Jury Acquits Whitfield Co. Woman On Theft Charges From DSO


On Monday, after a week-long trial, a jury in Whitfield County acquitted a woman who had been charged in 2012 for the theft of $112,000 in cash from a business known as Benevis, also known as Kool Smiles.

Defense Attorney McCracken Poston disputed the fact that McGill stole the cash, but did admit she didn’t deposit the $112,000 over the two-year period in question. He argued before the jury that the same amount the state claimed was stolen by McGill as a “fiduciary” of the company had been applied to an “intensive incentives program” for the office and its employees.

Poston countered that McGill was instructed by the then Chief Operating Officer of Kool Smiles, as well as her then District Manager who performed quarterly audits, to utilize the cash for what he described to the jury as “An ‘intensive incentive program’ that made the office operate at a frenetic pace to drive up the sales of Medicaid-billed services.”

Poston said of the almost constant contests, incentives and recognitions in this period of time at the Dalton office, that “the place was operating like something between a game show and a sweatshop. “

Poston said “Creature comforts were purchased and brought into the office for the benefit of the employees, including iPods, a popcorn machine, exercise equipment, visits from a masseuse. and a seemingly never-ending series of contests and prizes for the top performing employees. or for the office as a whole, as its Medicaid sales numbers went up.” Poston said daily prizes included cash awards for employees who met and surpassed sales performance goals, and evidence was provided of the practice in the form of a receipt from a winning employee.

“This was all going gangbusters. until the United States Senate Finance Committee began to make inquiries of the practices of these dental chains, including specifically Kool Smiles, of using incentives to drive sales of Medicaid-billed services.” Poston continued, “And then an expose’ by the PBS series ‘Frontline’ was being produced.’

Poston added “Evidence came out in the trial that the company, worried that employees would use their cell phones to become whistleblowers, went so far as to create daily incentives for locking up employee cell phones during work hours.”

Poston said that evidence was given at the trial that a box of the receipts for all of the items bought with the cash that would have proven his client’s innocence was removed from the building “without warning, and then two large men in dark suits who claimed to be from a security company hired by former Kool Smiles COO Bill Brigham showed up on February 1.”

Poston said one of the men, Robert Strickland from Strickland Security and Safèty Systems, Inc., of Atlanta, was “wearing an “NFL ring” which he spun around in McGill’s face as Strickland interrogated her with his colleague, Raymond Glaze.

Poston says McGill, who was five months pregnant at the time, was told by the men that unless she cooperated, she “would have her baby in prison and never see it again.”

McGill testified at trial that one of the men wrote out a statement for her to sign, and she signed it to get away from them. Poston says it was proven at trial that many of the things handwritten on the so-called confession we’re patently not true, but McGill ‘Was told to write it and she complied. An example of this is the written “explanation” for the crime, that her husband was laid off from work and that she had taken a pay cut to take the job. Poston said it was proven to trial that neither of these things were true, and put up expert witness Dr. Gregory DeClue, a forensic psychologist who had tested McGill and found her to be among an “extremely suggestible” personality type.

Dr. DeClue also testified about modern interrogation methods and training that ensure against false confessions, noting the lack of any recording of the contact between the men and Poston’s client.

“Strickland has claimed in multiple social media sites that he spent three years playing in the National Football League,” Poston said, ‘nd so much of his work as a bodyguard involved intimidation. ” Poston added, “When I confronted him in cross-examination with the team rosters from the Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets from 1983-1985, Strickland had to admit on the witness stand that he was not on them and had never played a single game in the NFL. “

Poston said that it also came out in the trial from the then Human Resources director of Kool Smiles that she had not been the one who called Strickland’s company to interrogate her employee. but that they were called in bv then COO Bill Brigham.

Poston said, “All the jury had to do ‘was connect the dots on the timeline. As long as things were going well, the fict that 45 of 52 weekly deposits in a year did not make it to the bank was no problem. It was all getting poured back into the company and was ensuring high Medicaid billings. When the United States Senate inquiry turned toward Kool Smiles, Jennifer McGill went from being a company asset to its greatest liability. Sending Strickland and Glaze to coerce a false confession out of her could give the company an explanation for the absence of over $ ] 12,000.00, an excuse that would fill a large hole on the books that could have been questioned in a potential Medicaid fraud investigation.’

After the week-long trial, the jury found McGill not guilty after four hours of deliberations.

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Former Augusta University Provost Pleads Guilty To Theft

A former vice provost at Georgia Health Sciences University and Georgia Regents University pleaded guilty Friday to a single count of theft by taking.

In a plea agreement, a second count of theft was dismissed against Roman M. Cibirka, 56, a dentist who worked his way up from teaching at the dental school to university administration from 1996 until he resigned after the theft from the university was discovered in 2015.

In Richmond County Superior Court, Judge Sheryl B. Jolly accepted the negotiated sentence and imposed a five-year probation sentence under the First Offender Act. Conditions of probation include paying a $25,000 fine and performing 240 hours of community service by providing dental services for indigent patients.

Associate Attorney General Blair McGowan told the judge Friday afternoon that a tip led to an internal investigation. It was discovered that Cibirka ordered dental work be provided to an individual and the $15,322 in services be paid by the university on June 14, 2013. McGowan said the state wasn’t seeking restitution because the individual who received the services is making restitution.

Defense attorney Richard Grossman told the judge that Cibirka has provided free dental care for indigent patients since he began practicing.

 According to the Georgia Department of Community Health, Cibirka is currently licensed to practice dentistry and lives in Alpharetta, Ga. He has been licensed since 1998.

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This Lady Has Records In Both Florida And Georgia


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Rochelle Lee Pridgen

CountyHillsborough, FL
Booking Number1001409
Middle NameLEE
Eye ColorBRO
Hair ColorBRO
Current Age40
SOID Number00471137
Birth PlaceGA
Birth Date1972-10-02
Arrest Age28
Address CityBRANDON
Address StateFL
Address Zip33511
Arresting AgencyHCSO
Arrest Date2001-01-09 09:00:00
Booking Date2001-01-09 09:44:00
Arrest Location919 MEIZNER REAL AV
Arrest JurisdictionHC
Release TypeCASH BOND
Release Date2001-01-10 21:40:00
Release RemarkM PRIDGEN


Charge #DescClassCourtDispBondBPFineCustody DaysCountTypeReport #CT Case #DateAgencyOBTSCodeCRA #Remark
1FRAUDULENT USE OF CREDIT CARD OVER $100F331OPENDING500.00B11WARRANT000923850020634CF2001-01-09HCSO12736128FRAU3000326718
6GRAND THEFT THIRD DEGREE ($300 – $20,000)F331OPENDING500.00B11WARRANT000923850020634CF2001-01-09HCSO12736128THEF2000326718
7GRAND THEFT THIRD DEGREE ($300 – $20,000)F331ORECOGNIZANCENBRB11WARRANT000923850020634CF2001-01-09HCSO12736128THEF2000326718
8GRAND THEFT THIRD DEGREE ($300 – $20,000)F331ORECOGNIZANCENBRB11WARRANT000923850020634CF2001-01-09HCSO12736128THEF2000326718
9GRAND THEFT THIRD DEGREE ($300 – $20,000)F331ORECOGNIZANCENBRB11WARRANT000923850020634CF2001-01-09HCSO12736128THEF2000326718
10GRAND THEFT THIRD DEGREE ($300 – $20,000)F331ORECOGNIZANCENBRB11WARRANT000923850020634CF2001-01-09HCSO12736128THEF2000326718


NameBirth DateSSN

Georgia Office Manager Accused Of Embezzling $60k

peter-ngunyi SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — A Smyrna man is accused of siphoning more than $60,000 from a Sandy Springs periodontal practice where police said he worked as a business manager. Peter Ngunyi, 33, turned himself into the Fulton County Jail last week on theft charges after doctors at Atlanta Periodontal report missing money. “They believe he used an American Express card and some fraudulent payroll activity in order to embezzle the money,” said Sandy Springs police spokeswoman Forrest Bohannon.  “He had access to the credit cards and payroll of the business.” According to an incident report obtained by Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik, investigators believe Ngunyi made unauthorized payments to his own company and to several marketing sites, including GoDaddy.com and Google Adwords. “The higher amount does make it a felony amount; however, he’s way over the mark for felony theft,” said Bohannon. Ngunyi’s attorney, Jeff Brickman, told Petchenik his client immediately turned himself into the jail upon learning of a warrant for his arrest. Brickman told Petchenik his client provided advertising and marketing services to the practice that “completely changed the complexion of the business.” “This is a purely contractual matter and has no business being in the criminal courts,” Brickman said. Brickman said he’s disappointed that police were quick to take out warrants against Ngunyi without first getting his side of the story.  He said he’s talking to the Fulton County District Attorney’s office about having the case dismissed so that it can be handled in civil court. The Fulton County Jail website shows Ngunyi posted a $20,000 bond is now out of jail.
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Georgia Clerk Accused Of Embezzling $8k From Dentist


A Savannah woman was arrested Tuesday after police said she was a suspect in the embezzlement of more than $8,000 from her employer, a local dental practice.

Stacey Renee Kicklighter, 37, was charged with theft by taking and computer theft, both felonies. The case stems from an internal audit last month at Howard Dental Group, 533 Stephenson Ave., according to Savannah-Chatham police reports.

Kicklighter, a team leader and accounts payable clerk, is charged with using “a computer to embezzle $8,389 from Howard Dental Group,” an arrest report stated.

Kicklighter, of 100 St. George Blvd., was booked into the Chatham County jail under the name Stacy R. Faust, records show.

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Politician Alleged To Have Laundered Federal Education Funds Diverted To Campaign Through Daughter’s Dental Office

ATLANTA – Linda Schrenko personally ordered others to fraudulently endorse checks to her campaign, according to a witness in Ms. Schrenko’s federal corruption trial Monday.

The witness offered the first testimony of the former state school superintendent personally directing parts of the complex scheme she in which she is charged with embezzling $600,000 in federal funds entrusted to the state Department of Education.

Shawn Neal, a onetime office director for Ms. Schrenko’s daughter, Dr. Katherine Cooper, said the former superintendent and deputy Merle Temple showed up at their Augusta dental office one day and began persuading employees to help fill out the checks, which until that point had no payee listed.

After the employees’ names were added to the checks, they were asked to endorse the backs, Ms. Neal said. She said she signed checks made out to herself and her husband, and was assured by Ms. Schrenko and Mr. Temple that the transfer was legal.

Ms. Neal said she never expected or received any money from the scheme, but was nervous about signing checks when she didn’t know what she had done to “earn” the money. Ms. Schrenko assured Ms. Neal she would later earn the income through a phone survey about the gubernatorial bid, in which Ms. Schrenko was running.

“She explained to me that it was kind of like I was working for the money, but I would not receive any,” she said.

The survey never took place, Ms. Neal said.

Prosecutors say the checks were later cashed and funneled into the 2002 campaign. In all, similar arrangements allegedly made at her daughter’s office generated more than $61,000 for the campaign, the government says.

Prosecutors allege it was all part of a plan to steal more than $600,000 in federal education grants to fuel the political ambitions of Ms. Schrenko and the businesses of South African businessman co-defendant Stephan Botes, whose employee Peter Steyn is also standing trial.

The $590 “focus group” checks such as those Ms. Neal said she endorsed came from companies owned or linked to Mr. Botes, according to testimony.

Ms. Schrenko also filled out a check for an employee who wasn’t present, Ms. Neal said.

“I saw her sign at least one of the checks,” Ms. Neal said.

She said she noticed Ms. Schrenko signing the check because the former superintendent had to be corrected on the spelling of the employee’s name.

It was the first testimony directly connecting Ms. Schrenko to some of the most serious allegations in the 48-count indictment.

During cross-examination, Ms. Schrenko’s attorney, Pete Theodocion, asked a series of yes-or-no questions, getting Ms. Neal to say that Ms. Schrenko never lied about where the money was going and that the ex-school chief maintained that the phone “focus groups” would take place.

Also Monday, former software executive Johnathan Turner wrapped up his testimony after about three days on the stand.

The defense grilled Mr. Turner on his plea deal. Mr. Turner pleaded guilty to structuring $16,000 worth of financial transactions, a fraction of the total $614,000 that Ms. Schrenko, Mr. Botes and Mr. Steyn are accused of stealing.

Mr. Turner, who said he was directed by Mr. Botes, carried out the complex series of wire transfers, cash exchanges and other transactions that prosecutors allege kicked nearly half of the money back into Ms. Schrenko’s gubernatorial campaign.

Mr. Theodocion said that the $16,000 amounted to just 2.5 percent of the total money involved.

“So you got a 97.5 percent discount, didn’t you?” Mr. Theodocion asked.

Mr. Turner explained that the guilty plea mentions the $16,000 was part of a broader pattern.

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Roswell GA Office Manager Emily Trimble Embezzles “Hundreds Of Thousands”

Emily Trimble accused of embezzling from Atlanta Dental Spa

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Emily Trimble’s Record & Detailed Information


Emily Trimble’s Record Summary

Emily Trimble was taken into custody on 9/24/2015 in Fulton County, Georgia and charged with computer forgery, and financial transaction card fraud.

Emily Trimble’s Details

CountyFulton County, GA
Booking Date9/24/2015
Booking Number1519525
AgencyRoswell Police Department

Emily Trimble’s Description

Height5′ 9
AddressCumming, Ga 30040-4254

Family Charged With Embezzling Almost $2 Million From Georgia Dentist

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A Sandy Springs dentist’s office was busy cleaning teeth while their bookkeeper was cleaning them out of millions.
Sandy Springs Police Captain Steve Rose tells WSB 58-year-old Rosemary D’souza had been the office manager and bookkeeper for TLC Dental for nearly 20 years, but suspicions arose during a casual conversation. “She mentioned that the family owned a couple of houses in Florida. This kind of raised suspicion with the doctor based on – it’s kind of extravagant possessions with somebody with that particular salary base,” said Rose. An investigation revealed that between 2009 and 2013, D’souza embezzled two-million-dollars. “From what we can tell, Rosemary paid herself over this period of time over $800,000, paid her husband over $600,000, and then paid her daughter who is a student, over $83,000,” said Rose. Rose says because D’souza was a longtime employee, they had complete trust in her. “They believed them to be honest and it’s the misuse and it’s taking advantage of that trust which allowed that person to just go undetected for so long,” said Rose. Rosemary D’souza has been charged with numerous offenses including theft by taking and financial card fraud.  D’souza’s daughter, 20-year-old Karen and her husband Joseph, have been charged with theft by taking.

Run, Arica, Run! Police Search For Office Manager Arica Cameron Accused Of Stealing $630k From Dentist

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Arica Cameron

Atlanta police are looking for a dental office manager suspected of embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from her boss.

A prominent Buckhead dentist told reporters that a major bank is also to blame.

“She was caught red-handed by Wells Fargo Bank, calling me and telling me that she had been depositing checks made out to my business into her personal account,” said Dr. Bob Feil of his former manager, Arica Cameron.

“(It’s) north of $630,000,” he said.

Feil showed reporters five of the more than 500 checks he says Cameron deposited at Wells Fargo ATMs.

One from Delta Dental Insurance is for nearly $2,500. The endorsement stamp is for deposit to Feil’s account, but Cameron’s signature is on it, he said.

Feil complains a human teller would have questioned the transactions, but they sailed through via automation.

“She ended up walking out of the office before the police came, so she hasn’t been caught,” said Feil.

The arrest warrant has been out for more than a year. Feil has spent 10 months and six figures in legal fees fighting Wells Fargo.

“Part of me says, ‘Wrong is wrong,'” he said.

A spokesperson for Wells Fargo told reporters it won’t comment on an ongoing lawsuit.

In an affidavit, a private investigator swore he tried for two months to find Cameron with no luck.

Content retrieved from Police search for office manager Arica Cameron accused of stealing thousands from dentist – Georgia Newsday