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What is “OPS?”
OPS stands for Owner Proactive Strategies. We all know that in dentistry, self-care and visiting the hygienist are cheaper and less intrusive than the alternative.
It’s the same for embezzlement. Good systems and self-care go a long way to protecting a practice from employee theft.
Just ask Amber Weber-Gonzales, who heads our Proactive Services Group. Amber was once a dental hygienist, meaning that she understands the value of prevention.
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Keeping Dentists Safe – Every Day
Sherry Hansel, Lisa Anselm and Dana Cron. If you have never heard of them, that is probably a good thing. All of them stole from dental practices where they worked, and all got locked up in February thanks to our work.
Click on their names to read more about their crimes, and also check out the hundreds of dental embezzlers profiled in our Hall of Shame.
The View from the CEO’s Chair
Seeing the article above about the embezzlers we put away in February brings home for me the great work that our team members perform every day. As a leader, it is always gratifying to see their extreme commitment to the dental profession in action.
Last Friday, one of our most senior investigators, Wendy Askins, got to see the culmination of her work on a file. Wendy was in the courtroom with our client Dr. David Hughes to see the embezzler who had victimized Dr. Hughes receive both a prison sentence and an order to pay restitution of $200,000. The thoroughness of Wendy’s work received praise from the presiding judge and was instrumental in the large restitution amount.
This case was the subject of a webinar we did that you can watch HERE.
If you know Wendy, her emotional investment in our clients is legendary. She was elated to be able to share with Dr. Hughes the moment when his embezzler got what she deserved, and I could not be more proud of her work.
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