Custodian Kari Anne Edwards charged with stealing drugs from Mankato MN oral surgery practice


MANKATO — A custodian allegedly stole fentanyl and propofol from a Mankato oral surgery office.

Kari Anne Edwards, 53, of Mankato, was charged Thursday with two counts of felony drug possession and two counts of felony theft.

 A employee of an undisclosed oral surgery practice contacted authorities last month and reported that a bottle of fentanyl was discovered missing in February and another bottle of fetanyl and a bottle of propofol were discovered missing in March. The missing pain medication and sedative was valued at over $1,500, according to the criminal complaint.

The drugs reportedly were in a locked cabinet but a key to the cabinet was in an unlocked desk drawer. The complainant suspected Edwards, who had recently started providing cleaning services for the business.

 When Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force agents questioned Edwards, she allegedly admitted to taking the drugs and returned two of the bottles. She said she discarded a bottle of fentanyl after she drank some and it made her sick, according to the complaint.


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