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Embezzlement Blog

The Dangers Of Virtual Credit Cards

The Dangers of Virtual Credit Cards

Many dentists have not realized the dangers posed by virtual credit cards. Some insurance companies

I’M A New Practice Owner.  What Should I Be Doing To Protect My Practice?

I’m a New Practice Owner. What Should I be Doing to Protect My Practice?

That is an excellent question. Embezzlement protection involves a few big steps and a lot

A Whistleblower Policy Can Increase Your Chances Of Staff Coming Forward With Concerns About Embezzlement!

A Whistleblower Policy Can Increase Your Chances of Staff Coming Forward With Concerns About Embezzlement!

We have noticed an interesting phenomenon in dentistry. When you look at all types of

How Secure Is My Practice Management Software?

How Secure is my Practice Management Software?

A couple of the most frequently asked questions by doctors regarding practice management software are:

How Big Is The Embezzlement Problem? Almost 50% Of Dentists Have Already Been Victims Of Employee Theft

How Big Is the Embezzlement Problem? Almost 50% of dentists have already been victims of employee theft

We are featuring some excerpts from the upcoming second edition of David Harris’ book Dental

Profiles Of Embezzlers – 2 Traits Of Those Who Steal Your Money

Profiles of Embezzlers – 2 traits of those who Steal your Money

The following chapter on Profiles of Embezzlers is an excerpt from the upcoming second edition

Protect Yourself As An Associate Dentist

Protect Yourself As an Associate Dentist

While most of this website is oriented towards owners of dental practices, we would be

Delegation Versus Abdication

Delegation versus Abdication

Delegation is essential to the financial well-being of a practice.  The existence of well-trained clinical

The Danger Of References

The Danger Of References

A client of ours recently asked us this question: “I have an interviewee, and I

Reconcile Or Reckless? You Choose!

Reconcile or Reckless? You Choose!

(Editor’s note — the concepts for this article were first presented in a webinar presented

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