NC Dental receptionist faces embezzlement, drug charges

anita-reed MARS HILL — A receptionist at a Mars Hill dental office was arrested on July 16 and charged with embezzlement and distributing controlled substances from her former place of employment. Anita Michelle Reed, 38, of Mars Hill was charged with four counts of felony embezzlement and felony distribution and dispensing of hydrocodone. The embezzlement involved $3,400 in cash. Her employers, Drs. Reese Steen and his daughter, McKenzie Snider, reportedly asked law enforcement officials to investigate after an internal audit revealed discrepancies in their books. Reed faces charges of having called in at least 15 prescriptions for family and friends during the nearly one year of employment. She was released on an $8,200 unsecured bond. Her court date is set for Aug. 5.
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