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    Pat Little – CFE, DDS, FAGD


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      Dr. Pat Little is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Dentistry. Upon graduation, Dr. Little returned home to Georgia where he began his dental career in private practice. He would go on to launch two successful practices starting each from “scratch.” Dr. Little discontinued clinical dentistry due to disability.

      After leaving clinical practice, Dr. Little decided to pursue his interest in practice management. He enrolled at Kennesaw State University where he began his accounting and general business education with the goal of becoming a dental CPA.  After working a year with a dental CPA firm, Dr. Little discovered he had a deep interest in the area of fraud and embezzlement.

      To pursue this interest, he left public accounting and joined Prosperident as a Senior Fraud Examiner and earned the Certified Fraud Examiner credential. Through Prosperident, Dr. Little conducts embezzlement examinations on behalf of dentists and advises them on matters related to fraud and embezzlement.

      Dr. Little is a highly entertaining and engaging speaker whose goal is to convert complicated (and sometimes scary) material into “plain English.”