Paris TX Dental Office Employee Indicted for Theft

Marilynn “Missy” Armstrong of Paris was booked into the Lamar County Jail on Friday, April 21, 2017, for theft from her employer.
Armstrong was employed at Lee Crawford Dental (located on Pine Mill Rd.) for almost 10 years until November 2016 when she was confronted for allegedly embezzling finances and immediately terminated.
Armstrong was in charge of bookkeeping, collecting money, and making deposits for the dental office. She carried several office responsibilities regarding company finances, according to a representative for the company.
Suspicion of theft originated in 2016 after Dr. Crawford took notice that daily income amounts were not matching deposits that had been made. It appeared that there was over $150,000 unaccounted for over a period of 8 years, stated Dr. Crawford’s office.
Dr. Crawford filed charges in January 2017, and Armstrong was indicted by the Lamar County Grand Jury two weeks ago. Bond for Armstrong has been set at $15,000.
eParisExtra spoke with Lee Crawford Dental whereby the representative said, “No one saw this coming”.

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