Who We Are

For over 30 years, Prosperident has existed to eliminate uncertainty for dentists with embezzlement concerns while maximizing victims’ financial recovery and providing the support necessary to achieve peace of mind regarding dental practices’ financial health.

Prosperident team June 2019

Founded in 1989, Prosperident is the world’s oldest and largest firm investigating financial crimes committed against general dentists and dental specialists.

At Prosperident, we help dentists identify and resolve embezzlement in their practices. Whether you have an employee or another party, such as a business partner or family member, whom you suspect is stealing from you, we are here to make things right for you again.

Prosperident is proud to be our industry’s’ leader in researching and establishing effective, viable protection solutions to set up and safeguard your practice from embezzlement.

70% of our investigators are Certified Fraud Examiners; 40% are licensed as private investigators.

Our functional groups include:

  • General Investigations
  • Orthodontic and Oral Surgery Group
  • Litigation Support Group
  • Special Investigations, where we handle some of our ugliest situations, such as dentists embezzling from each other in group practices

Prosperident limits ourselves to working with dentists, dental specialists, and their advisors. We do not assist any other type of business. Ever.

We have the investigative capability to perform “stealthy,” off-site investigation work. We use state of the art technology to gather the information from your practice without ever being on-site. Your staff will be completely unaware that an investigation is happening.