San Jose dental receptionist on the lam

Authorities are searching for a San Jose dental clerk suspected of pocketing patient fees after allegedly scamming an insurance company by faking thousands of dollars worth of dental work and spending her loot on high-end clothes and trips to Reno.

Rochelle Banting faces a $50,000 warrant for felony grand theft, insurance fraud and forgery.

In charge of the billing in two dentists offices over five years, Banting embezzled about $40,000, according to District Attorney Investigator Glenn McGovern.

“You cannot have one person be the only one who understands the billing process,” McGovern said. ” I see this more and more where they trust someone, they are the only one who understand the whole process and they get out of control.”

Banting allegedly scammed her insurance carrier, which was not identified, by filing false claims for her, her husband or her six children, that were directly reimbursed to her. Later, at another dentist’s office, she directly pocketed cash payments from patients, McGovern said.

Banting appears to have left her family and is believed to be currently in hiding.

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