Embezzlement: It Can Happen in Your Practice!






Three out of five dentists will be embezzlement victims

Dr. Jones loved her practice, enjoyed her patients, and felt very lucky to go to work every day and do what she loved to do. She also was well aware that a major reason her work was so enjoyable was because her office manager handled the financial side of the practice effectively and efficiently. She could enjoy doing what she did best — helping patients improve their oral health — while not worrying about the financial details. In fact, she frequently bragged to other dentists about how lucky she was to find such a hard-working office manager. She was saying that right up until the day she found out the office manager had embezzled $150,000 from her practice!

How could this happen? How could she be so wrong about somebody she thought she knew so well? The surprising answer is that her story is not unique; embezzlement in the dental office happens far more frequently than most dentists realize. But don’t take my word for it. Join me in a conversation with David Harris, CEO of Prosperident — the only company in North America specializing in dental embezzlement prevention and detection— who has been investigating embezzlement in dental offices for more than two decades. You may be surprised at who is likely to embezzle from your practice and what it really takes to minimize your risk of being a victim.