Like Mother, Like Daughter?

Sometimes we get interesting calls at Prosperident. In September 2018, we received a chat request from someone named Vanessa Harpold.  While the conversation took a few twists, eventually she told us that on one of the pages in our Hall of Shame ( the picture that we display is of someone other than the embezzler, who coincidentally has the name Connie Harpold. Vanessa’s story (which was basically that there were two people named Connie Harpold in the same town of 15,000 people in Nebraska) had some inconsistencies and generally lacked credibility.  Our research department confirmed that the picture we were displaying was, in fact, the right person, and that Vanessa is actually the daughter of the person convicted of embezzling. Here are a couple of pictures of  Vanessa, should she ever darken your doorstep: blankblank The transcript of the chat with Vanessa is somewhat amusing (particularly where the Prosperident team member responding to the chat was having obvious difficulty controlling herself) and a slightly redacted version is reproduced below.
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Vanessa Harpold 8:48 PM joined the chat (Prosperident staffer) 8:48 PM Hi, there. Vanessa Harpold 8:49 PM Hello! I have a few questions on an article. (Prosperident staffer) 8:49 PM Are you a dentist? Vanessa Harpold 8:49 PM No I am not. (Prosperident staffer) 8:50 PM OK. May I ask your connection with dentistry? Vanessa Harpold 8:50 PM I had a family member in that field. (Prosperident staffer) 8:51 PM Sure. I may not be the right person to answer your questions, but give it a try, and if I can’t answer them I will find somebody who can address them tomorrow. Vanessa Harpold 8:51 PM What happened to the woman in the article about embezzlement charges in Gering? (Prosperident staffer) 8:52 PM I am not sure which article you’re referring to. We have about 500 out there. Vanessa Harpold 8:53 PM “Nebraka woman recieves 30 days in jail and three years of probation” is the title. (Prosperident staffer) 8:53 PM And where do you see this article? Vanessa Harpold 8:54 PM On this website? (Prosperident staffer) 8:54 PM On Prosperident’s website? Vanessa Harpold 8:54 PM Yes (Prosperident staffer) 8:55 PM Ok. Not to be difficult, but wouldn’t the title of the article answer the exact question you were asking? Vanessa Harpold 8:55 PM I mean does she know about the use of her picture, and the sharing of all the personal information? (Prosperident staffer) 8:56 PM I have no idea what she knows. And to be clear, this is not “personal information”; it is information that is already in the public domain. Vanessa Harpold 8:56 PM I think you should take the picture down. (Prosperident staffer) 8:57 PM Why would we do that? Vanessa Harpold 8:58 PM Because, she didn’t consent to the usage of her photo. (Prosperident staffer) 8:59 PM I’m sorry, but her consent isn’t required. Perhaps you are aware of the First Amendment. Vanessa Harpold 9:00 PM Excuse me that is not the correct person. Basically you are slandering this woman. (Prosperident staffer) 9:00 PM So you are saying that the picture we have is not the same person as the one who was convicted of this crime? Vanessa Harpold 9:01 PM Yes. Vanessa Harpold 9:02 PM Take the photo down. (Prosperident staffer) 9:03 PM I am disinclined to believe you. It’s funny how your approach changed from “there is personal information there that shouldn’t be“ to “you have a picture of the wrong person” suddenly Vanessa Harpold 9:04 PM I am a relative of the woman I’m asking you to take it down, as it isn’t her. (Prosperident staffer) 9:04 PM Perhaps you should more fully explain your connection to this matter. I see that you have the same last name as the person convicted. Vanessa Harpold 9:05 PM Got me? (Prosperident staffer) 9:06 PM As I said, I am a bit skeptical. Nonetheless, since you have brought this up, I will pass your comments to our research department. What is the date of birth of your relative? Vanessa Harpold 9:07 PM 11/13/64 (Prosperident staffer) 9:08 PM Thank you. Our research folks will investigate. It will probably take them 2 to 3 days. If they are able to establish that the lightness on the website is a different person than the Connie Harpold in the article, they will remove the picture. In what city and state does your relative live? Vanessa Harpold 9:09 PM Scottsbluff NE (Prosperident staffer) 9:09 PM So if I understand this, there are two people with this name in the same city, of the same age. Vanessa Harpold 9:10 PM They are not the same age genius. (Prosperident staffer) 9:10 PM They seem to be pretty close. Do you happen to know the other Connie? Vanessa Harpold 9:11 PM Yes actually I do. (Prosperident staffer) 9:13 PM So I’m guessing then that you are also related to the other Connie. Vanessa Harpold 9:14 PM Not any longer (Prosperident staffer) 9:14 PM Does that mean she goes by a different name now? Vanessa Harpold 9:14 PM Indeed (Prosperident staffer) 9:14 PM Would you mind sharing? That is certainly the easiest way to get the one you were still related to off the hook. Vanessa Harpold 9:16 PM Why would I share that information with you (Prosperident staffer)? You would use it to make her into some kind of satanic, money guzzling person. So, im sorry but that information is classified. (Prosperident staffer) 9:17 PM OK. I understand. If we have printed the picture of the wrong person, I apologize. As I say our research folks will take a look at this, and we will let you know by email with the outcome is. Vanessa Harpold 9:17 PM So your researchers basically stalk these people? (Prosperident staffer) 9:18 PM Not at all. However, since you have raise this issue, we now need to deal with it. Vanessa Harpold 9:19 PM I think that they do (Prosperident staffer). That picture had to be searched for. By watching this woman for a long time. (Prosperident staffer) 9:20 PM I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that picture was taken from some public source. We certainly don’t send people around the country with cameras. Vanessa Harpold 9:21 PM I didn’t mean stalking like that. Someone waited until they saw Connie on some social media. Stalking her. (Prosperident staffer) 9:22 PM We millennials call that “creeping”. Stalking implies actual physical observation. Vanessa Harpold 9:23 PM Do you or do you not “psychially” watch this woman? You should leave these people alone. (Prosperident staffer) 9:23 PM As I said, we do not send people around the country with cameras Vanessa Harpold 9:24 PM Why do you need a photo of the person anyway? (Prosperident staffer) 9:25 PM We normally publish pictures of people with a history of embezzling from dentists. Vanessa Harpold 9:26 PM You cannot use this picture. (Prosperident staffer) 9:27 PM Yes, you suggested that before. As much as I’d like to continue the banter, I am the only person working here tonight, and I do have some other things to attend to. Is there anything else I can help you with? Vanessa Harpold 9:31 PM I would like someone else to speak with, higher power than you. (Prosperident staffer) 9:31 PM I think I just mentioned that I’m the only person here. Vanessa Harpold 9:31 PM Yes genius I can read. Don’t u have a supervisor? (Prosperident staffer) 9:32 PM Congratulations. You must be very proud. Yes, I do. Vanessa Harpold 9:36 PM Do you have contact information for a supervisor I can speak to? I’m sure they’d love to hear about a possible defamation case as well as your snide remarks. (Prosperident staffer) 9:36 PM Transcript of this conversation will be automatically sent to them. Vanessa Harpold 9:39 PM OK bye (Prosperident staffer)