Bothell, WA Dental Office Convicted Of Cash, Insurance Thefts; 9 Months Of House Arrest

Morey-Josie Update April 2018: OLYMPIA, Wash. – A former Bothell dental office employee will serve nine months of home confinement for felony theft charges, and three Washington drivers were sentenced in pay-as-you-crash scams after investigations by Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler’s Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU). Josie Morey, 51, of Mukilteo, pleaded guilty to one count each of first-degree theft and second-degree theft, both felonies, in King County Superior Court. She will serve nine months of electronic home monitoring, pay $600 in court fees and is ordered to have no contact with her victims for 10 years. A restitution hearing will occur at a later date. Morey filed false insurance claims and illegally collected unemployment insurance while she worked for a Bothell dentist from May 2011 until November 2013. The investigation identified $4,400 in client payments that Morey misappropriated and $1,700 in charges to Washington Dental Service on behalf of one patient for treatments the dentist did not provide, which depleted the patient’s yearly benefit amount. In addition, the state Employment Security Department found that Morey fraudulently collected more than $32,000 in unemployment benefits for 59 weeks while she was working at the dental clinic. Content retrieved from
Original story: OLYMPIA, Wash. – Josie Morey, 50, of Mukilteo, was charged in King County Superior Court with one count of first-degree theft and two counts of second-degree theft in connection with false insurance claims and illegally collecting unemployment insurance payments while she was employed by a Bothell dentist. All three felony charges followed an investigation by Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU). According to the investigation, Morey worked for a dental clinic from May 2011 until November 2013. During her employment, suspicious billing transactions led to a criminal investigation that identified $4,400 in stolen client payments. The investigation also revealed multiple charges to Washington Dental Service on behalf of one patient for treatments the dentist did not provide. The unnecessary billings totaled $1,700 and depleted the patient’s yearly benefit amount. “Insurance fraud may seem like a victimless crime that’s easy to get away with, but that is simply not the case,” said Kreidler. “I commend the dentist for reporting the theft to law enforcement and encourage anyone who knows about theft of insurance payments to report it to my office.”Earlier, the state Employment Security Department’s (ESD) Office of Special Investigations (OSI) contacted the doctor about Morey’s employment from May 2011 to June 2012, during which time Morey was collecting unemployment insurance payments. ESD concluded that Morey fraudulently collected more than $32,000 in unemployment benefits for 59 weeks she was employed at the dental clinic.“Unemployment insurance fraud takes valuable dollars that should be spent on those who are truly unemployed,” said Dale Peinecke, commissioner of the Employment Security Department. “Our OSI fraud investigators take their jobs seriously. She will be held accountable and will have to repay all that money.” Morey is scheduled to appear in King County Superior Court on May 16 to enter a plea to the charges against her.  Kreidler’s SIU investigated this case with the Bothell Police Department and the ESD fraud investigators, and is working with the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to prosecute the case.
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Washington Dental Office Manager Faces Jail For Falsifying Prescriptions…and Has Done It Before

Nicole Allenton

A Kennewick dental office has closed, due to fallout from a former office manager using computer software to forge numerous pain med prescriptions for herself and others.

44-year-old Nicole B. Allenton could be facing a year in the Benton County Jail when she is sentenced February 24th.

Authorities say American Family Dental practice closed down recently after it was discovered Allenton was forging numerous pain med prescriptions, much to the dismay of the owner and dentist Kevin Osborne.

Officials say Allenton was working as officer manager because she was suspended from her job as a hygienist for similar allegations stemming back several years. She was accused of writing prescriptions and suspended by the Washington State Health Department in 2012 for failing to respond to those allegations.

Allenton, who used the last name of Polus before her divorce, also was accused of using her position of trust and authority to obtain such prescriptions when she worked for Stout Family Dental four years ago. Her actions apparently led to that practice having to rebuild themselves financially.

Officials at American Family Dental discovered at least 15 prescriptions written without the owner-dentist’s approval, many of them to Allenton’s family members. Because she was using the Allenton last name, it was apparently not immediately known about her past at Stout Dental. According to authorities, an anonymous tip was given from someone who recognized her from her previous work at Stout, and the investigation began.

Authorities also say she committed over $700 worth of shoplifting at JC Penney’s at Columbia Center Mall last summer. Allenton has plead guilty to three counts earlier this month, related to the fraud and prescription issues. She already did time on a work crew last year for the shoplifting charges.

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Washington Dental Office Manager Gets 7-year Prison Term For Theft Of $560,000

michaelee roehrs e1567101361107


The former office manager of a Hazel Dell dental clinic accused of stealing more than $560,000 from the practice and illegally obtaining prescription painkillers was sentenced Thursday to seven years in prison.

A frail-looking Michaelee Roehrs, 66, pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree theft and seven counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. The charges relate to her embezzling money from Sheron Dental between 2001 and 2008.

As part of a plea agreement, attorneys decided on an exceptional sentence of 84 months. Clark County Superior Court Judge John Wulle imposed the sentence Thursday.

Before sentencing, several people testified about the damage Roehrs’ actions had on the business, both financially and emotionally.

Dentist Richard Sheron detailed the extensive steps Roehrs took in her embezzlement, going so far as to use the names of dead relatives when she forged prescriptions for the narcotic hydrocodone.

She also deposited checks into her personal bank account and offered fake discounts to patients in order to get them to pay with cash, he said.

But the worst thing she did, Sheron said, was violate the trust of the family-owned business.

“For over 20 years, I thought Ms. Roehrs was a trusted friend,” Sheron said as he faced the judge. “But she was a thief.”

That violation of trust was one of the reasons why Clark County sheriff’s Detective Tom Mitchum called it “egregious.”

“It was by far one of the most prolific financial crimes I’ve ever investigated,” he said.

The embezzlement was uncovered in March 2008 after a new office worker looked at the business records and realized something was amiss. The dentist hired a forensic accountant, who could only research records back to 2001, when a new software program was installed.

Sheron Dental won a lawsuit in June 2008 that found Roehrs civilly liable for $562,239. Criminal charges were filed in July.

Roehrs has paid $20,000 so far in restitution, but Clark County Deputy Prosecutor Jeannie Bryant said the victims don’t expect the financially strapped defendant to pay much more.

Roehrs’ court-appointed attorney, Jeff Barrar, called the plea agreement a reasonable conclusion to a case that could have entailed a month long trial.

“For a frail woman of her age in poor health, it might be a life sentence,” he said.

After hearing the victim, the prosecutor and her attorney go into extensive detail about the allegations, Roehrs stood up to have her say. She denied the accusation that she hadn’t shown any remorse.

“I’m very sorry for what I did,” Roehrs said, breaking into tears. “I love Dr. Sheron. I love his family.”

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Lori Doughty

One Of The Biggest Ever — Guilty Plea In $1.9 Million Washington Embezzlement

Lori Doughty
OLYMPIA, Wash. — A woman who worked as a dental office bookkeeper and her husband have pleaded guilty to swiping about $1.9 million, one of the biggest and most complex embezzlement cases in the state capital. In a plea agreement, Thurston County prosecutors said Thursday they would recommend a 10-year prison term for Lori L. Doughty, 39, formerly employed by Fisher Jones Family Dentistry in Olympia, and a year and five months for her husband, Michael G. Doughty, 46, both of Lacey. Both were allowed to remain free after entering their pleas to multiple felony counts Thursday in Superior Court pending sentencing on May 11. “I believe we made a statement that embezzlement will not be tolerated in Thurston County,” Deputy Prosecutor Joseph Wheeler said. The dental firm has recovered about $80,000 and the Doughtys will likely be ordered to make restitution after they get out of prison, but lawyers said it was likely that much of the uninsured loss would be recovered. Co-owner James M. Jones said the business had managed to stay afloat, but he and his partner have had to set back their retirement plans by about a decade. “We feel like we have a great future, and now we can move on,” Jones said. In documents filed in court, prosecutors wrote that the Doughtys maintained a lavish lifestyle with a scheme so tangled that a forensics examiner had to be hired to trace the funds and determine how much was taken. Investigators wrote that Lori Doughty forged company checks to pay off credit cards for herself and her husband and laundered some of the money through her husband’s business, First Response Emergency Medical Training Corp. Her parents also used the credit cards but will not be prosecuted, Wheeler said. After reviewing hundreds of financial records, forensics examiner Ken Wilson wrote that between December 1998 and July 18, 2005, when Lori Doughty was arrested, the couple spent $200,000 on clothes, $100,000 at restaurants, $185,000 on hotels, $74,000 on airline tickets and $32,000 at Starbucks. Her husband, arrested in August, was originally charged with 18 felonies but pleaded guilty to four – unlawful use of criminal proceeds, money laundering and two counts of forgery. Lori Doughty, initially charged with 19 felonies, pleaded guilty to 15 – first-degree theft and multiple counts of forgery, money laundering and unlawful use of criminal proceeds.
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lori doughty (2) Content retrieved from,786761&hl=en Ms. Doughty’s husband was also charged with money laundering — see related story here —