Is Your CPA Protecting You From Embezzlement? Embezzled Dentist Sues CPA Firm, Alleging Accounting Malpractice. Not Successful Yet.

New York dentist Ronald Ghiz was embezzled by office manager Carolina Vallario to the tune of $400,000.  in 2013, Dr. Ghiz sued his accounting firm, Shreck and Company CPAs, on the basis that they should have detected the embezzlement.

No final decision has been rendered on this case, and it is possible that the parties may have settled out of court.

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Con Man Poses As Accountant, Steals $375k From FL Dental Office

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PALM HARBOR – If the charges are true, it’s not the first time Zed Turner posed as a legitimate accountant to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from an unsuspecting client.

In 1997, he was charged with stealing more than $250,000 from an 88-year-old blind woman from Palm Harbor. He later pleaded guilty and, in exchange for his plea, received four years of probation and paid $107,000 in restitution.

Now Pinellas County sheriff’s detectives say that Turner has returned to his old ways. This time, they say, Turner, 52, of Oldsmar stole more than $375,000 from a dental office where he had been hired to handle the company’s payroll.

Deputies arrested Turner on Monday night on a grand theft charge. He was being held in the Pinellas County Jail on Tuesday in lieu of $375,000 bail. His attorney, Robert Eckard, declined to answer questions, saying he hadn’t seen the Sheriff’s Office investigation.

According to authorities, Turner was hired Jan. 1, 2003, to handle the payroll taxes for a dental business owned by Harry A. Insko at 4050 Tampa Road in Oldsmar. Turner presented himself as a certified public accountant, but he holds no such license in Florida.

Turner was supposed to prepare the employees’ checks, deducting income and Social Security taxes, detectives said. Turner then had Insko cut him a check in the amount of the taxes, saying that he would forward the money to the Internal Revenue Service and Social Security Administration.

Turner, though, kept the money for himself and successfully avoided detection for three years, authorities said. He used the money for his mortgage payments, airline tickets and a new GMC Yukon sport utility vehicle.

“We’re in shock,” said Jan Boromei, an office receptionist and sister-in-law of Insko. “Turner was someone we trusted. To meet him, you’d never know it in a million years. … When we all found out, we were nauseous. That’s how sick we were.”

Insko was out of town and unavailable for comment.

The truth about Turner emerged in June 2006 when the Insko family got a letter from the IRS, authorities said. They later learned from the IRS that no tax papers had been filed for 2003 through 2006.

The Inskos turned to the Sheriff’s Office, and Detective David Kavanagh in the economic crimes unit took up the investigation. Kavanagh said Tuesday he feared there might other victims who have not come forward or even realized they have been taken.

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Gender: MALE
Birth date: 4/11/1954
Eye Color: GREEN
Height: 6′ 2″ (1.88 m)
Weight: 200 lb (91 kg)
DC Number: R09142
Release Date: 12/28/2023
Current Facility: GULF C.I.
Initial Receipt Date: 4/30/2009
Current Custody: MEDIUM
Current Release Date: 12/28/2023
Names / Aliases:
  • ZED
  • ZEKE
Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Prison Sentence Length
01/01/2003 GRAND THEFT O/$100,000 1ST. DEG 04/24/2009 PINELLAS 0705892 16Y 0M 0D
01/03/2002 GRAND THEFT O/$100,000 1ST. DEG 04/24/2009 PINELLAS 0716934 16Y 0M 0D
08/16/2005 GRAND THEFT O/$100K 04/24/2009 PINELLAS 0821174 16Y 0M 0D
Current Community Supervision History:
Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Community Supervision Length
01/01/2003 GRAND THEFT O/$100,000 1ST. DEG 04/24/2009 PINELLAS 0705892 14Y 0M 0D
01/03/2002 GRAND THEFT O/$100,000 1ST. DEG 04/24/2009 PINELLAS 0716934 14Y 0M 0D
08/16/2005 GRAND THEFT O/$100K 04/24/2009 PINELLAS 0821174 14Y 0M 0D
Detainer Date Agency Type Date Canceled
04/27/2009 06C INTAKE 0705892 NTFY/P&P
Incarceration History:
Date In-Custody Date Out-of-Custody
04/30/2009 Currently Incarcerated

SEC Charges Indianapolis Investment Advisor, Veros Partners, With Fraud. Veros Had Hundreds Of Dental Clients

The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) announced charges against an Indianapolis investment adviser, its president, two associates and several affiliated companies for engaging in two fraudulent farm loan offerings, in which they made Ponzi scheme payments to investors in other offerings and paid themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars in undisclosed fees. The SEC obtained a temporary restraining order and emergency asset freeze to halt the scheme.

According to the SEC Complaint, Defendants Veros Partners, Inc. and Matthew D. Haab, its president, along with Jeffrey Risinger and Tobin Senefeld have fraudulently raised at least $15 million from at least 80 investors. The Complaint alleges that Veros and Haab raised those funds, mostly from Veros’ own clients, in two separate farm loan offerings. The investors in the 2013 and 2014 Offerings were informed, orally and in writing by Haab, and in the written offering documents, that investor funds would be used to make short term operating loans to farmers for the 2013 and 2014 growing seasons.

Contrary to these representations, the Complaint alleges that although some investor money was loaned to the farms, significant portions of the loan proceeds were not used for current farming operations but were used to cover the farms’ prior, unpaid debt.  In addition, Haab, Risinger, and Senefeld allegedly used money from the 2013 and 2014 Offerings to make at least $7 million in payments to investors in other offerings and to pay themselves over $800,000 in undisclosed “success” and “interest rate spread” fees. According to the Complaint, they also repeatedly misled investors about the risks, nature, and performance of the investments and underlying farm loans. To date, less than $5 million of the approximately $12 million in loans owed in connection with the 2014 Offering have been repaid. All but one of the loans in the 2014 Offering are past due and, according to the Defendants, the loans, most of which included unpaid balances from prior years, will not be repaid in the near future. In addition, the approximately $7 million still owed on those loans ($3 million of which is the subject of a recently filed collection action) is not sufficient to repay the 2014 investors, who are owed a total of approximately $9 million in principal and interest, and are due to be repaid on April 30, 2015.

The farm loan defaults and looming investment shortfall were not disclosed to the investors in the 2014 Offering. Defendants Haab, Risinger, and Senefeld have advised the Commission that their only recourse to repay the investors is by fees they expect to receive from other existing or planned offerings, including at least two 2015 farm loan offerings to Veros clients through which they are seeking to raise almost $25 million. The SEC brought this action to enjoin Defendants from raising additional investor funds, to prevent them from ensnaring more victims in their scheme, and to prevent the further dissipation of investor assets. The SEC also seeks the disgorgement of Defendants’ ill-gotten gains, as well as prejudgment interest and significant civil penalties.

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See SEC complaint here —

Illinois CPA Sentenced For Taking Almost $200,000 From Aurora Office

A 50-year-old Sandwich woman created bogus checks in order to take nearly $198,000 from an Aurora dental office, according to Kane County prosecutors.

Gayla S. Cook appeared in court Thursday a month after an arrest warrant was issued for her on felony charges of theft and theft by deception.

She is being held in Kane County Jail on $150,000 bail with a Feb. 25 hearing scheduled. Cook is seeking a bond reduction, court records show.

Cook “created 88 checks” and deleted them without the knowledge of the owners of Grand Dental & Associates to take $197,765 as part of the thefts which date back to June 2010, court records state.

Cook’s certified public accountant license, which she obtained in 2012, is set to expire in September, according to the Illinois Department of Financial Professional Regulation. The state agency does not show any current or previous disciplinary action against Cook.

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Gayla Cook, a former accountant who stole thousands of dollars from an Aurora dental office, appeared in court recently to make the first restitution payment following her recent sentencing.Cook, 52, who appears in state records as being from Sandwich, pleaded guilty in April to a charge involving 88 checks she created and deleted without her employers’ knowledge, in order to steal nearly $200,000 from Grand Dental between May 2010 and May 2013.During a June 24 hearing, Kane County Judge D.J. Tegeler sentenced Cook to four years of probation, 30 days in Kane County Jail spread across 10 weekends and to repay $197,765.93 to the business, according to court records. Cook was back in court recently to present a $20,000 check to begin her restitution payments.Documents show Cook is ordered to pay a minimum of $2,000 per month toward the amount she owes.

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