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I Live in California, and I Have Been Told That I Can no Longer Check Criminal Records When Hiring. Is this true?

No. California is one of 13 “Ban the Box” states.  These states have enacted legislation

How to Read a Resume Critically

It continues to amaze us that the people who we refer to as “serial embezzlers”

Trust, Then Verify; Systems That Win

The following is an excerpt from David Harris’ upcoming book on protecting yourself from embezzlement.

Why do People Steal?

One of the most frequent comments we hear once the identity of an embezzler is

“My Day-end Report Balances to my Deposit, so I Must Be Safe From Embezzlement”

We hear this a lot.  At the core of your practice management software is a

Why Caution Is Needed When Checking References

Reference Check Essentials: Helping You Master Your Hiring Process We recently received the following email

Is it Worse to be Robbed or Embezzled?

Prosperident’s Kelly Paxton is a thought leader in the area of “pink collar crime.”  She