Prosperident Response To Coronavirus March 17, 2020

Dear Clients and Friends,

The developing story of coronavirus has shaken the dental community, and the rest of the world, to the very core.  I saw this virus described this morning as a once-in-a-century epidemic, which is certainly an apt description.

I wanted to reach out to you to let you know our response to current events, and ways that we can assist you if needed. 

Here is what you should know:

  1.  The operations of Prosperident are secure and will continue as normal.  As you may know, we are widely disbursed geographically, and the majority of our team members work from home.  In fact, it is rare that even two of our team members are in the same place. While in happier times, working this way can make our team members feel a bit lonely and isolated, right now our structure provides the safest work environment imaginable.
  2. We have minimized the risk to our people.  This includes postponing all corporate travel and enforcing isolation for those who have traveled recently.    If a team member does become ill and unable to work, we will reassign their caseload to another examiner to ensure that investigations continue to progress. We will also be providing income support to any of our team members who are unable to work as a result of COVID-19 related illness.
  3. We will help and support our clients wherever possible.  We understand that the next few months will prove to be financially challenging to many dental practices, and we will arrange extended payment terms for any client in a hardship position.  If this is your situation, please let our Chief Operating Officer, Wendy Chediac, know at so that we can develop a revised payment schedule that works within your resources.  We will also display flexibility in any deadlines pertaining to time-limited offers we have made in recognition of the disruption to people’s lives.
  4. We will help you make productive use of downtime.  With many practitioners suddenly having more time on their hands, we can help you make use of that time in a positive way.  Whether it involves obtaining the information we need to complete your investigation, or implementing our acclaimed Office Protection System platform to protect your practice in future, we can help you make good use of your sudden availability.  We offer preferential fees on additional services to our existing clients, as well as flexible repayment arrangements.  Please contact one of us if you are interested in discussing additional services.

Like you, we find ourselves in uncharted territory right now.  In the same way that we have served the dental community for the past thirty years, we will continue to help and support you in this difficult period.  We welcome hearing from you at any time.

Kind regards,

Prosperident Inc.     David Harris
Chief Executive Officer