MN woman Kathy Ann Hanson pleads guilty to steal from Maplewood dental office; repays $60k from retirement funds


Kathy Ann Hanson of Hugo was accused of bilking more than $90,000 from the Maplewood dental office where she worked pleaded guilty Friday to theft by swindle in Ramsey County District Court.

Kathy Ann Hanson, 59, was writing unauthorized business checks to herself at her workplace, Henrickson Dental, claiming she was reimbursing herself for business items she had purchased at Target, according to a criminal complaint. She also allegedly offered clients a discount if they paid cash and apparently kept the money for herself.

Audit showed Kathy Ann Hanson stole $90K

The complaint said an audit of the dental office books showed the thefts totaled $90,650 between 2005 and 2008.

When questioned about the checks by her employer, Hanson “acted like she was having a heart attack and the owner called the medics who transported her to the hospital,” according to the criminal complaint.

In a plea agreement, Hanson agreed to surrender about $60,000 in retirement savings as restitution. After state and federal taxes are paid, about $40,770 will be left for the dental office. Hanson will avoid jail time and will not have more than 45 days of home detention, under the agreement.

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