Jacob Hiltz

Jake is Prosperident’s Chief Information Officer. Originally hired as Prosperident’s Network Administrator, Jake began his career with us as our team member responsible for developing the extensive hardware and software network we use to run our technology-intensive, geographically scattered company. Jake became a partner at Prosperident in 2018.

As CIO, Jake’s main responsibility is using technical information as a strategic resource by Prosperident, for the smooth and efficient flow of information through the company and for the integration of various technology systems. Jake has a talent for IT development and he is responsible for creating original software that allows us to maximize data, data transfer methods, and other IT functions, unparalleled by anyone else in our industry.

Jake possesses an incredibly diverse set of computer skills and that, coupled with his ability to immerse himself in the bigger picture, has made him not only a highly prized member of our team but also a leader in his specialized IT field.