Ohio Oral Surgery Employee Steals Fentanyl from Office


LAKEWOOD, Ohio – A local dental employee now faces drug and theft charges after she was accused of stealing Fentanyl from an oral surgeon’s office.

Karen A. Seguin reportedly used her business key to enter the oral sugary office of Brian K. Smith, DDS, MD, Inc. after hours and filled syringes with the Fentanyl.

According to court documents, Seguin then filled the Fentanyl vials with saline to mask the theft.

She told officials this happened four to five times between July 21 and Aug. 21.

Sequin was arrested on Aug. 22 by Lakewood Police.

She was charged on Monday with two counts of theft, four counts of tampering with drugs and two counts of breaking and entering.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner recently warned the public about a spike in fentanyl-related deaths. The prescription painkiller is at least 30 times more potent than heroin.

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