Prosperident Newsletter #47, July 2016

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Issue #47 — July 2016
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Our CEO David Harris will be featured in a webinar for All-Star Dental Academy on July 12 at 8:00 pm Eastern Time. Space is limited, but you can sign up at
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In This Issue:
    • Upcoming Webinar
    • Guest Article –Laura Hatch
    • The “Hall of Shame”
  • Upcoming Speaking Dates
  • A note form our CEO
Prosperident Hall of Shame

We have recently updated our Hall of Shame so that it profiles over 100 embezzlers. Are any of them working in your office?
Aug 4Alabama AGD, Destin FL
Sep 9Seattle Study Club, Houston TX
Sep 30Calgary Specialists Study Club, Calgary AB
Oct 15Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, Palm Springs CA
Oct 21Argyle Group, Ottawa ON
Oct 22Alberta Society of Dental Specialists, Edmonton, AB
Oct 28Spectrum Day, Toronto ON
Nov 4PEAK Education, Novi MI
Nov 10Carestream Global Oral Health Summit, Las Vegas NV
Nov 16Harbor Dental Society, Lakeside CA
Jan 18St Helens Shadow Study Club, Vancouver WA
Jan 26topsOrtho topsFest, Newport Beach CA
26 JanManitoba Dental Association, Winnipeg MB
Feb 3Newport Harbor Academy of Dentistry, Newport Beach CA
Feb 24Chicago Midwinter Meeting, Chicago IL
Mar 9Greater Philadelphia Valley Forge Dental Society, Philadelphia PA
Mar 10Pacific Dental Conference, Vancouver BC
April 7UCSF Alumni, San Francisco CA
Our most-requested presentation is called “How To Steal From A Dentist.”
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Guest Article — Laura Hatch
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David Harris describes his friend Laura Hatch as a “bastion of common sense.” After building several successful offices with her dentist husband, Laura started her consulting firm with the interesting name “Front Office Rocks.”
Laura can be found at:
Three Vital Keys to Finding and Training Good Employees
Is it time to bring on a new employee? I know a lot of office managers and dentists are frustrated with the entire hiring and training process. As an office manager myself, I get it. But I have good news: the process doesn’t need to be a negative one, if you go at it the right way. In my experience, there are three key aspects of hiring and training that will make the process less painful and far more effective.
First, step back and check your attitude about the process. If you go into the hiring game with the attitude that there are no good employees out there, then guess what? You won’t find any.
A Note From Our CEO
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I was discussing embezzlement with my friend Rick Willeford last month. Rick is a CPA and engineer who founded DentaMetrix, a company that helps dentists and consultants make sense of their data.
Rick was analogizing embezzlement to, believe it or not, bird feeders. He told me that he was having trouble keeping squirrels away from his feeder.
When he tried to buy squirrel-proof bird feeders, Rick was told that they don’t exist. Rick asked the hardware store clerk why.
“How much time per day do you spend thinking about this problem?” the clerk asked Rick. Rick acknowledged that it was less than 10 minutes. “Let’s consider this from the squirrel’s perspective,”the clerk said. “He want nothing more than to steal your birdseed. In fact, he thinks of nothing but that birdseed all day. Of course he is going to beat you!”
Many dentists assume that their considerable intellectual prowess and lengthy education should give them an advantage over embezzlers. And yet we see less gifted thieves successfully embezzle for years, so the bird feeder parable is accurate. Thanks for the perspective, Rick!
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David Harris CPA, CMA, MBA, CFE, CFF
Chief Executive Officer
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