Another British Embezzlement – Manager Accused of Stealing £302,680 (approx. $375,000)


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THE practice manager at a Taunton dental practice has been accused of stealing more than £300,000 from one of the dentists working there.

Leanne Mary Daniell is to stand trial accused of stealing £302,680 belonging to dental practitioner Mike Biccard, of Parkfield Dental Surgery Ltd.

Daniell, 39, is also charged with committing fraud while occupying a position in which she was expected to safeguard or not to act against the financial interests of the dental practice.

She is alleged to have dishonestly abused her position as practice manager intending to make a gain to the value of £302,680 for herself.

During a hearing at Taunton Magistrates’ Court last Thursday, the case was sent to trial after a “plea of not guilty or none was indicated.”

The court heard that the alleged offences took place between April 1, 2010, and September 3, 2016.

Daniell, of The Witheys, Bristol, also uses the alias Leanne Mary Jeffrey, according to court documents.

The case was sent to Taunton Crown Court for trial by jury on June 17 or a date to be decided by the court.

The defendant was released on unconditional bail.

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UK Dental Receptionist Jailed for a Year Over £20,000 Fraud


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Adele Ballantyne copied details from patient credit cards and files and passed them on to her stepfather, John Hill.

Hill was jailed for two years for his part in the scheme which involved him ordering goods using the details and selling them on, Glasgow Sheriff Court heard.

Their co-accused, Patrice Massey, was ordered to carry out 300 hours’ community service for receiving delivery of the goods – mainly industrial catering equipment – at her home in Clydebank.

Sentencing Ballantyne, Sheriff Robert Anthony told her: “You blatantly abused a position of trust and as such the only means of disposal is a term of imprisonment.”

At an earlier hearing, Ballantyne, 22, of Earl Street, Scotstoun, admitted copying credit and debit card details while employed at the Dental Practices, Gardner Street, Glasgow, and Victoria Road, Glasgow, between August 28, 2006, and November 29, 2006.

Hill, 32, also of Earl Street, Scotstoun, pled guilty to using the details to order goods over the telephone.

Massey, 20, of Jean Armour Drive, Clydebank, admitted receiving the goods worth £18,599.62. She was paid just £100 for each delivery she received, totalling £1100.

They were originally charged with defrauding £58,979.84 but the Crown accepted their pleas of guilty to the lesser amount.

Prosecutor Aileen Thom told the court that Ballantyne had worked at the surgery for 18 months before she started stealing the patients’ details.

Miss Thom said: “A gross breach of trust has occurred due to the way dental patients’ debit and credit cards were used and all were unaware of what had occurred until they received in statements details of items they had not bought.”

Hill’s defence lawyer William McIntyre and Ballantyne’s lawyer Patrick Campbell both told the court their clients carried out the offences because they were struggling financially and had been threatened with eviction.

Massey’s lawyer, Tony Mahon, said she was a “small cog in the machine.”

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Unhappy UK Dental Employee Steals from Practice


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A disgruntled dental nurse stole almost £4,000 from the practice where she worked – and spent it in Iceland .

When caught, Rebecca Seymour told the police she couldn’t get the time off work she wanted, and didn’t like where she worked.

The 31-year-old, worked as a dental nurse for Genix Healthcare when she started helping herself to money.

She deleted random patient payments, took cash for herself and fiddled records, backdating payments to cover her tracks, Teesside Crown Court heard.

She thought the game was up when members of head office came to the Middlesbrough practice.

She left without explanation, believing they had arrived to investigate her at the two surgeries on Linthorpe Road.

In fact, it was her nervous behaviour and rapid departure which aroused suspicion, said Michele Turner, defending.

Iceland trip A manager found CCTV footage which showed Seymour in the surgery on a Sunday.

Prosecutor Harry Hadfield said: “She had no reason to be in the practice at that time.

“She had gone in to steal money from her employer.”

The audit trail revealed 164 transactions to the value of £3,997 over almost a year.

Seymour went to the police and confessed to taking the money, but said she was shocked at how much she had stolen.

She said she spent it straight away on shopping, “going to Iceland”, and was ashamed and sorry for her dishonesty.

She told officers she did not have money problems and her motive was dissatisfaction with her workplace.

She was not happy with the practice and believed less qualified people were earning more money than her.

“She said she felt undervalued. She didn’t like where she worked,” added Mr Hadfield.

“She couldn’t get the time off she wanted and she wanted to try and find employment elsewhere.”

New employers ‘might find out’.

Seymour, of College Road, Thorntree, Middlesbrough, admitted theft between May last year and April this year, her first conviction.

Ms Turner said Seymour showed obvious remorse for her crime.

She now had a new admin job and was doing well, but had not told anyone of her conviction because she was so embarrassed.

“They might find out,” said Judge Simon Bourne-Arton QC, the Recorder of Middlesbrough.

Sentencing, he said the theft was a “gross and obvious breach of trust”.

He told Seymour: “Over a period of nearly a year you were stealing from your employer.

“And you were doing so in a very well-organised manner.

“This was planned, it was well-executed and it was persistent.

“You took steps to cover your tracks so that you would not be detected, but eventually you were.”

She was given an 18-month community order with 140 hours’ unpaid work and a tagged curfew between 7pm and 6am.

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UK Practice Manager Accused of Embezzling When Dentist Was Ill


Embezzling charge denied by manager

THE BOSS of a Fife dental practice discovered large-scale financial discrepancies when he returned to work after serious illness, a court has been told.

Former practice manager Lynn Macdonald is standing trial for embezzlement of funds from Kelty Dental Practice.

The court heard allegations that she started shaking and turned pale when quizzed about the finances of the business.

Macdonald, 40, of Keltyhill Road, Kelty, denies that between April 1 2009 and October 1 2010 while employed at Kelty Dental Practice, Main Street, and in a position of trust she embezzled £12,557.25.

Paul Eynon, 53, who operated the Kelty practice at the time, gave evidence at yesterday’s trial at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He said the accused had been an employee for 15 years, initially as the receptionist and latterly as practice manager.

“In the early days I found I could trust her,” Mr Eyon told depute fiscal Sam Johnston.

Macdonald took on extra responsibilities when, in December 2009, Mr Eynon had to go off sick and was being tested for “three different types of cancer”, he told the court.

“I had to take time off and that was when we started to notice changes in the pattern of money being cashed in and discrepancies in the payroll.”

Mr Eynon said the accused’s job included collating hours worked and sending that information to the practice’s accountants.

He explained that, during the period he was ill, he would go into the practice two or three times a month and would sign blank cheques.

These were then to be completed and used by Macdonald for paying wages and the running costs of the practice.

“Wasn’t that a risky practice, signing blank cheques?” asked Mr Johnston.

“She was somebody who up to that point I’d been trusting,” replied Mr Eynon.

Concerns were raised by his accountant so Macdonald was asked to a disciplinary hearing at the practice to explain the discrepancies.

Mr Eynon said the accused apologised and afterward “wrote us a letter saying she was sorry for taking the money”.

He added: “She said she was going to pay it back when she got her life sorted.”

Macdonald also told him that £2,500 out of the £12,500 missing was money that was owed to her.

Mr Eynon said that in the letter, the accused wrote: “My head’s been scattered and I’ve been very scared for the last eight months.

“At that point I felt she was prepared to show remorse and make recompense,” said Mr Eynon but he added that since then he had received nothing from the accused.

He estimated that, as well the amount lost to his business, there was also up to £6,000 in fees he has had to pay to lawyers and accountants in relation to the matter.

Due to time constraints, the trial before Sheriff Charles Macnair was adjourned until March 3.

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A UK Embezzlement — dental nurse embezzled for three years


A dental nurse has been struck off by the General Dental Council (GDC) following a public hearing into allegations of a criminal conviction for embezzlement.

The allegation against Jenna McKee (Registration No. 162027) was heard by the GDC’s Professional Conduct Committee (PCC).

The allegation she faced was that ‘on 20 September 2013 she was convicted at Greenock Sheriff Court of Embezzlement and sentenced to 8 months imprisonment.’

Ms McKee was initially employed as a trainee dental nurse at a dental surgery in October 2005. In 2010, as part of her reception duties at the Practice, she was trusted to handle payments of cash made to the Practice. Her role was to record those payments and to deposit the corresponding funds into a bank account at the end of each week.

Over a period of three years she embezzled a total of £19,316.71 from those funds. Her embezzlement was discovered by her former employer around September 2012.

In considering this case, the GDC’s Professional Conduct Committee said:

“The Committee determined that Ms McKee’s behaviour was unacceptable and that it would be regarded as deplorable by both members of the profession and the patients at the Practice, whose payments to the Practice she had embezzled. Her conduct and her ensuing conviction brought the profession into disrepute and had the capacity to seriously undermine public confidence in the profession and its standards. Ms McKee failed to act in a trustworthy way over a substantial period of time and breached a fundamental tenet of the profession.”

Therefore, unless Ms McKee, who was immediately suspended, exercises her right of appeal, her name will be struck off the register in approximately 28 days’ time.

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UK Embezzlement — Dental manager stole £9000


Diana Collins, 34, was an employee of James Hull Associates, a dental practice in Gaer, Newport, when the thefts took place between September 2006 and January 2007.

The court heard she had taken a total of £9,757.19 but that she had no realisable assets which could be reclaimed.

Because of this, she was ordered to pay a nominal sum of £1 under Proceeds of Crime legislation.

Collins, of Lincoln Court, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff, worked at the practice and her job included taking patients’ payment and reporting back to the practice monthly about outstanding debts.

But when she reported that patients owed around £10,000, her superior became concerned and reminder letters were sent out to patients.

Eight patients then turned up very upset, saying they had already paid.

Collins claimed there had been a computer error, but when checks were made it was discovered she had stolen the money.

When arrested, she told the police she had a gambling addiction and had planned to repay the cash. She said she would steal amounts ranging from £50 to £600.

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Dental Embezzlement in England

Shabnum Rahman fiddled the books to steal £17,000 from Ravat and Ray Dental Care in Wigan Road, Bolton

A RECEPTIONIST fiddled the books at the dental practice where she worked to steal more than £17,000. Shabnum Rahman was head receptionist at the flagship Rumworth branch of Ravat and Ray Dental Care in Wigan Road, Bolton, since 2007 but betrayed the firm by transferring money into her own accounts disguised as refunds to clients. The 25-year-old, of Sutcliffe Road, Astley Bridge, admitted fraud by false representation and false accounting when she appeared at Bolton Magistrates court on May 5. The charges states she “falsified accounts, namely refund slips, entries of payments on her employer’s computerised ledger and on the corresponding clients’ ledgers.” Rahman who was named runner-up in the The Diane Ray Award for Outstanding Contribution 2015 at the company’s internal awards ceremony in November, committed the offences between March 2015 and March this year. She was sentenced to 16 months in prison, suspended for two years, at Bolton Crown Court on Tuesday. The judge ordered Rahman, also known as Shabmun Matadar, to pay compensation to the dental practice of £17,160.80p. She has been sacked by the dental surgery chain. A spokesman from Ravat & Ray said that: “We are pleased to see the courts have taken the matter seriously and we consider the matter closed. “We would like to thank all those involved in securing a conviction and a special mention to all the staff at the practice who adhered to the organisation’s robust policies and procedures to ensure that our patients were never exposed to this theft.”
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From the UK — this woman got her start embezzling from a dentist and moved on to much bigger things

Serial conwoman on six figure salary defrauded almost £2 MILLION from two companies she worked for

Evelyn Gore-Strachan 17:15, 25 APR 2016 UPDATED 18:06, 25 APR 2016 BY ANDY CARSWELL An accountant conned two companies out of almost £2 million after she abused her position as finance director to embezzle cash . Evelyn Gore-Strachan, 42, today began her 12-year sentence after she stole money from the two jobs, despite earning a six-figure sum. She siphoned more than £800,000 out of the accounts of the first company, before jumping ship when she learned she was being made redundant and stealing a further £1 million from the second. Incredibly she started defrauding the second company within weeks of starting work – in a bid to pay back the money she had stolen from the first firm. And it emerged on Friday afternoon that Gore-Strachan had secured the trusted positions by failing to tell either firm that she had previously been jailed – having conned a dental company where she worked out of money a staggering 33 times. Gore-Strachan managed to get a pay rise to £132,000-a-year from the second firm she worked for after convincing them she was doing a good job for them – when in reality they later had to make workers redundant because they had been left significantly out of pocket by her offending. The Zimbabwean national, who owns a five bedroomed house, was sent back to prison and barred from being a company director for the next 15 years by a judge who described her actions as being “about as bad a case as there could be.” Gore-Strachan used a total of 35 accounts to hide her ill-gotten gains, setting up bogus accounts for firms with similar-sounding names to those that she worked for in a bid to avoid detection. Other accounts were created for completely fictitious companies, many of which had her as the sole director, a court heard. On one occasion when suspicious colleagues phoned a number on an invoice to query it, Gore-Strachan answered the phone but disguised her voice. Prosecutor Michael Roques told Reading crown court that between 2008 and 2012, the 42-year-old managed to steal a total of £809,776 from Webtech Wireless, a Vancouver-based software firm that had an office in Reading, Berks. She earned an annual salary of £44,000 in this post, which included bookkeeping and filing the company’s tax and employee PAYE returns. In spring 2012 the firm announced it was to close its Reading office and Gore-Strachan would be among the employees to be made redundant. It wasn’t until the following year that the company discovered a number of problems with legitimate commission payments to another firm, Globetec, which had been authorized by Gore-Strachan. “It became apparent the commission payments meant to be paid to Globetec had been paid into a UK Abbey National bank account,” Mr Roques told the court. An investigation showed that the money was being paid into the account of Pro Clean Services UK Ltd, Mr Roques said. It also emerged that a request to change bank account details was made using a bogus email address that was similar to those used by Globetec. Mr Roques told the court: “It diverted payments to a Barclays account with the name Globetex Ltd. The defendant, it was established, was the director of Globetex, no doubt set up to mimic Globetec in order to further the fraud.” Two full-scale investigations were launched and it emerged that Gore-Strachan had pocketed more than £800,000 from Webtech Wireless. The company recovered the losses through its insurers and Gore-Strachan made an arrangement with the insurance firm that she would repay £300,000. She made a lump sum payment of £260,000 – which, Mr Roques said, she had obtained by falsifying authorization from a colleague at the second firm she ended up defrauding, Britannia Pharmaceuticals. Whilst working there she twice transferred out more than £200,000 into bank accounts she set up with names similar to a Japanese firm linked to Britannia, the court was told. In total she stole £1,000,614 from them – leading to the confidence in the company and its share price to fall, resulting in staff being laid off or having bonus payments withheld. That was despite Gore-Strachan “using her charm” to negotiate an increased bonus from 15 percent to 25 percent, in line with other bosses at the firm, and a pay rise from £112,000 to £132,000, Mr Roques told the court. A complex police investigation led to Gore-Strachan eventually being charged with nine counts of fraud. Mr Roques added that Gore-Strachan had worked for a third firm, Par XL, in between her employment at Webtech Wireless and Britannia Pharmaceuticals. She has admitted defrauding money out of them as well, but the company is not chasing a prosecution as they believe any money they recoup will be outweighed by the cost of the investigation, Mr Roques told the judge sitting at Reading Crown Court. Mike Phillips, defending, said his client had been married for more than 20 years and had two daughters, the eldest of whom attended Imperial College.
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Embezzlement in England — Prison for pilfering practice manager


A DENTAL practice manager “wickedly” stole more than £30,000 from her employers to fund a lavish lifestyle.

Olivia Rutty took £35,370 from Pure Dental Health and Well being in Truro, where she had worked for ten years and paid for a hotel and tickets at Badminton Horse Trials, a new sofa and clothes among other items, Truro Crown Court heard on Friday.

The 31-year-old, of North Street, Redruth, convinced her builder husband Nicholas to submit invoices for work which was not carried out or was charged at inflated prices.

Once caught, Olivia Rutty pleaded financial hardship and claimed the money was used to pay off debts.

James Taghdissian, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said Olivia Rutty was promoted to business development manager at the practice, giving her access to the company’s credit card and some control over its finances.

She used the cards for personal purchases and awarded herself unauthorized pay rises and loans.

Mr Taghdissian said the company struggled financially because of her crimes, leading to owner Jeremy Harris having to extend his bank overdraft for the first time ever.

“This was a company which was doing well,” said Mr Taghdissian. “There was considerable stress, considerable worry and all of it down to the greed of Mrs Rutty who wanted a lifestyle she was unable to provide.”

The court heard practice manager Sharon Sweet told the police Olivia Rutty had never shown signs of struggling with money but bragged to colleagues about weekends away, meals and luxury purchases.

She said: “I am horrified Olivia Rutty took either part or all of my and the other team members’ Christmas bonuses.”

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It Happens in England Too — Dental Practice Manager Stole £80,000 From Her Employers to Prop Up Her Failing Bar Business


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A dental practice manager stole £80,243 from her employers to prop up her own failing business, a court heard.

Rachael Carvell was given an 18-month suspended prison sentence after taking the money from Fosse Dental Care, in Leicester, to pay the bills at Oscars bar.

Carvell (43), of Henley Road, Western Park, Leicester, pleaded guilty to fraud at the dental practice between January 2012 and February last year.

Prosecutor Alan Murphy told Leicester Crown Court how Carvell took the money to prop up the bar in Hinckley Road that she and her husband had bought.

He said Carvell had hidden the money problems at Oscars from her husband, who knew nothing about the thefts.

Mr Murphy said Carvell had started at the practice in Fosse Road Central, Leicester’s West End, in 1990 and had worked her way up to the position of practice manager.

He said that she became solely responsible for banking the cash that was taken from customers on the front reception desk.

He said: “She was completely trusted by the partners and was allowed to count the monies on her own in a back room.”

Mr Murphy said that she began taking between £200 and £600 a week from the practice to pay the bills at the bar.

The court heard that partners at the practice noticed discrepancies between the amount of money taken at the reception and the total deposited at the bank.

When suspicion fell on the two practice managers, Carvell admitted her guilt.