Diagnostic Examination

Historically, statistics support your “gut feeling” when all is not well with your practice’s finances. Dentists who suspect embezzlement are right more than 70% of the time, and recent statistics put the chance of a dentist being a victim of embezzlement in their career at greater than 80%.

If you suspect embezzlement is occurring in your office, Prosperident will resolve your uncertainty.  Our Diagnostic Examination involves a complete and stealthy review of the transactions in your practice management software and elsewhere to determine whether your suspicions are valid.

Typically, we examine transactions from a 12-month period in your software and search for 20 or more of the most common embezzlement patterns.  We work off-site, using state the art technology, which we have developed specifically for analyzing your information without your team members becoming aware that you are conducting an investigation. If you are correct in your suspicions, it is imperative that you not do anything to alert the embezzler. Suppose your suspicions are incorrect and something else is responsible for your uneasiness? In that case, you don’t want to face the risk of losing a valued employee and team member because you were temporarily unsure of their trustworthiness.

We notify you immediately if we discover embezzlement. When our work is complete, you will receive our full report, including recommendations for improvements in how your office operates going forward.

Diagnostic exams typically take eight to ten weeks to complete and are affordably priced.

With more than 80% of dentists suffering embezzlement at some time during their careers, uncertainty about embezzlement is common and can feel unnerving. The good news is that relief is only a phone call away, and it costs you nothing to speak to one of our team about your concerns.

Our toll-free phone number is 888-398-2327, or you can ask us to contact you by clicking the button to the right.