South Carolina Dentist Loses Over $100k in Embezzlement — Sues Former Receptionist Patricia Conley, her Husband, and Two Banks


CHARLESTON – A former South Charleston dentist is claiming his office assistant Patricia Conley embezzled more than $100,000.

Dr. Jack Shamblin filed the lawsuit June 8 in Kanawha Circuit Court against J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank One Corp. and Patricia and Larry Conley.

He says Patricia Conley was stealing from two of his accounts while employed there, claiming she “obtained access to both of the accounts through computer banking systems created and maintained by the bank without his knowledge.”

Conley was hired in December 2003, the lawsuit says, and began forging the authorization of checks by using a signature stamp of Shamblin’s that was approximately 40 years old.

At first, it says she took at least $17,000 from Shamblin’s personal account before eventually stealing more than $100,000 from the business account.

Shamblin says he discontinued his practice June 30, 2005. He charges the two banks with negligence and breach of contracts. He charges Conley with fraud, unjust enrichment and outrage and adds that her husband Larry knew what was going on and received the stolen funds.

Michael L. Glasser of Meyer and Ford in Charleston is representing the plaintiffs, who include Shamblin’s wife Kay. They are seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

Judge Tod Kaufman has been assigned the case.

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