Colorado’s Lisa Morales Campbell pleads guilty to embezzling

Lisa Morales Campbell
Lisa Morales Campbell

People v. Lisa Morales Campbell,
Montrose Court Case No. 12CR248 One December 2, 2015,
Lisa Morales-Campbell pleaded guilty (Alford plea) to Theft as a class 1 misdemeanor for stealing cash from the Community Dental Clinic. The district court entered judgment against her, and Ms. Morales-Campbell stands convicted of Theft. The conviction is not subject to later dismissal. The district court ordered Ms. Morales-Campbell to pay restitution to the Community Dental Clinic in the amount of $25,000.00 and to pay certain costs incurred by the Clinic. Judge Herron also ordered Ms. Morales-Campbell to write a letter of apology to the victim within 30 days.
The participation from Community Dental Clinic was essential to this case. The Clinic expended a great amount of time and effort in providing detailed information to law enforcement and to this Office for the prosecution of this case. This case involved the theft of cash receipts from the Clinic, and stands as a reminder to all businesses and organizations of the need for proper accounting controls and systems to avoid being victimized. Under new leadership, Community Dental Clinic has completely changed its way of doing business and is prepared to continue to serve the Montrose area.
Any business that would like to learn more about effective accounting controls can contact the Office of the District Attorney or their local law enforcement agency.

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