Big Money in 1997 — Wisconsin Manager Sentenced for $800k Embezzlement


A former office manager for a downtown dental office was sentenced to one year in prison for embezzling more than $800,000 from the business over nearly a seven-year period.

Paula M. Sullivan, 45, formerly of Wilmette and now of Whitewater, Wis., pled guilty to bank fraud.

Sullivan, who managed Katz & Gershenzon Ltd.’s dental practice at 30 N. Michigan Ave., forged hundreds of checks drawn on the firm’s account, authorities said.

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Wisconsin dental office worker stole thousands

beth-c-borsheim A former Eau Claire dental office employee must pay more than $2,600 in restitution for stealing more than $12,000 from the business last year. Beth C. Borsheim’s “actions were very insulting to Menomonie Street Dental,” Dr. Skip Van Gorden, a co-owner and dentist at the business, said Thursday during Borsheim’s plea hearing in Eau Claire County Court. The dental office had to spend both time and money to account for Borsheim’s behavior, he said. “She violated the trust relationship of all the employees at Menomonie Street Dental,” Van Gorden said. Borsheim, 32, 1327 Jensen Road, pleaded guilty to a felony count of theft by employee and a misdemeanor charge of theft. Two misdemeanor counts of fraudulent data alteration were dismissed. District Attorney Brian Wright said the loss to the dental office was between $12,000 and $15,000. “This was an obvious gross mistake on her part,” Eau Claire defense attorney William Laman said of Borsheim, who has had difficulty obtaining employment since she was charged in the case. “She’s paying the price now,” Laman said. “That will exist for the rest of her life.” According to the criminal complaint: Borsheim was the office coordinator at Menomonie Street Dental, 1020 Menomonie St., from 2007 to last September. The dental office administrator told the police Borsheim was fired for writing a check to herself adding overtime for hours she never worked. The office administrator said Borsheim stole more than $12,000 between January and September 2011 by: — Reimbursing herself from the employee flexible spending day care and medical expense account. — Writing herself reimbursement checks for items never received by the dental office or for items without proof of purchase. — Buying personal items with Menomonie Street Dental’s credit card and reimbursing herself for items bought with the credit card. — Reimbursing herself through incomplete or nonexistent mileage records. — Getting paid for time that did not conform to her time clock notes and receipts. Borsheim was responsible for handling her own and other employees’ deductions and reimbursement requests, processing payroll, and writing checks. She could enter and modify her work time in the computer timekeeping system. The office administrator first became suspicious of Borsheim when she issued herself her own paycheck on Sept. 6, voided it, and later the same day wrote herself another paycheck with four hours of overtime she did not work. Borsheim denied intentionally taking overtime and told the police she accidentally used the Menomonie Street Dental credit card instead of her own card to make personal purchases. As part of a deferred agreement with prosecutors, the felony charge will be dismissed in one year if Borsheim commits no new crimes and pays $2,635 in restitution. About $10,000 of Menomonie Street Dental’s loss has been recovered through insurance. For the misdemeanor conviction, Borsheim has the option of spending 10 days in jail or performing 80 hours of community service.
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Wisconsin woman gets prison for embezzling $350,000: Dental clinic employee took trips, gambled


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Mary Ellen Wilson Embezzled $350000wilson

County Court Details

Records shown on this page may not refer to the same individual, and may or may not pertain to the same charge.
Full Name: Mary E Wilson
Record Date: 01 January 2003
Location: Waupun
Record Date
01 December 2005
Full Name
Mary E Wilson
October, 1949
County Name
Dodge County
719 W Lincoln St, Waupun, WI 53963
WI Admin Office of Courts(CF)
Offense Description
Offense Code
Offense Date
01 January 2003
Charges Filed Date
01 December 2005
Case Number
Case Type
Disposition Date
02 August 2006

Woman gets prison for embezzling $350,000: Dental clinic employee took trips, gambled.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI)
August 3, 2006

Byline: David Doege

Aug. 3–Waukesha — A woman who stole more than $350,000 from a New Berlin dental clinic where she formerly worked was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison.

Mary Ellen Wilson, who used the stolen money at casinos, on trips and to buy clothes and furnishings, also was ordered to serve five years on extended supervision after prison, followed by 20 years of probation.

“This is a crime that occurred over five years,” Waukesha County Assistant District Attorney Lesli Schmit told Circuit Judge Paul Reilly. “This is a crime that occurred while she was a trusted employee.”

Reilly said the case was “about betrayal, about selfishness, about greed. …

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Greater Milwaukee Dental Association Executive Director Nanci Dabareiner accused of embezzlement


Alleged embezzlement by long-time GMDA Executive Director Nanci Dabareiner was uncovered when the association changed banks and uncovered a $200,000 discrepancy.

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Wisconsin Woman Accused Of Embezzling $40,000

blank A 47-year-old woman from Howards Grove has been accused of embezzling more than $40,000 from a dentist’s office where she worked for more than six years. Sandra F. Mansker has been charged with 14 counts of felony forgery and one count of felony theft in Sheboygan County. She faces up to 47 years in prison if convicted on all counts.
According to the criminal complaint, Mansker padded her work hours, skimmed from deposits and forged checks, even making her own paychecks bigger.
The complaint said the dentist, Dr. Steven R. Lindstrom, contacted the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department in February to report the thefts. He said Mansker, who was recently fired, was in charge of the office’s bookkeeping and payroll.
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Wisconsin Woman Accused of Stealing $140k from Dental Office — had Prior Embezzlement Conviction

Tishia Jaeck

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GREENFIELD, Wis. —A 51-year-old woman was convicted of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from a dental office in Greenfield while working as its office manager.  She was sentenced in February 2015 to a seven-year prison sentence, but was eligible for release after sixteen months.

Tishia Jaeck might have gambled away some that cash, police said.

Unbeknownst to Greenfield’s Progressive Periodontics, its business manager is now accused of quietly siphoning tens of thousands of dollars a year that should have been going to the practice.

“They’re looking at about a $140,000 loss,” Greenfield Assistant Police Chief Paul Schlecht said.

Greenfield police said Jaeck would encourage patients to pay with cash and would then pocket the money, covering her tracks.

“She encouraged them to pay with cash to get a 3 percent discount because this scheme wouldn’t work with a check or credit card,” Schlecht said. “She would print out a receipt and then go back into the software and delete it. That way, the patient’s bill would show up that it’s paid. The patient would get their receipt, but the dental office never got the money.”

Once prosecutors got the case from Greenfield police, they did some more digging, which that led them to a dental office in West Allis. They learned that Jaeck was convicted of doing the same thing there just a few years earlier.

In the West Allis case, she was accused of taking nearly $20,000 in a similar scheme.

“We find that all the time that the person doing the embezzlement is a very trusted loyal employee that you would never suspect. And that’s why they get away with it,” Schlecht said.

Jaeck refused to answer any police questions about where the money might have gone, but prosecutors subpoenaed her Players Club records for Potowatomi Casino and found that she lost $50,000 over the nearly three years that she worked at the dental office.

According to the complaint, the embezzlement took place for most of Jaeck’s employment — from 2011 until April.

The dental office said no patients suffered financial damages.

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Wisconsin Woman Sentenced for Embezzling from Dentist

veronica eicher
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Veronica I. Eicher, 57, of DeForest, who took about $166,000 from a Madison dental office over a four-year period while she was its office manager, was sentenced to eight years of probation, with six months to be served in the Dane County Jail. Eicher’s lawyer, Adam Walsh, pointed out that the jail time would likely be served at home on a monitoring bracelet, and that the money Eicher would pay in fees to be on home monitoring would be better used paying back Madison No Fear Dentistry, her former employer. But Circuit Judge Stephen Ehlke said jail time was appropriate because what Eicher did was a serious offense involving a large amount of money. Dr. David Ducommun said in court that Eicher badly violated the trust he had put in her, and only discovered the thefts after she had left for a Florida vacation. She hung up the phone when he confronted her, and he never heard from her again. Ducommun said his costs went far beyond patient payments that were stolen, citing fees he incurred to have a fraud investigator study his business’ financial record, as well as writing off some patients’ balances because he could not determine if they had made payments. A restitution order in the amount of about $101,000 has not yet been finalized.

Wisconsin Woman Charged with $680K Theft From Orthodontist

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MOUNT PLEASANT — A 74-year-old Racine woman is facing five felony charges that she allegedly stole from and defrauded a Mount Pleasant orthodontics firm for which she was handling bookkeeping.
Joyce F. Sakach of the 2800 block of Oregon Street was charged Tuesday in Racine County Circuit Court with theft from a business setting, two counts of felony personal identity theft, unauthorized use of an entity’s identifying information and fraud against a financial institution. She was free on $500 cash bond Tuesday awaiting a preliminary hearing on April 8, court records indicate.
According to a criminal complaint from the county District Attorney’s Office, Sakach was employed with a Mount Pleasant accounting firm and was assigned day-to-day accounting for Chu Crew Orthodontics, 1130 S. Sunnyslope Drive. In that capacity, she had the authority to print checks to pay bills, the complaint states.

A 2013 audit of records showed that between 2007 and 2013, Sakach allegedly wrote 340 fraudulent checks on the orthodontics firm’s account totaling $680,197.99, the complaint states. Sakach also allegedly opened a bank account for a company that did not exist, wrote checks from the orthodontics firm and deposited them in the bank account for the faux firm.

The complaint states that Sakach used checks from the phony company to make purchases or pay bills with Kohl’s, Time Warner Cable and credit card companies. In addition, ATM withdrawals were made at casinos in Milwaukee and Las Vegas, the complaint states.