Webinar Registration – next webinar is May 18 2023!

Another great Prosperident webinar!

Prosperident’s David Harris, Wendy Askins, and Amber Weber-Gonzales will be back soon with another Prosperident webinar on May 18, 2023 when they will host Prosperident Supervising Examiner Scott Clifford and Dr. Deborah Staten of Las Vegas, NV.

Dr. Staten will tell the inside story on how Dr. Staten’s trusted office manager Danielle Powers took a six-figure sum from her.  Prosperident’s work on the case resulted in Danielle Powers receiving an eight-year prison sentence.

We go live at 8:00 PM Eastern / 5:00 Pacific on Thursday, May 18.  To register, fill in the form below.

Dr. Staten describes how her trust was abused