UK Embezzlement — Dental manager Diana Collins stole £9000


Diana Collins, 34, was an employee of James Hull Associates, a dental practice in Gaer, Newport, when the thefts took place between September 2006 and January 2007.

The court heard she had taken a total of £9,757.19 but that she had no realisable assets which could be reclaimed.

Because of this, she was ordered to pay a nominal sum of £1 under Proceeds of Crime legislation.

Collins, of Lincoln Court, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff, worked at the practice and her job included taking patients’ payment and reporting back to the practice monthly about outstanding debts.

But when she reported that patients owed around £10,000, her superior became concerned and reminder letters were sent out to patients.

Eight patients then turned up very upset, saying they had already paid.

Collins claimed there had been a computer error, but when checks were made it was discovered she had stolen the money.

When arrested, she told the police she had a gambling addiction and had planned to repay the cash. She said she would steal amounts ranging from £50 to £600.

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