Repeat offender — Bookkeeper Allegedly Embezzled over $50,000 from Long Island Dentist

deborah ervin ny 56k

(Long Island, NY) The Major Case Bureau reports an arrest for Grand Larceny on Monday, March 07, 2016 at 2:25 P.M. in Island Park.

According to detectives, between September 2014 and November 2014, Deborah Ervin, 45, of Island Park was employed by a Rockville Centre dentist as an office manager/bookkeeper. During that time she took cash payments from patients and failed to deposit them into the business account.

The victim also discovered between December 2014 and January 2016 the defendant made unauthorized debits from the victims business account to pay personal bills, causing a total loss to the victim of over $48,000.00.

Between November 2015 and February 25, 2016 the defendant was employed as a receptionist for a dentist in Valley Stream. During this time she took cash payments from patients and failed to deposit them in the business account. This caused a loss to the victim of over $8,000.00.

On March 7, 2016 at 2:35 P.M. detectives from the Crimes Against Property Squad and the Fifth Squad responded to the defendants’ home and placed her under arrest without incident. She is charged with three counts of Grand Larceny 3rd degree and two counts of Falsifying Business Records. She will be arraigned on Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at First District Court in Hempstead.

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Washington woman allegedly embezzles up to $95,000 from employer


SNOHOMISH — A Snohomish woman is accused of embezzling up to $95,000 from the dentist office where she worked for five years.

Terri Kakalecik, 40, was the bookkeeper and office manager for a dental office on Maple Avenue. She resigned last year after her employer confronted her about some discrepancies involving payments from patients. The suspect reportedly told the dentist that she had cooked the books to hide her forging checks from patients and depositing them into her personal account, court papers said.

Prosecutors have charged Kakalecik with first-degree theft, a felony.

Kakalecik made her first appearance Monday in Snohomish County Superior Court. She pleaded not guilty to the charge. She remained out of custody, pending her trial scheduled for October.

The dentist reported the theft to police in summer 2011 after spending hundreds of hours checking patient and payment records. She found more than $25,000 missing.

A certified public accountant was hired to audit the books. Police also seized Kakalecik’s bank records. The investigation uncovered checks written to the dentist that had been altered and deposited in Kakalecik’s account, court papers said. Additionally, thousands of dollars in cash was embezzled.

The accountant determined that upwards of $95,000 was missing.

A detective spoke with Kakalecik earlier this year. She reportedly told the detective she took about $3,500, but then said she had “no idea” how much she had siphoned from her employer, court papers said. She allegedly admitted that she took checks from patients and insurance companies and deposited them in her personal bank account, police wrote in documents. She reportedly told the detective she used the money to pay for her child’s college education and living expenses.

The detective reported that Kakalecik said she planned to pay back the money when she could, but admitted that she didn’t know how much she had taken. She reportedly said she was keeping a “running total in her head with the intent of paying it all back.”

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New Jersey woman gets probation for stealing $75K from employer

sabraRandolph woman gets probation for stealing $75K from employer
A married mother of three was sentenced Friday to five years’ probation and ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation on her guilty plea to stealing $75,000 over a three-year period from her former employer, a dentist in Randolph.
Defendant Sabra Aschenbrenner, 46, repaid her victim, Dr. Sharon Brackelmanns, the full $75,000 on Friday but offered no explanation why she systematically stole between February 2010 and January 2013, mostly by using credit cards in the name of the victim.”I’ve learned a lot about myself,” Aschenbrenner told Judge Stephen Taylor in Morristown. “Hopefully this restitution will bring some peace to the victim.
“Defense lawyer Christopher Porreca said his client, who is involved in ongoing counseling, has taken full responsibility and is sorry for her actions as an office manager/bookkeeper for the dentist.”This matter has taken a serious emotional toll on my client,” Porreca said but noted that Aschenbrenner’s thefts have scarred the victim also.Aschenbrenner pleaded guilty on Dec. 1 to theft by unlawful taking and the plea agreement negotiated between Porreca and Morris County Assistant Prosecutor Michael Rappa recommended a lengthy term of probation and no time behind bars. Rappa said a long probation term was warranted because of the “cool and calculated” way the stealing occurred, with Aschenbrenner facing and interacting with her employer on a regular basis.
“This was not a single event. This was not a result of one bad day,” Rappa said.
The judge wanted to know what the money was used for, saying that in his sentencing analysis he wanted to examine whether hardship was present and whether Aschenbrenner appeared likely to re-offend. While Aschenbrenner remained silent, Porreca and Rappa said they could not specifically say where the money went but Porreca said the money was spent on “personal items, nothing extravagant” and Rappa said financial necessity was not the reason.
“Did she want to drive a Mercedes Benz she couldn’t otherwise afford?” Taylor queried.”This is a significant embezzlement of funds,” the judge said. “Instead of robbing a bank she embezzles funds from her employer.” Taylor highlighted portions of the victim-impact statement the dentist provided the court and noted how she had trusted Aschenbrenner.
“She was severely disabled financially as well as emotionally by this defendant,” Taylor said of the victim. The judge warned Aschenbrenner that she can be spent to prison for up to five years if she violates probation.  Rappa said the victim has the ability to file a lawsuit against Aschenbrenner if she believes further restitution is warranted.
Eight months ago, Aschenbrenner and her family were the recipients of $22,403 raised through a GoFundMe site established by a concerned resident of Randolph after the Aschenbrenner family’s home on South Road burned down on May 24 while the family was away for the Memorial Day holiday.
A fire official previously said the blaze was not criminal in nature and appeared to have originated in the garage. The family dog, Bogey, perished in the fire.

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Michigan dental bookkeeper gets jail for stealing $50-100,000

An Alma woman was ordered to spend six months in jail and pay back an as-of-yet undetermined amount of restitution when she was sentenced Monday for embezzling money from her former employer.
Wendi Torres, 48, of Alma pleaded in October to embezzling between $50,000 and $100,000 from Mid Michigan Dental Excellence of Alma, her employer of about 10 years. Gratiot County Circuit Court Judge Randy Tahvonen also ordered that Torres’ new employer be notified of the conviction. Chief Assistant Gratiot County Prosecutor Jennifer Shephard said Torres was an office manager at the business.
As part of her duties, Torres handled payroll, and from 2012 until March of 2015 she claimed more hours and overtime pay than she actually worked.
By her calculations, Torres claimed more than 2,000 unearned hours over three years, Shephard said. Those hours were reported on W2 forms, but it wasn’t until the most recent tax year that the owner of the business noticed the discrepancy. “She was a trusted employee,” Shephard said. “Her employer indicated (the embezzlement) affected his personal finances, but it also impacted the morale of the office staff, and that he was unable to give bonuses because of it.” Torres, who has no previous criminal record, was put on five years of probation, and ordered to pay restitution within that same time. Restitution is still being calculated, Shephard said.
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Michigan State Prison (DOC) Booking Details

MDOC Number:
SID Number:
Racial Identification:
5′ 4″
170 lbs.
Date of Birth:
05/08/1967  (48)
Image Date:
Current Status:
Supervision Begin Date:
Assigned Location:
Supervision Discharge Date:
Security Level:
Scar- Front Left Head – Scar on forehead to the left. Hit by a car when I was 5 yrs. old
Sentence 1
Embezzlement – $50,000 Or More But Less Than $100,000
Minimum Sentence:
Maximum Sentence:
5 years 0 months
Court File#:
Date of Offense:
Date of Sentence:
Conviction Type:
01 – No violations of any criminal law 02 – Not leave state without permission 03 – Monthly reporting 04 – Notify of change of residence 04.2 – You must not change residence w/o permission 04.18 – Behavior 04.19 – Association 04.20 – Not own or possess weapons 04.21 – Contact field agent 04.22 – Comply with field agent 04.23 – Allow Field Agent into your residence 04.24 – Authorize a search if Field Agent has cause 04.25 – Report any arrest or police contact 06.1 – Not employed in a certain positions 06.4 – You must make genuine efforts to find employment 08.0 – Serve jail time as described 08.1 – Pay restitution as described 08.2 – Pay a Crime Victim’s Assessment 08.3 – Pay Supervision Fee pursuant to PA 185 of 1993 08.4 – Court Cost 08.16 – Pay DNA Test Fee 08.18 – State Costs

Lori Doughty

One of the Biggest Ever — Guilty Plea in $1.9 Million Washington Embezzlement

Lori Doughty
OLYMPIA, Wash. — A woman who worked as a dental office bookkeeper and her husband have pleaded guilty to swiping about $1.9 million, one of the biggest and most complex embezzlement cases in the state capital. In a plea agreement, Thurston County prosecutors said Thursday they would recommend a 10-year prison term for Lori L. Doughty, 39, formerly employed by Fisher Jones Family Dentistry in Olympia, and a year and five months for her husband, Michael G. Doughty, 46, both of Lacey. Both were allowed to remain free after entering their pleas to multiple felony counts Thursday in Superior Court pending sentencing on May 11. “I believe we made a statement that embezzlement will not be tolerated in Thurston County,” Deputy Prosecutor Joseph Wheeler said. The dental firm has recovered about $80,000 and the Doughtys will likely be ordered to make restitution after they get out of prison, but lawyers said it was likely that much of the uninsured loss would be recovered. Co-owner James M. Jones said the business had managed to stay afloat, but he and his partner have had to set back their retirement plans by about a decade. “We feel like we have a great future, and now we can move on,” Jones said. In documents filed in court, prosecutors wrote that the Doughtys maintained a lavish lifestyle with a scheme so tangled that a forensics examiner had to be hired to trace the funds and determine how much was taken. Investigators wrote that Lori Doughty forged company checks to pay off credit cards for herself and her husband and laundered some of the money through her husband’s business, First Response Emergency Medical Training Corp. Her parents also used the credit cards but will not be prosecuted, Wheeler said. After reviewing hundreds of financial records, forensics examiner Ken Wilson wrote that between December 1998 and July 18, 2005, when Lori Doughty was arrested, the couple spent $200,000 on clothes, $100,000 at restaurants, $185,000 on hotels, $74,000 on airline tickets and $32,000 at Starbucks. Her husband, arrested in August, was originally charged with 18 felonies but pleaded guilty to four – unlawful use of criminal proceeds, money laundering and two counts of forgery. Lori Doughty, initially charged with 19 felonies, pleaded guilty to 15 – first-degree theft and multiple counts of forgery, money laundering and unlawful use of criminal proceeds.
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lori doughty (2) Content retrieved from,786761&hl=en Ms. Doughty’s husband was also charged with money laundering — see related story here —

Embezzles $1.6 million from California dental office — sentenced to 8 years in prison


Bookkeeper Victoria “Vicki” Lee Wafford embezzled $1.6 million from the Oceanside dental office where she worked, and gambled it away, authorities said.

Wafford, who was 50 when she was arrested, spent most of the money she stole on luxuries, trips and gambling while her employer and co-workers suffered, Deputy District Attorney Anna Winn said.

Wafford’s attorney said his client’s actions were driven by a prescription drug addiction.

Wafford wrote more than 1,000 checks from the dentist’s account to herself and credit card companies from 2001 to 2008, Winn said.

In the accounting books, however, Wafford listed the payees as dental suppliers and other vendors, according to court documents.

The theft came to light in the summer of 2008, when the dentist launched an extensive audit of the books to get personal loans to cover business expenses.

Federal agents seized everything of worth at Wafford’s Temecula home, including a power boat, multiple sets of golf clubs, a Lexus, a newer Toyota Tundra and about $1,000 in coins, Winn said. She was sentenced to eight years in prison.

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Maine Orthodontist’s Bookkeeper Gets 6 Months for Embezzling $120K

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Augusta dentist Darryl Zeleniak says he and others in his office all felt betrayed by Celine M. Davis, whom he had treated ‘as a friend.’

That’s what Darryl Zeleniak told a judge Tuesday at a sentencing hearing for Celine M. Davis, 43, the former bookkeeper at his dental practice, Augusta Orthodontics.
Davis, formerly of West Gardiner and now of Lewiston, embezzled about $120,000 from Zeleniak’s practice between Jan. 19, 2006, and Feb. 14, 2011. She pleaded guilty Oct. 25 to theft by unauthorized taking. She was sentenced Tuesday to serve six months in jail. The sentence handed down by Nivison totaled five years in prison, with all but six months suspended, and probation for three years after release. Probation conditions stipulate that she has no contact with Zeleniak, his wife and Augusta Orthodontics. Davis had worked at the dental office for more than 16 years. Zeleniak said he and the other members of the office staff — who attended the hearing — all felt betrayed by the embezzlement. “You betrayed your husband and your children, and lost their trust,” Zeleniak said in court. “You caused a tremendous amount of pain.” Davis’ father accompanied her to the hearing. She stood next to her attorney, J. Mitchell Flick, but she did not speak to the judge. Neither Davis nor Flick offered an explanation for what the embezzled cash was spent on. Davis also was ordered to pay the remaining restitution of more than $72,500. She previously paid nearly $47,000 through her 401k plan. Assistant District Attorney Brad Grant said Davis had no prior criminal record. At a previous hearing, Grant described the embezzlement scheme, which involved Davis accepting cash payments and then deleting or voiding them in the computer system after providing a receipt. The fraud was uncovered when a customer complained about an erroneous bill. Karen Zeleniak, Darryl Zeleniak’s wife, who also works at the practice, was able to reconstruct the computer records. Davis was the second woman from Kennebec County to be sentenced in recent days for embezzlement. On Friday, Bettysue Higgins, of Gardiner, was sentenced to six years in prison with all but three and a half years suspended for embezzling almost $167,000 from the Maine Trial Lawyers Association between May 2006 and September 2010. Higgins, who was the bookkeeper at the association’s two-person Augusta office, spent much of the stolen money on Internet-based games. Both Higgins and Davis align with the typical profile of embezzlers assembled by Christopher T. Marquet, CEO of Marquet International, based in Wellesley, Mass. Marquet’s firm specializes in forensic audits, but each year he releases a study describing attributes of those recently convicted of embezzlement. The report on embezzlement is available at He said the perpetrators are more frequently women and the schemes last an average of four and a half years or more. “Usually what we see is that a lot of these companies are small mom-and-pop shops and they rely completely on this woman to be honest,” Marquet said. “If she has the motivation, access and justification, then you’ve got a high risk. It’s so common and so typical, and sadly this phenomenon is going on daily. The vast majority of cases are really motivated by a lifestyle issue rather than a need issue.” Marquet said this type of fraud is usually uncovered more often in bad economic times. “In good times, it’s harder to see the thefts,” he said. “In bad times, they’re detected more frequently because of greater scrutiny that’s going on with company finances.”

California Bookkeeper Pleads no Contest to Third Embezzlement Charge in Four Years

Jasmine Delafuente

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A former bookkeeper accused of stealing $70,000 from a Redwood City dentist shortly after being fired by a different dentist for embezzlement must spend two years in county jail and repay the stolen money. Jasmine Delafuente, 31, actually received a four-year prison term after pleading no contest to felony embezzlement and admitting she took more than $65,000. However, under the new state inmate realignment rules, Delafuente will spend two years in the county jail followed by two years on mandatory supervision. She must also pay $70,161.54 to her former employer. Delafuente has credit of 604 days against the term earned while in custody on $100,000 bail and a no-bail hold for allegedly violating probation in the previous embezzlement case by being arrested again. Between March 2009 and August 2010, prosecutors said Delafuente took the cash paid by patients and deleted proof of payment from office records. Delafuente urged patients to pay in cash, according to prosecutors who said she particularly took advantage of Spanish-speaking patients. Just prior to working for the office, Delafuente had been fired in February 2009 for stealing $6,793 through the same means. Delafuente was prosecuted and convicted of felony embezzlement in August 2010, settling a case that had been pending in court through most of the time she was working for her second alleged victim. She was sentenced to 60 days jail and felony probation for the first case. On top of her new jail term, Delafuente also received a concurrent sentence for the probation violation.

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Update — She’s at it again…

A bookkeeper accused of stealing $3,200 from an East Palo Alto dental office while on probation for ripping off two Redwood City dental offices pleaded no contest Tuesday to a felony embezzlement charge.

 Jasmine Delafuente, 32, skimmed $3,200 from deposits she took to the bank for her employer, 6 to 9 Dental on East Bayshore Road, according to the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office. The thefts occurred last year from June 29 to July 19 and she was arrested on Aug. 30.

Although she pleaded not guilty in September to an embezzlement charge, Delafuente made a deal with prosecutors and switched her plea to no contest.

In exchange, she’ll receive a maximum prison sentence of three years and eight months, according to the district attorney’s office. She is scheduled to be sentenced on March 1.

Delafuente has been arrested on embezzlement charges a total of three times in four years.

In February 2009, Delafuente was fired from her bookkeeping job with a Redwood City dental office for stealing $6,973.

Delafuente subsequently was sentenced to 60 days in jail and probation in that case, but in the meantime she was hired by another Redwood City dentist and stole $70,000 from that office between 2009 and 2010.

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Family Charged With Embezzling Almost $2 Million From Georgia Dentist

Joseph Rosemary Karen-_embezzlement
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A Sandy Springs dentist’s office was busy cleaning teeth while their bookkeeper was cleaning them out of millions.
Sandy Springs Police Captain Steve Rose tells WSB 58-year-old Rosemary D’souza had been the office manager and bookkeeper for TLC Dental for nearly 20 years, but suspicions arose during a casual conversation. “She mentioned that the family owned a couple of houses in Florida. This kind of raised suspicion with the doctor based on – it’s kind of extravagant possessions with somebody with that particular salary base,” said Rose. An investigation revealed that between 2009 and 2013, D’souza embezzled two-million-dollars. “From what we can tell, Rosemary paid herself over this period of time over $800,000, paid her husband over $600,000, and then paid her daughter who is a student, over $83,000,” said Rose. Rose says because D’souza was a longtime employee, they had complete trust in her. “They believed them to be honest and it’s the misuse and it’s taking advantage of that trust which allowed that person to just go undetected for so long,” said Rose. Rosemary D’souza has been charged with numerous offenses including theft by taking and financial card fraud.  D’souza’s daughter, 20-year-old Karen and her husband Joseph, have been charged with theft by taking.

NY Woman Sentenced in $1.8 Million Embezzlement Case

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BUFFALO, N.Y. — A Lancaster woman who admitted she stole nearly $2 million from her employer will spend the next four to 12 years in state prison. Suzanne Glawatz, of Lancaster, pleaded guilty in June to Grand Larceny and Criminal Tax Fraud. “Ms. Glawatz’s criminal actions have changed my life in immeasurable ways. My plans to retire are completely on hold,” Dr. Marcelle Grassi said Wednesday at Glawatz’s sentencing. Dr. Grassi trusted Suzanne Glawatz to be her bookkeeper for 16 years. It turns out for the past seven years, Glawatz had been stealing from the doctor who gave her a job “I am totally aware that I have deceived and betrayed a person who treated me as a friend and a confidante, as well as a trusted employee,” Glawatz read from a prepared statement. Glawatz plead guilty in June to grand larceny in the first-degree and criminal tax fraud. Not only did she embezzle more than $1.8 million dollars from Dr. Grassi, but also she illegally accepted a $6,900 tax refund from New York State that she didn’t earn. She has repaid the tax fraud, but only given back less than one-tenth of what she owes Dr. Grassi. “Her problem is obviously lack of conscience and arrogance and greed,” Grassi said to the judge. “Someone with a stitch of moral fiber could not look at me in the eye every day and do this to me year after year after year.” Glawatz’s defense attorney, Eric Bloom, tried to explain her actions based on history of depression, and a recent diagnosis of bipolar disorder. He called the reckless spending a disease. Still, the judge sentenced her to four to 12 years in state prison, which is one of the highest sentences handed down in embezzlement cases. “I thought it was pretty much what we expected it to be considering the enormity of the embezzlement,” Bloom said afterward. “It’s truly a tragedy for everyone involved, including the doctor and my client.” According to the prosecution she stole the money by pocketing cash co-payments and taking loans she falsely claimed to have paid back. It’s not the biggest embezzlement case Erie County has ever seen, but District Attorney Frank Sedita says it’s up there. He says embezzlement itself isn’t necessarily on the rise, but the amounts of embezzled funds is, and that overall, white-collar crime is up, and violent crime is down. “It’s stupid to knock off a liquor store or 7-11 nowadays. It’s a lot easier to get somebody’s credit information or bank account information and steal that way,” he said. Glawatz has paid back about $130,000 so far, and she and her husband have no assets left, according to her attorney. She continues to pay back Dr. Grassi at a rate of $250 per week, but as Dr. Grassi noted in her statement, at that rate, it would take Glawatz 200 years to pay back everything, making it unlikely the doctor will ever receive full restitution.