Embezzlement lands Missouri’s Carol Strope in prison


A Chesterfield, Mo., woman has been sentenced to prison for embezzlement from a dental office and tax evasion.

Carol Strope, 55, was sentenced to five months in prison, which may be in a work release setting, followed by five months of home confinement. In addition, she must pay $50,000 in restitution to the dentist and file new tax returns for the years that she understated her income.

Strope pleaded guilty last December to one felony count of tax evasion, one felony count of mail fraud and one felony count of credit card fraud. When employed as an office manager for a St. Louis County dentist, she began embezzling money from the business using the company accounts to pay for personal expenditures. She was alleged to have embezzled $193,000 from the dental business.

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