Colorado’s Robin McKenzie makes bail after being accused of embezzling $30k from non-profit dental clinic

Robin McKenzie
Robin McKenzie

The defendant accused of embezzling more than $30,000 from two local charities is free on bond.

Robin McKenzie, 36, was released from the Moffat County Public Safety Center jail Tuesday on a personal recognizance bond that her attorney, Kris Hammond, had requested that afternoon.

The District Attorney’s Office did not object and McKenzie was released at 6:30 p.m.

McKenzie had originally been held on a $20,000 bond after she was arrested on misdemeanor and felony charges of theft.

She is suspected of embezzling more $30,000 from the Northwest Colorado Dental Coalition and more than $300 from Moffat County Partners.

A personal recognizance bond has no financial penalty attached for not appearing in court, but a warrant for arrest would be issued along with the filing of new charges, Chief Deputy District Attorney David Waite said.

“One of the reasons you have a bond is to make sure a person shows up for a court date,” Waite said. “In this case, we had no real concern the defendant wouldn’t appear. It’s a pretty safe bet (McKenzie) isn’t a risk. She has no access to the kinds of accounts that got her into trouble before.”

McKenzie is due in district court on June 17 for an arraignment.

Waite said the McKenzie’s assets, to the extent there are any, are still frozen.

Craig Police Chief Walt Vanatta said McKenzie’s release should not be a problem, nor an issue the police have any impact on.

“It is a judge’s discretion to release someone on (a personal recognizance) bond, and if they saw fit to release (McKenzie), that’s their call,” Vanatta said. “Our part of the system is to investigate the cases and make arrests. After that, the decision’s out of our hands and left to the judicial system.

“I don’t think (McKenzie) is a risk to the community.”

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