dean of strategic and external affairs with the faculty of dentistry, as well as clinical professor of dentistry.

Content retrieved from http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/former-ubc-faculty-member-misused-funds-for-personal-gain-university-says/article31545753/

Troubled Vancouver dentist faces new lawsuit

Dentists behaving badly — California dentist pleads guilty to arson charges

leo weinstein Leopold Weinstein, a Camarillo dentist, pleaded guilty to three counts of felony arson in Ventura County Superior Court last week. The plea comes a little more than a year after Weinstein, 64, was arrested on suspicion of trying to burn down two dental practices in the city on multiple occasions between June 2014 and January 2015. Shortly after his arrest, the Moorpark resident pleaded not guilty to three counts of arson to a structure, three counts of attempted arson to a structure and possession of a silencer. Weinstein was the owner of Dr. Leo, a dental practice that was part of the Spanish Hills Dental Group. The practice on Ponderosa Road is now closed. The investigation by Ventura County sheriff’s detectives and Ventura County Fire Department investigators began in June 2014 when two containers of flammable liquid were found on the roof ofRosewood Dental Group on Mission Oaks Boulevard in Camarillo. The incident was the first of several. Fire and law enforcement investigators were called to a blaze later that month at Camarillo Dental Practice. In late July 2014 a second fire was reported at Rosewood Dental Group. Rosewood Dental, a practice of five dentists, was targeted twice more as investigators found flammable liquids outside the office on Sept. 12 and 19 of 2014.
Investigators, who later learned his car had been seen at previous incidents, said they believed his motives were financial. On Jan. 28, 2015, Rosewood was targeted again. Investigators said surveillance footage showed Weinstein setting fire to the building. He was arrested two days later after officials found additional evidence at his Moorpark home linking him to the crimes. Prosecutors said Weinstein will be sentenced July 20. Richard Simon, the senior deputy district attorney involved with the case, said he is pleased Weinstein “took responsibility for what he did.” Simon, who praised the county sheriff’s office and police department for their thorough investigations, also shed some light on Weinstein’s motives. “It’s a weird case,” he said. “This is a guy who has never had a criminal record, but gets this weird idea in his head that burning the practices would improve the billing practices or policies of the insurance companies. His explanation was that, if others suffered losses, they would band together against the insurance companies for the way they bill .” The deputy district attorney said the defense is exploring “psychological issues” to save Weinstein from serving time in an effort to avoid a prison sentence. William Haney, the attorney representing Weinstein, declined to comment on the plea.
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Adultery, murder and embezzlement for Tulsa OK dentist Dr. Bert Franklin. But it’s only the beginning…

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Update November 9, 2018.  Bert Franklin has been sentenced to life without parole for the murder of a 19 month old boy. “He is a danger to society,” Roxanne Lewis Randall, mother of the victim, told an Oklahoma County judge Friday during the former dentist’s sentencing. “He will plot, manipulate and murder.” Dressed in black and white stripes and shackles, Bert Glen Franklin hung his head as Randall called him “pure evil.”
Update December 6, 2017 – Just when you think that this story could not become any more bizarre, new allegations have surfaced alleging that in addition to the murder that Dr. Frankin has already been accused of, he is also accused of attempting to hire someone to kill the baby’s mother so that she could not appear as a witness in the murder case he is facing.  It is alleged that the amount offered for this “hit” was $300.  See full details in this People Magazine article — http://people.com/crime/oklahoma-dentist-accused-of-ordering-hit-on-mother-of-toddler-he-allegedly-killed/
Update May 1, 2017 – this story has now been profiled on the Dr. Phil Show.  Part of Dr. Phil McGraw’s interview with Roxanne Lewis-Randall is below.  You can see the full interview on Dr. Phil’s web site here — http://www.drphil.com/videos/grieving-mom-roxanne-lewis-randall-describes-events-from-the-night-authorities-allege-bert-franklin-fatally-injured-her-toddler/
Dr. Bert Franklin looks like a wholesome, kindly dentist.  His bio on his practice’s web site suggests a privileged and principled background:

Dr. Bert Franklin is a native Tulsan. He grew up attending Victory Christian School, where he was the Valedictorian of his class. He then went on to accomplishing his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Chemistry with a minor in Biology in just 3 years with a Magna Cum Laude Honors.

Realizing the importance of education instilled in him by his parents, he continued his education by attending the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, where he received the Dental Wellness Partner Scholarship, an honor only awarded to four individuals in the country.

He is probably the last guy you would think would get into the trouble he now faces. The married father of four was living a double life, carrying on an affair that lasted over a year, with Roxanne Lewis, a woman who apparently didn’t know that Dr. Franklin was married to someone else. Roxanne Lewis Then he was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Ms. Lewis’ 19-month old son, after his autopsy determined cause of death to be “blunt-force trauma to the head.” But Dr. Franklin’s troubles weren’t over yet.  Next, he was charged with billing $80,000 to a patient’s credit card without authorization. And if all of this wasn’t bizarre enough, one of Dr. Franklin’s employees was been charged with impersonating a dentist.  See our story at https://www.prosperident.com/2016/08/17/woman-first-tries-embezzlement-impersonates-dentist-part-crime-wave-affecting-tulsa-ok-office/. This must have been an exciting office to work in — you just never knew when the police would show up to arrest someone. _________________________

Dr. Franklin’s license suspended

Update:  On August 25, 2016, the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry suspended Dr. Franklin, but not because he is accused of committing murder.  The suspension is a result of approximately 20 patient complaints alleging unprofessional acts and use of unlicensed auxiliaries. Read the story here: On Friday morning, the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry voted unanimously for an emergency temporary suspension to be placed on Bert Franklin’s dental license. Suspension papers were served to Franklin, who remains locked up at the Oklahoma County jail.  And the temporary suspension is not based on the murder charge he is facing, but on dozens of patient complaints the board has received. The Oklahoma Board of Dentistry listened to claim after claim of how Franklin performed faulty dental work, allowed his unlicensed dental assistant to do unsupervised procedures, and how he reportedly gave drugs to patients who had no treatment plan in place. “It is very shocking to see,” said Dr. James Sparks, President of the Board of Dentistry. “It makes us all look bad.” The documents also allege a patient who was supposed to be under nitrous oxide during a procedure was still awake and heard Franklin and his assistant saying “filthy sexual things” to each other all while he was being treated in the dental chair. Franklin is also accused of asking one of his patients if he could borrow some money for a piece of dental equipment, and then charged a total of $80,000 to her credit card. “Every patient should go in with a comfort and belief that they are safe. And for him to take advantage of a person in that manner is completely unacceptable,” said Board of Dentistry Executive Director, Susan Rogers. Rogers says they began investigating Franklin and his Signature Smiles practice back in February of this year, but since he was arrested for the murder, their phones have been ringing off the hook. “This is a very unusual case. We have a dentist that is charged with First-Degree Murder, which is very serious,” said Rogers. “In the last three days we have received multiple phone calls we still have 20 individuals we still need to go interview.” News 9 has also learned that Franklin’s dental assistant was also charged with impersonating a dentist in Tulsa County and is currently out on bond. “The allegations that have come forth the last two days have actually been much more horrific than the original charges,” said Rogers. “To the point that we are obviously very concerned and we are following through with every person who contacts us to legitimize their complaint and see if its valid or not.” Franklin does have a right to a full hearing, but he can’t do that while he is in jail facing the murder charge. News 9 has learned he is now also facing two counts of obtaining money by fraud in Tulsa County. News 9 spoke with Franklin’s attorney about the hearing and the additional charges, and he said Franklin has much bigger worries to deal with right now. Content retrieved from  http://www.news9.com/story/32798057/board-of-dentistry-votes-to-temporarily-suspend-bert-franklins-dental-license

When Dentists Behave Badly — Murdered North Carolina dentist involved in sex for drugs trade.


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 Warrant: Dentist traded drugs for sexual favors

A Salisbury dentist found bound and strangled in his bed had been prescribing drugs to young women in exchange for sexual favors, according to search warrants.

Detectives wrote in the warrant that Dr. James David Boyd, 47, made personal appointments at his office to prescribe the drugs, mainly to young females, WSOC-TV in Charlotte reported Tuesday.

The warrant said Boyd planned to meet with Candice Drye, 23, of Mocksville last week, "for the purpose of obtaining prescription narcotics, money and alcoholic beverages in exchange for sexual favors."

Drye is one of three people charged with murder in Boyd’s death. Also are charged are Jonathan Barnett, 18, and Christoper Boyd, 21, who are cousins. Christopher Boyd is not related to the victim.

The victim’s body was found Thursday morning by one of his employees who went to his home to check on him after he didn’t arrived at work. Boyd was found in his bed with his hands and feet bound, and a cord wrapped around his neck.

A spokeswoman for the state Attorney General’s Office said the State Bureau of Investigation had been investigating Boyd for diverting prescription drugs for illegal use. Spokeswoman Noelle Talley said the investigation began June 12 and ended with Boyd’s death.

An answering machine picked up at the home of a Dr. James Boyd in Salisbury on Tuesday but was disconnected when a reporter identified herself.

Murder suspect says dentist traded for sex

One of three people charged in the slaying of Dr. James David Boyd told the police she met with the dentist at his office last week to exchange sex for money, drugs and alcohol.

Candice Jo Drye also told the police she wasn’t the only person who performed sex acts with Boyd in exchange for prescription drugs, according to an affidavit Salisbury police Detective J.D. Barber filed Friday and which was made public Tuesday. The statement names no one else.

Several witnesses, who also weren’t named in Barber’s statement, told investigators that Boyd “made personal appointments at his office without the knowledge of his office staff, and that these appointments were made for prescribing narcotics in exchange for sexual favors, mainly to young females.”

Also released Tuesday were copies of search warrants from Boyd’s office, on Statesville Boulevard in Salisbury, and in the same building as his dentist wife’s.

Among the items police took from the office: a blue plastic vibrator; 10 unused condoms; an empty plastic Nikolai vodka bottle; a Food Lion receipt for beer; a camcorder and videocassette tapes; and four notes with names and numbers, including Drye’s.

It’s unclear how Drye or the other two suspects knew the dentist. Drye’s relatives have told the Observer she was not a patient of Boyd’s but had visited his office, where he prescribed hydrocodone for her. Hydrocodone is a common but potentially habit-forming painkiller.

Police Chief Mark Wilhelm said Tuesday that last week, after Boyd’s body was discovered, he received a call from a woman who told him her daughter was a patient of James Boyd’s three years ago. The woman said that after her daughter’s dental visit, Boyd called her several times and invited her to his home, Wilhelm said.

No police report was filed, and Wilhelm said the department didn’t receive any complaints about Boyd when he was alive.

The N.C. State Board of Dental Examiners, which investigates complaints about dentists, never took any disciplinary action against Boyd, said Terry Friddle, the board’s deputy operations officer, who handles such investigations. Boyd had been a licensed dentist in good standing since June 1986, Friddle said.

Drye, 23, Jonathan Barnett, 18, and Christopher Boyd, 21, remained in the Rowan County jail without bond Tuesday, charged with James Boyd’s murder. Christopher Boyd is not related to the dentist. Barnett and Christopher Boyd are cousins.

A co-worker of James Boyd’s found his body at about 8:30 a.m. Thursday. Boyd, 47, had been strangled. He was in bed, with his feet and hands tied with electrical cord and his hands tied to the bed.

Boyd’s funeral was held Tuesday, with hundreds packing Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Salisbury.

Drye’s stepmother has told the Observer that Drye met Boyd at his office Wednesday night, then went to his home for drinks. At 4:19 the next morning, police pulled over a white Chevrolet pickup truck containing Drye, Barnett and Christopher Boyd. Police won’t say what they believe happened between Wednesday night and the traffic stop and have not established what time James Boyd died, Wilhelm said.

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