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Do you suspect embezzlement, or have you already found it?

We handle these two situations a bit differently.

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If you suspect embezzlement but haven’t confirmed it, we can perform a diagnostic examination.  You can learn more about this type of examination here.

With the “smoking gun” in your hand, our approach changes somewhat — learn more about our forensic investigations by clicking the link below.

Forensic Investigations

In either case, our goal is to resolve whatever uncertainties you have, return you to a productive state, and to help you sleep better.

The need for stealth

Whether you suspect or have already confirmed embezzlement, the most important consideration is not to alert your staff.  If embezzlement is not happening, disclosure would destroy relationships with your staff by your expressing doubts about their loyalty.  And if embezzlement is occurring, it is important not to prematurely alert the thief, who may try to destroy evidence.

Prosperident’s investigative methodologies are designed to be completely stealthy.  So no one but you will know that your practice is being examined until the time is right.

If you have confirmed, or suspect, embezzlement, it is essential you obtain professional assistance quickly.  Click the link below for help.

Priority Assistance

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