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Prosperident’s Embezzlement Blog is where we keep the many articles we have written on our favorite topic, embezzlement in dental practices.

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Embezzlement Blog

Is it Worse to be Robbed or Embezzled?

Prosperident’s Kelly Paxton is a thought leader in the area of “pink collar crime.”  She

Importance Of Investigators In Criminal Cases

Importance of Investigators in Criminal Cases

Here is an excellent article from the online magazine PInow.com When the general public thinks

Is my practice immune from embezzlement?

“I live in a small town…” I’m not referring to the catchy John Mellencamp tune

Why Dentists Hire Badly

  By David Harris Our June 2017 Newsletter’s guest columnist Laura Hatch nailed it in

I Just Hired Someone And Then Got Notice That Their Wages Are Garnished.  Should I Fire Them?

I just hired someone and then got notice that their wages are garnished. Should I fire them?

We recently got this question from a consultant friend of ours: “I have a question

Doing Proper Backups

Doing Proper Backups

We all know that data is important, and we need to back it up.  Whether

Should I fire an employee if I find out that they have embezzled from someone else in the past?

By David Harris CEO, Prosperident Over the past week, I’ve encountered a couple of similar

What Not To Do If You Suspect You Have Been Embezzled

What NOT To Do If You Suspect You Have Been Embezzled

November 5, 2014 9:57 pm Published by The Progressive Dentist By Pat Little, DDS, FAGD,

If my day-end report balances to my bank deposit, can I still be embezzled?

In a word, YES. Many dentists believe that if the practice management software day-end report

What Squirrels and Embezzlers Have In Common

David Harris I was discussing embezzlement with my friend Rick Willeford a few months ago. 

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