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Prosperident’s Embezzlement Blog is where we keep the many articles we have written on our favorite topic, embezzlement in dental practices.

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Embezzlement Blog

Deleted Transactions — Hidden Gems

Deleted Transactions — Hidden Gems

Deleted transactions are overlooked and ignored to our detriment. One must purposely seek to find

Daily Balancing – The Right Way

Daily Balancing – the Right Way

David Harris Everyone knows that daily balancing is a key safeguard for your practice’s finances,

Practice Management Software Can Lie

Practice Management Software can Lie

It’s something that we read over and over.  A dentist in a Facebook forum states

Embezzlement In Orthodontic Practices – Making Sense of the Mess

The orthodontic community does not have immunity from embezzlement. Instead, open systems and high levels

How to Read a Resume Critically

It continues to amaze us that the people who we refer to as “serial embezzlers”

Trust, Then Verify; Systems That Win

The following is an excerpt from David Harris’ upcoming book on protecting yourself from embezzlement.

Why do People Steal?

One of the most frequent comments we hear once the identity of an embezzler is

“My Day-end Report Balances to my Deposit, so I Must Be Safe From Embezzlement”

We hear this a lot from people discussing embezzlement with us. They say that they

Why Caution Is Needed When Checking References

Reference Check Essentials: Helping You Master Your Hiring Process We recently received the following email

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