A UK Embezzlement — dental nurse Jenna McKee embezzled for three years


A dental nurse has been struck off by the General Dental Council (GDC) following a public hearing into allegations of a criminal conviction for embezzlement.

The allegation against Jenna McKee (Registration No. 162027) was heard by the GDC’s Professional Conduct Committee (PCC).

The allegation she faced was that ‘on 20 September 2013 she was convicted at Greenock Sheriff Court of Embezzlement and sentenced to 8 months imprisonment.’

Ms McKee was initially employed as a trainee dental nurse at a dental surgery in October 2005. In 2010, as part of her reception duties at the Practice, she was trusted to handle payments of cash made to the Practice. Her role was to record those payments and to deposit the corresponding funds into a bank account at the end of each week.

Over a period of three years she embezzled a total of £19,316.71 from those funds. Her embezzlement was discovered by her former employer around September 2012.

In considering this case, the GDC’s Professional Conduct Committee said:

“The Committee determined that Ms McKee’s behaviour was unacceptable and that it would be regarded as deplorable by both members of the profession and the patients at the Practice, whose payments to the Practice she had embezzled. Her conduct and her ensuing conviction brought the profession into disrepute and had the capacity to seriously undermine public confidence in the profession and its standards. Ms McKee failed to act in a trustworthy way over a substantial period of time and breached a fundamental tenet of the profession.”

Therefore, unless Ms McKee, who was immediately suspended, exercises her right of appeal, her name will be struck off the register in approximately 28 days’ time.

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Content retrieved from http://www.gdc-uk.org/Newsandpublications/Pressreleases/Pages/Renfrewshire-dental-nurse-struck-off.aspx