Idaho’s Tina Felshaw Has Several Convictions

Tina Felshaw

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Tina Felshaw of Coeur d’Alene, ID, might be someone to watch out for. Tina, who also sometimes goes by the name Tina Tevebaugh, pled guilty in 2018 in Spokane, WA to felony identity theft.

In a separate offense, Tina was also found guilty in Spokane of felony theft of over $5,000 and was sentenced to 12 months of probation and ordered to make restitution of just under $7,000.

Tina has also had a couple of motor vehicle violations in the years 2014-2015 where, notably, she did not pay the fines assessed and the court had to send them to collection agencies.

Tina declared bankruptcy in 2012 and again in 2015.

Tina has reportedly has worked at several dental offices in the Spokane / Coeur d’Alene area, and we are told that some of her part employment relationships may have ended abruptly.

Tina contacted us by email in August 2019 and asked that her post be removed from our website. Her request implied both that she is still working in the dental field and that her current employer is unaware of her past.

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Bothell WA Woman Gets 2 1/2 Years for Embezzlement and Forged Prescriptions

Lori Bowman

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A Bellevue dentist’s former employee was sentenced Friday in federal court for faking prescriptions and abusing her employer’s credit card to pay for her children’s private school tuition and other expenses, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The damage done by the Lori Elizabeth Bowman, 38, of Bothell, to cover up her activity cost the dentist his license to practice and left patients unable to charge their insurance companies to pay for their dental bills, according to federal prosecutors.

Bowman faces 30 months in prison, 120 hours of community service, $174,336 in restitution, and three years of supervised release after pleading guilty to acquiring a controlled substance by fraud, credit card access device fraud, and aggravated identity theft, according to the office of U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan. 

At sentencing U.S. District Judge Ricardo S. Martinez said, “The financial harm you caused the dentist elevates this crime to a different level.”

According to the press release, a pharmacy notified the Drug Enforcement Administration about unusual prescribing practices by the dentist who employed Bowman. The dentist told investigators that the prescriptions were forged, and trail led to his employee, according to the press release.S

Investigators discovered that in 2010 and 2011, Bowman obtained 1,920 Vicodin ES tablets using prescriptions in her own name and in the name of her husband, brother-in-law, mother, friend, step-sister-in-law and her hair dresser at Rite-Aid and Bartell Drugs. Around that same time period, Bowman used fake prescriptions in her own name around 200 times to acquire approximately 8,580 hydrocodone pills at local pharmacies, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Investigators say that Bowman also made unauthorized charges on her employer’s office credit card, totalling around approximately $174,336. The total includes ATM cash advances of $122,880; ATM transaction fees of $4,922; and retail purchases and other charges of more than $46,534. 

According to investigators, Bowman paid for her children’s private school tuition with the money obtained, which totaled $25,606, and charged a family vacation to Las Vegas totaling $4,692 to the office credit card.

The charges averaged approximately $7,924 per month, investigators say. 

“Over many months, defendant destroyed key correspondence from medical licensing and insurance authorities in an effort to conceal her conduct. (She) failed to pay licensing, insurance, and tax obligations that placed the dentist’s practice and future retirement at great risk. As a result, the dentist’s patients were left without insurance to cover their dental bills, and the dentist lost his license to practice and incurred significant expenses to correct the effects of (Bowman’s) criminal conduct,” prosecutors wrote in their sentencing memo.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Bowman admitted consuming 30-35 hydrocodone pills per day.  

“Prescription drug abuse is growing in our communities, leaving heavy damage in its wake,” said U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan. “This defendant damaged herself, her family and her employer while a slave to this addiction. This case should be a cautionary tale:  if you are struggling with addiction, please get help.”

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Spokane’s Heidi Marie Nelson Charged with Embezzlement

Heidi Marie Nelson

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Heidi is currently awaiting her trial for embezzling from a Spokane dentist. We hear that she may have moved to Idaho and gotten married. She may now be using the last name Capaul.

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Here is her court file:

Case Information


Case Number


File Date

Case Type
ADL Criminal Adult

Case Status


Plaintiff (Criminal)

Active Attorneys
Lead Attorney Evans, Casey Allen

Court Appointed

Defendant (WIP)


Active Attorneys
Lead Attorney Gieri, William Anthony

Court Appointed

Events and Hearings

  • 10/02/2018 Information Comment
  • 10/02/2018 Statement of Facts Comment
  • 10/11/2018 Certificate of Address Search Comment
  • 10/11/2018 Summons Comment
    4: SUMMONS;
  •  10/29/2018 Arraignment Judicial Officer
    Price, Michael P Hearing Time
    8:00 AM Comment
    CCCA : Chief Criminal Calendar
  • 10/29/2018 Initial Arraignment Comment
  • 10/29/2018 Notice of Appearance Comment
  • 10/29/2018 Order Setting Trial Date Comment
  • 10/30/2018 Omnibus Application of Prosecuting Attorney Comment
  • 10/30/2018 Order Authorizing Comment
  • 10/30/2018 Order Establishing Conditions of Release Comment
  • 11/19/2018 Omnibus Application by Defendant
  • 12/24/2018 Subpoena Duces Tecum
  • 01/02/2019 Affidavit Declaration Certificate Confirmation of Service
  • 01/03/2019 Ex Parte Action With Order Judicial Officer
    Szambelan, Michelle D Comment
    SIGNED: CSO PT 2/22 T 3/11; -GIERI;
  • 01/03/2019 Affidavit Declaration Certificate Confirmation of Service
  • 01/03/2019 Order Setting Trial Date Judicial Officer
    Szambelan, Michelle D Comment
  •  01/04/2019 Pretrial Conference Judicial Officer
    Szambelan, Michelle D Hearing Time
    9:00 AM Comment
    CCCA : Chief Criminal Calendar
  •  01/22/2019 TA Criminal Trials Hearing Time
    8:00 AM
  • 02/22/2019 Hearing Continued Stipulated Judicial Officer
    Szambelan, Michelle D Comment
    Court Reporter: TERRI ROSADOVELAZQUEZ; SIGNED: SCHEDULING ORDER (see order for specific dates)
  • 02/22/2019 Order Setting Trial Date Judicial Officer
    Szambelan, Michelle D Comment
  • 02/27/2019 Subpoena Duces Tecum Comment
  • 03/08/2019 Affidavit Declaration Certificate Confirmation of Service

Washington Woman Pleads Guilty to Filing False Insurance Claims

blank Update July 31, 2018: Katherine Hargarten, 67, pleaded guilty in Island County Superior Court to first-degree theft and filing a false insurance claim, both felonies. Hargarten, a former dental clinic office manager, will serve three months of electronic home monitoring and 240 hours of community service. She will pay $817 in court fees and a restitution amount to be determined later. According to the investigation, Hargarten filed 55 claims with MetLife insurance from June 2008 to June 2015 totaling $17,908 on behalf of her husband. Most of the claims – 38 – were for treatment that never occurred; the remainder were treatments the dentist provided to employees for free. The dentist discovered the questionable claims and reported them to MetLife, which in turn reported them to Kreidler’s CIU, as required by state law. The dentist’s office terminated Hargarten’s employment in January 2016.
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Original story: The former office manager for an Oak Harbor dentist is accused of stealing thousands of dollars by making false insurance claims, court documents say. Prosecutors charged Katherine D. Hargarten, 66, of Coupeville, in Island County Superior Court March 14 with theft in the first-degree and five counts of making false claim for a health care payment. The fraudulent insurance claims were discovered during a 2015 audit by the dentist who purchased the practice from another dentist. Hargarten worked for both men. Hargarten allegedly filed claims in her name and her husband’s name. The checks from the insurance company went directly to her husband, according to a report by a detective with the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner. Hargarten is suspected of obtaining nearly $18,000 in fraudulent benefits from 55 fraudulent claims, the report states. If convicted of the charges against her, Hargarten could face from 14 to 18 months in prison under the standard sentencing range. Content retrieved from

WA dental hygienist charged with cleaning up in $81,000-plus workers’ comp scam


Seattle – A dental hygienist faces a felony theft charge after she was caught working while receiving more than $81,000 in workers’ compensation disability payments.

Shari Lee Kristiansen, 53, of Lynnwood, faces one count of first-degree theft. She’s slated to be arraigned in King County Superior Court on Thursday, Nov. 3.

The Washington Attorney General’s Office is prosecuting the case based on an investigation by the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I), which administers the state workers’ compensation system.

A routine comparison of L&I and state Employment Security Department records turned up the alleged double-dipping.

“We have checks in place to catch workers’ comp thieves,” said Elizabeth Smith, assistant director of L&I’s Fraud Prevention & Labor Standards. “If you’re even thinking of trying to scam the system that helps legitimately injured workers, forget about it!”

Misrepresentations to doctors

Kristiansen filed a claim with L&I in March 2013, saying she injured her thumbs and hands while working as a dental hygienist for several dentists in King and Snohomish counties. However, charging papers state, she misrepresented her activities and the extent of her injuries to her physicians, who relied on her statements to tell L&I that she couldn’t work as a dental hygienist.

L&I provided benefits to Kristiansen, including cash payments to make up for part of her lost wages. To confirm she was eligible, Kristiansen repeatedly stated on official forms that she couldn’t work, and wasn’t working, because of the on-the-job injury.

But an L&I investigation later found she continued to work for various dentists from the time she was injured through May 2013, and then for 11 months starting in late October 2014, charging papers said.

In all, L&I paid nearly $57,000 in wage-replacement checks to Kristiansen, more than $19,000 for medical benefits and nearly $6,000 for vocational counseling.

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Pullman WA woman sentenced for embezzling $437,000


A former office manager for a Pullman dentist has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for embezzling $437,000 from her employer over 12 years.

Debora Jo Ailor, 47, of Pullman was sentenced this week by U.S. District Court Judge Lonny Suko after pleading guilty to one count of mail fraud.

Ailor had worked as the office manager for Dr. Delbert Rohn, a Pullman dentist, since the 1980s.

Ailor prepared about 50 checks each month to be drawn on Rohn’s checking account to pay operating expenses and payroll for his practice and to pay his personal expenses, according to a plea agreement.

On essentially a monthly basis, from February 1992 through July 2004, Ailor prepared an additional check that she used to pay bills for a credit card her family used to charge personal expenses – clothes, restaurant meals, entertainment and regional travel, U.S. Attorney Jim McDevitt said in a news release.

Her employer was unaware that one of the checks his office manager presented to him in the monthly stack represented payment for her family’s personal expenses, McDevitt said. She concealed the embezzlement from Rohn and an accountant who prepared his taxes by allocating the funds to expense accounts such as office supplies, dental supplies and the owner’s salary, McDevitt said.

The judge also ordered Ailor to serve three years of supervised release when she gets out of prison and make restitution to Rohn in the amount of $445,113.

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Washington bookkeeper charged with embezzling $745,000 from Richland doctor

jennifer-l-morris A woman who managed the books for a Richland doctor’s office is accused of stealing $745,000 from her employer over at least four years. Jennifer L. Morris, 42, is believed to have bought jewelry and purses, taken numerous trips and paid for dog boarding and cellphone services with the money, according to court documents. The alleged embezzlement was discovered after an internal investigation by Dr. Robert L. Whitson. Morris was an hourly employee for the family practice at 846 Stevens Drive, working an estimated four to eight hours a month. She removed financial documents from the office and took them to her home, possibly to cover the theft, documents said. Whitson said Morris worked for him for 12 years. “She had my faith completely; 100 percent trust,” Whitson said Tuesday. “I was enormously disappointed.” He told the Herald that it’s like a marriage — the divorce rate may be 50 percent, but people still go into the union expecting more. “It was preposterous,” Whitson said of Morris’ alleged actions. “And it’s almost no way there could be any kind of defense mounted, there were so many legal oversights and omissions.” Morris has been charged in Benton County Superior Court with first-degree theft. The charge includes the aggravating circumstance of being a major economic offense. Deputy Prosecutor Terry Bloor alleges Morris used her position of trust and a high degree of sophistication or planning to commit multiple incidents over a long period of time. Morris was sent a summons to appear in court Sept. 15. She has hired Kennewick lawyer John Jensen, who declined to comment Tuesday because he has not yet received any investigative reports. Court documents say Morris declined to speak with the lead investigator on her case, Richland police Detective Damon Jansen. However, when Pasco police Officer Eric Fox was called to her home on an unrelated matter, she told him “that she had done something really stupid and was going to prison for five to 10 years,” documents said. The allegations of embezzlement are based on U.S. Cellular accounts, credit card statements, eBay and PayPal documents, Whitson’s bank statements, Costco records and other paperwork found at Morris’ home, Bloor said. The investigation revealed that $744,496 was taken from Whitson’s business account between January 2012 and February 2016. Morris was due $6.70 per pay period because of her limited hours. Yet, she wrote herself payroll checks as if she was working full time, usually repeating the same amount twice a month, starting at $1,100 in 2012 and increasing to $1,600 by 2016, court documents show. Her son was not an employee of Whitson’s practice, but did some janitorial work in the office. While there are checks written to him that are supported by legitimate time cards, there are other checks in small amounts like $28 and $206, according to the documents. Morris allegedly used the doctor’s account to make frequent electronic fund transfers to cover payments on her mother’s Chase credit card. Though the individual transfers ranged from $1,000 to $10,425, documents show there were some months she would make up to seven payments within a few weeks. Her mother, Bonnie Morris, reportedly told investigators that she let her daughter use her credit card, though she did not know the extent to which she was using it. She claimed that Jennifer Morris was buying purses with the card to resell them, but also knew she had been spending large amounts of money and suddenly had “bunches” of jewelry and taken different trips, court documents said. Bonnie Morris said she thought her daughter had stolen about $300,000. A search of Jennifer Morris’ home allegedly turned up several bookshelves filled with purses still in their packages, and multiple bags of jewelry. Whitson told the police that he bought all the office supplies, so he didn’t know why there would be multiple Costco charges on his account. Detectives reportedly recovered lists of some purchases and noted that it is clear the expenses, for hundreds of dollars each time, were for personal items. Whitson and another employee had cellphones that were paid for by the business. He did not authorize Morris to buy four tablets and pay for her personal cellphone accounts that were in his name, court documents said. On Tuesday, Bloor said that no charges have been filed against Morris’ son or mother.

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Washington Woman Must Repay Dentist $101,798


Davenport resident Debra Remmers was ordered Tuesday to repay $101,798 she embezzled as the bookkeeper for a local dentist.

Lincoln County Superior Court Judge Philip Borst also tacked on $10,000 to cover attorney and accounting fees dentist Doug Teal paid to document his loss.

Borst agreed to deduct about $7,000 if Remmers can prove her claim that the money actually was used to pay Teal’s income tax.

Remmers was convicted of raiding Teal’s bank account between January 1991 and August 1993. She pleaded guilty in September to first-degree theft and was sentenced to 90 days of monitored home-confinement, 240 hours of community service and five years of probation.

Remmers previously agreed in a private contract to repay Teal his estimated total loss of $135,000.

Snow said Remmers already has paid $76,368, mostly with money from the sale of one of her two Davenport houses. She may be forced, under her agreement with Teal, to sell the second house, Snow said.

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Yakima WA employee accused of stealing nearly $50k from non-profit dental clinic


YAKIMA, Wash. – A 31-year-old man is facing charges after police say he stole nearly $50,000 from the Union Gospel Mission’s (UGM) dental clinic.

Moises Licea-Velasquez worked at the Union Gospel Mission from 2013 to 2015 say police and was in charge of billing patients for dental procedures.

Court documents say Licea-Velasquez stole approximately $49, 794.25 from the mission by taking money from patient payments and doctoring the paperwork so it looked like patient’s accounts were paid in full.

A doctor at the dental clinic noticed the discrepancies and filed a report with Yakima police according to court documents. The doctor sent police the missing amounts from the clinic’s patient payments.

Court documents say Licea-Velasquez admitted to stealing the money. Licea-Velasquez told the police he took the money to finance a gambling habit, according to court documents.

The Union Gospel Mission’s Director of Communication and Marketing, Stephanie Carlson released this statement in regards to the theft:

“We’re letting the court system handle this and we’re excited about the expansion of the medical clinic, and that’s where we’re putting in our efforts.”

Court document say UGM absorbed the loss of the monies, and they were able to cover it under insurance.

Licea-Velasquez turned himself in to Yakima police on Thursday.

The mission is completely run on donations, according to their website.

Licea-Velasquez was released on the pre-trial program in Yakima County Court Friday.

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Spokane area woman admitted to embezzlement


The former receptionist for a Pasco dental office has admitted to stealing at least $8,600 by pocketing cash payments from customers.

Marcie Ramirez, 37, pleaded guilty in Franklin County Superior Court to first-degree theft.

In her plea statement, Ramirez told the court she took money from several people and kept it, rather than applying the payment to the accounts.

Her plea includes a promise by prosecutors that they won’t file any more charges for theft or fraud involving customers of Broadmoor Family Dentistry.

Court documents show Ramirez was confronted last year by the owner, Dr. Navjot Khurana, and office manager Oscar Garcia about the missing money.

She admitted that when some customers who didn’t have insurance paid with cash, she gave them handwritten receipts but actually pocketed the money.

Ramirez signed an agreement with the owner that she would return the money by June 10. When she did not pay up by the deadline or contact Khurana or Garcia, the office called Pasco police to report the theft, documents said.

Garcia gave police a list of clients with the amounts missing from their accounts. He later told a detective that the dental office was going to credit the clients’ accounts and take the loss.

The Sunnyside woman was sentenced to three months in jail, with the option to serve it on work release to help pay restitution and court costs.

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