Former Iowa dental office manager charged with fraud

Pamela Sue Harris

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MASON CITY — A woman who used to work at a Mason City dental office is accused of stealing money from the practice.

Pamela Sue Harris, longtime office manager for Drs. Blake Barnes and Michael Louscher, was charged in U.S District Court for the Northern District of Iowa last week with wire fraud.

Court documents say Harris, a 21-year employee, began scheming to defraud the practice in 2005 and continued until she was fired in 2014.

 Harris allegedly used the dentists’ rubber signature stamps without their authorization to create forged checks drawn on the practice’s bank account.

She is accused of using these forged checks to cause NSB Bank to make electronic funds transfers by wire directly into her bank account or into the accounts of third parties, including credit card companies, to pay for personal expenses.

Harris also allegedly maintained various credit card accounts in the practice’s name to pay for personal expenses without authorization from the dentists.

From time to time Harris allegedly attempted to disguise the illegitimate payments by causing checks to be drawn close in time and in amounts identical to the practice’s legitimate rent expenses.

It’s unclear how much money was allegedly taken.

Harris has an appearance scheduled for Sept. 13 in a federal courtroom in Cedar Rapids.

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