Embezzlement News #83 – June 2019- Education Special Edition

Dental Embezzlement News from Prosperident
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Issue #83 — June 2019
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Our CEO is honored to be a guest on the Dentist Money Show. Check it out HERE.
Learn from the Experts!
Did you know that there are some topics that we will ONLY discuss at closed-door, live events?
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Do you know who this is? You should – Irina Fooks is one of the most prolific serial embezzlers ever.
See us live if you want the full story on embezzlement.
Here are some places where we will be speaking soon:
Jul 8University of the West Indies
Sep 13Orthopreneurs Summit, Dallas TX
Sep 19Dr. Brad Crump, Dallas TX
Sep 21Dallas Dental Symposium, Dallas TX
Oct 7Colorado Prosthodontic Society, Denver CO
Nov 11Thunderbird Study Club, El Paso TX
Nov 19Memphis Dental Society, Memphis TN
To book us for your meeting or study club, click HERE or call us at 888-398-2327.
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Prosperident Team Members Complete Certification
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Prosperident’s Wendy Chediac and Sonya Hudson have recently completed the study requirements necessary to be awarded their Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) designations from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.
Wendy is Prosperident’s Chief Operating Officer, and in this capacity, she oversees all of Prosperident’s investigations. Wendy is often the first point of contact for new clients.
Sonya is one of our Senior Fraud Examiners, as well as one of Prosperident’s longest-serving team members. Sonya’s specialty is investigations for our Canadian clients.
Congratulations to you both on all of your hard work in earning this accreditation!
Something to Talk About…
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Education. A word that evokes powerful reactions and commentary. An excellent education is the hope of every parent for their children. Lifelong learning is the quest of every enlightened human. Continuing education, well, that’s a bit of a different story.
CE credits are a requirement for members of almost every association of professionals, and for good reason; they ensure that a practicing member invests the time, and often the expense, to stay involved in gaining fresh insight into topics and trends in their field as they mature in their careers.
June may seem like an odd time to broach the subject of education and continuing education, after all; the school year for our kids is winding down, as is the regular CE season for most associations and societies. However, for those of you thinking ahead to next season, or who may be responsible for helping your group or organization find educational speakers, we want you to know that Prosperident has one of the best groups of professional speakers, available to you through our Speakers Bureau.
Our Speaker’s Bureau members are seasoned educational speakers, who present at over 100 meetings, conferences, and special events each year on topics ranging from embezzlement to hiring to dental office etiquette. If you are a general dentist or dental specialist, chances are you have already had an opportunity to see one of our speakers in action. From Hinman to the CDA, as well as at countless national, regional, and local study club events, our educational speakers get around, and we are happy that they do!
We take great pride in offering presentations that are not only educational but incredibly entertaining. Moreover, we never use our educational speaking engagements as a platform to have you buy Prosperident’s services. No infomercials here, just incredible facts and case studies to enlighten, educate, and entertain. When was the last time you described a CE event as “highly entertaining”?
So, as we all head in to the summer of 2019, I hope that you all have a wonderful summer, however you spend it, and that for those of you tasked with finding educational speakers for the upcoming 2019 – 20 CE year, that you will consider one of our talented and in-demand Prosperident speakers.
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David Harris
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