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Issue #67 — March 2018
The Prodigy
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From his start with Prosperident as a Network Administrator, Jake Hiltz’s unrivalled ability to understand ANYTHING related to IT allowed his rapid rise to Prosperident’s Chief Information Officer, and a member of Prosperident’s management team. In addition to overseeing Prosperident’s Data Center and the uploading of client information to our network, Jake is responsible for the ongoing development and integration of Prosperident’s information systems.
Jake’s prowess is a key factor in Prosperident’s growth and success, and we are thankful for the great work he does.
Get the Inside Scoop!
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Did you know that there is some information that we will ONLY give at closed door meetings?
Embezzlers read our articles and listen to our podcasts, so there are some topics we will not address there.
Come see us live if you want the full story.
Here are some places we will be speaking soon:
Mar 14Altura Periodontics, Denver CO
Mar 15Boulder Broomfield Dental Society, Boulder CO
Mar 23Thomas P Hinman Meeting, Atlanta GA
Apr 3Volunteer Study Club, Nashville TN
Apr 20Dr. Brandon Grier Study Club, Bowling Green, KY
May 5Tumbleweed Study Club, Walland TN
May 14University of the West Indies, Jamaica
May 25Jasper Dental Congress, Jasper AB
May 6American Association of Orthodontists, Washington DC
Jun 2Orthopreneur meeting, Dallas TX
Jun 21Florida Dental Association, Orlando FL
Jul 13Georgia Dental Association, Fernandina Beach, GA
Oct 1Wichita District Dental Society, Wichita KS
Oct 4Southern Association of Orthodontists, New Orleans LA
Nov 8NY Academy of Dentistry, New York NY
Jan 27Southwest Society of Periodontists, Dallas TX
Feb 8Select Study Club, Evansville IN
To book us for your meeting or study club, click HERE or call us at 888-398-2327.
Check out a great article about an embezzlement case called “The Lake House” from our friend Sandy Baird.
Sandy Baird
It’s availalble HERE.
Check out Sandy’s website HERE.
Our CEO’s Column
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The Problem with Monitoring
Something that I get asked regularly is whether we offer a “monitoring” service where we can provide a monthly check-up on a practice. I’d like to explain why we do not offer this service.
When people ask us for “monitoring,”they do so for one of two reasons; either they have current embezzlement concerns, or they don’t but are seeking long-term protection against employee theft.
For someone with current concerns, monitoring’s weakness is its superficiality.
Conceptually, monthly monitoring is like a “mini-audit.” The price point for this kind of work supports a couple of hours of investigation work, which in our expert opinion simply isn’t sufficient cover the full spectrum of embezzlement methodologies that should be reviewed. When Prosperident performs an investigation, we normally look at a
period of at least one year, and our review is quite broad and
For those seeking enduring protection, there is a conceptual appeal to monitoring, with the offer of protection at an affordable monthly cost. However, the best protection against embezzlement comes from having proper systems in place, which monitoring does not address. Furthermore, the overblown perception of protection provided by monitoring may encourage some laxity about systems, which may ultimately be dangerous.
There are some technology-based monitoring approaches on the horizon that we expect will deliver the elusive combination of affordability and effectiveness, but they are still several years away.
For providing enduring protection from embezzlement, a better (and in the long term, less expensive) solution than monthly monitoring is Prosperident’s Office Protection System (OPS). OPS is the industry’s most comprehensive review of your practice’s policies and procedures, including staff compliance. You can read more about OPS HERE.
So if the concept of monthly monitoring is something that you find appealing, I encourage you to reflect on whether the allure is based on addressing current concerns or the desire for long-term protection. For either situation, we have an offering that provides a much better fit and value.
Thanks for reading.


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David Harris
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