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Forensic Investigation

Forensic investigation is employed when embezzlement has already been confirmed.

Our team will walk you through your next critical steps to ensure that the correct information is gathered along with the evidence you will need to assist with swift, legal employee termination, recovery of stolen funds, and proper entry into the justice system. As part of our investigation, we help you understand the details of what happened and how the embezzlement occurred.

Typically an embezzler employs no less than three different methodologies when stealing from you to help avoid detection. We also help you determine what damage has occurred to your practice’s records and who the other victims of your embezzlement might be, for example, patients and insurance companies.

Once we have investigated and collected all the necessary information, we help you maximize your financial recovery.  We will assist in assembling the information needed by your insurance company and other sources and for use by law enforcement agencies. We will also make both verbal and written recommendations for you to put in place to minimize any further damage and lessen the likelihood of being victimized again in the future.

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